Man Makes A Career Out Of Winning The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

Bill Geist speaks to a man who has made millions from winning the lottery seven times. In his book,

what’s in your financial future if you’re like me a happy squander who more or less forgot to save enough money for that first house college tuition or retirement there are still a few options available that could bail you out shooting craps 63 bingo parlors bingo the dog track robbing banks ninety five point six million dollars grab those Powerball tickets good lucky and buying lottery tickets look at us you just won $20 all right it is possible to win the lottery you know thank you 20 bucks what game did you and your biggest my biggest one was in mega money Richard Lustig of Orlando won the lottery grand prize seven times but how you may ask there’s a method to playing it he shares some common sense tips in his $40 book available at finer liquor stores and on Amazon tips like never changing your numbers and checking the lottery website because I see people every day buying scratch tickets to a game that I know has already sold out all its Grand Prizes sudden riches can change a man I think I’ve bought this one after win number five now how much was that that was eight hundred and forty two thousand dollars oh that’s a big one that was a big one his biggest jackpot yet one of my winnings I bought the Jag was win number six I think and he bought a car for his son Beamer no cuz we had the money and Richard purchased this house with the resort appropriate pool does everything he’d have your own waterfall no if it wasn’t for the lottery wouldn’t be able to live in this kind of house the lottery plays a part in everything he’s now a full time lottery player with the book sales and and the money that I win playing which was initially of some concern to his wife who said but it’s still a little scary because you know it’s still it’s still gambling as far as I’m concerned but because he does run it like a business it’s been successful so I think I’ve learned to become confident in what he’s doing with it people just think you’re a lucky guy oh I hate when they say that you know aren’t boy you’re just a lucky guy no I’m not a lucky guy that says nothing to do with luck mathematicians however do question his method these are night guys out there say well I’m a I’m a professor at such as University and and your mathematics don’t mean anything it’s all your it’s a bunch of hogwash I just say how many times have you won I’ve won seven chasing an eight grand prize more an Elvin Richard makes almost daily ticket run it’s more winners as always he plows much of his winnings right back into more lottery tickets so this is kind of exciting I’m kind of a lot of reversion then I took a shot at building my financial future worthless didn’t win again 20 bucks 20 dollars so so far I’ve spent 57 dollars and got back 20 got everything in order I got my tickets here payday baby and we’re just minutes away from finding out whether we’re millionaires or not still I had some chances left when they drew lottery numbers on the 11 o’clock news 18 9 11 12 18 so you didn’t want anything nothing craps the dog track lottery tickets ask your financial planner what’s right for you.


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