Lottery Winner Launches Real Estate Company, Invests In Redeveloping Black Communities Video

Winning the Lottery

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably thought about what you would do if you won the lottery. Well, Miguel Pilgram knows first-hand. He used his winnings to launch his own real estate company and is now investing in the redevelopment of Black communities in South Florida.

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hi I’m Clifton Powell and you’re watching news one now with Roland Martin on TV one if you’re like most people you probably thought about what you would do if you won the lottery well Miguel pilgrim knows firsthand he uses winnings to launch his own real estate company is now investing in the redevelopment of black communities in South Florida he joins us now from Fort Lauderdale Florida so Miguel explain exactly how are you trying to do this this of course I wealthy youth segment and where did this whole thing start where you say it this is what my player is gonna be basically Robin thank you for having me on I really appreciate it in 2010 when we won the lottery my goal before then I’ve been working with the cruise lines and I wanted to start a real estate company of course I didn’t have the capital what in 2010 that all changed and we started small with a lot of impoverished houses in properties around the South Florida area but as I went across marina we purchased back in 2013 I saw the sister on Karia and we really begin to get very very involved with historically and understanding what impact they had on Broward County and South Florida and in general and I was kind of disappointed in the fact that it kind of reminded me of Memphis where I’m from where I could see Jennifer keishon going on and I could see this being a palpable trend here in South Florida and I said I’ve got to do something because this historic area and when I spoke with the city Memphis city they were really really on board and we’re getting together for a program to create I’m using on their programs and we’ve picked up about three properties in that area and we’re going to redevelop and I think that’ll be a great opportunity for the rest of the developers to get on board and how has this been received because obviously when you look at many of our black neighborhoods I mean investment is running away from or the investment is indeed coming in is to move black folks out mm hmm III think there was some trepidation from a local community but as I saw that I’m a man of my word and some of the other projects I’ve done it is very very challenging sometime soon include people who have been living in communities for a long time and are resistant to change but I think everybody wants change as long as that includes them so if you’re gonna bring in a retail aspect or a Performing Arts Center how does that include involve the local community well instead of bringing the Starbucks maybe you create a minority owned Boutique coffee shop may be able to take the juice bar may be a minority owned think those are all the things we’re exploring because I wanted to be very very historic and involved in the local community and still doesn’t price people out but involved it will increase their local real estate values and in terms of so how do you see this thing going the next three to five years my role and I think is really going to impact impact the Sistrunk area there are several other developers who I’m speaking with that are doing the exact same thing I think mine is more grassroots I think mine is one who was really really trying to involve a local community more so than many of the other developers but I met with the local community and spoke with the crossing guards and people in local communities so I feel is really going to be a great great opportunity all right then if folks want to get more information not going to do so www calm or you can catch me on instagram at miguel pilgrim this will tell you a lot about what we’re doing and I think we’re all over the media so it’s the number of ways to get in contact with us and we’re really excited we’ve really got a lot of mostly positive comments from the local community and other people asking what are the business models they want to adapt a similar program for different cities around around the contrib you know I think it’s going to be really really powerful all right then Miguel privom appreciate it thanks a lot thank you so much bro days on TV one I will like here oh my god Roland Martin he doesn’t want to talk to us he wants to ignore us uncensor that ain’t no cut it vote unapologetic no no that that is fundamentally false you are wrong good Phil he wants an America where we all look alike he ain’t talking about black people unrelenting you better go work out cuz you got a fight on your hands lose one now with Roland Martin weekdays at 7:00 a.m. on TV one. .

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