Man Wins Money Live On Tv (Australia) Video

Winning the Lottery

(SORRY FOR THE VOLUME AT THE START). . . . This guy had an accident at work, had a heart condition, and was near death. . . . . then he got engaged, a new job, then won a new car on a scratchie ticket. . . . . then won money on another scratchie ticket live on camera when asked to re-enact it all!. . . (1:04 – She holds the ticket up to the camera, we can’t see anything)

at scratchy two weeks ago it was testimony to dramatically changing fortunes since the 37 year old truck driver was crushed in an accident 12 months ago he then developed a heart condition suffered an allergic reaction to the drug administer to treated his heart stopped for 14 minutes while revived he slipped into a coma for 12 days and his family was advised to turn off his life support when I was lying in hospital and thought gee I might and survive this I’m only 37 and at 37 I I’ve got so much to look forward to he didn’t know it but that included an engagement a new job the new car and even more good luck when we asked bill to reenact buying his scratchy ticket I just won two hundred and fifty thousand I’m not joking I just won two hundred and fifty thousand bill had told the agency owners he’d keep buying scratches until he won the cash can you believe this man last night I’m in shock I’m still shaking for a man who last year lived in a caravan the sudden windfall inspired dreams he wanted to share with his fiancee I won 250,000 home I have I have we got that new house yeah but Lee.


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