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hi guys this is notorious so I wanted to come and do this video because I was I’m looking at North Carolina in New York’s numbers today and it was around 10:00 10:30 or so and I was just actually looking at it and I just want to put this in favor out that I do not study nobody else’s state um if you if you really want to learn how to play the lottery you have to study your own state lottery and then if you have questions on where you where the number is coming from you know you can always shoot me a question or something like that but I I rather you on at least study your state before asking because it’s very very time consuming I just want to tell you that I’ve been studying this for like two years every day I study this like it’s an opponent that’s the only way you’re going to win so I just want to put that out there and I want to shoot this video because I want to help some people that stay in the more New York area and the North Carolina area and just let you know that these two states are running together so anyway um New York number de niro get out of here New York number was on four six eight and then North Carolina’s number was eight to eight so like I said you have to get your number off the grid okay so a chance to do just jumping into this you would get you will find the number on this chart so here’s your eight eight two and then four eight six eyes always tell you that we are still in the mirror phase of numbers the numbers are flipping what you think is a 1 is not a 1 it could be any number it can be any number but I know from studying in the salon that this would be a 6 this would be a 6 okay so we have four six eight eight two right so on the other side of this you would put you know you make you would do the thing where I showed you how to put this in and then you subscript it and it’ll be a six right here a small six right here so on anyway I said to myself okay where is the one that is also a six but it has zeros and tools and eights around it right so I was here I went here I said okay this is four eight six great this is a eight all right so I said okay if this is one but it’s also six I need to see where the one and six is that that has zeros and twos and a ceramic so I went here right and I started writing numbers down now and I’m going to tell you I was in the wrong spot I was in the wrong spot because there are no zeros you don’t see the zeros right so I week here and I said wait a minute this was New York’s my time mother take six three zero five seven nine right so I was there and I was like okay I couldn’t connect right I was trying to connect it and then I was looking at their timeline and I was trying to connect it because they were still saying okay the time I was still saying possibly here okay so I was like okay maybe it’ll be six two nine six pound 576 you know I was trying to connect the number and I’m going to tell you why I should not have been here okay so I just showed you 63 0 5 7 9 all right um also a New York evening number from the four six eight was um six six 92 right so I should have known that um this was not the right area okay so what I did was I came over here right and I found the North Carolina’s nighttime number which was on 78006 so I said to myself okay it’s in 806 and then I see the zero 539 again but then I said this seven has that flipped into a two so now we have two seven over here right and then um North Carolina’s number was 592 so you have a 702 here right and then you have seventy eight oh six or eight and then you have um North Carolina’s peep for for the daytime was 46 43 76 you know this would actually be a three high so we have three numbers at flips already well two from here right and so I was sentiment you know it pulls me over here send me 806 I did not think to go back and look at the one and say oh there is the one that’s also a six that’s by zeros and you see the number one one zero one one zero this was their pick three number if you highlight your stuff always highlight your stuff if you highlight it put the subscripts in there as far as the flip numbers what you know will have flipped then your numbers always going to be right right there and so T I hate to be wrong you know I’m saying I really hate to be wrong but like I said I don’t study nobody else to stay but I can put you in a path of where the number is coming from so I I did 1 1 0 you know there’s a number one one zero right there that was the number and so on I don’t know what they’re picked for was I haven’t looked at it I just know that this was their pick three and I just wanted to let you know that you know these none who are running together now I want you to also know that remember that there’s a two here and there’s a three here so where you want to look for is a two seven that also has like a three and an eighth around it right because the number was um 4376 which was their evening I mean the North Carolina is a daytime pick four and then it was also six six nine two so you know you can also get it from here too but you know that’s what you want to look for you want to look for a two seven that has on another 7 or 1 or 9 4 to 7 has a 7 or 1 and 9 so you know it will pull you back over here which is possible that the number can’t come from over here for the night time draw so you know you can either pull from over here in this area like the seven one two nine seven one six mine or something like that because you also have the numbers over here right but these are flips so whichever way you want to do it for the night time you just know that it can come from where where I said that it would come from and it can come from over here so this is a quick video on North Carolina in New York running together for the time being and let’s catch some numbers guys all right bye.


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