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Our updated lottery in michigan guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

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lottery in michigan

Michigan (Mi) Lottery Results, By Lottery Post

The lucky ticket holder from Wednesdays drawing should contact the Lotterys Public Relations Division at (517) 373-1237 to make an appointment to claim the prize at the Lottery headquarters in Lansing. Lotto 47 tickets are valid for one year from the drawing date.

Each Lotto 47 play is only $1. Players select six numbers from one to 47 for a chance to win a jackpot starting at $1 million and that grows until someone wins it. For an additional $1 per game, players may add EZMatch to their ticket for a chance to win up to $500 instantly.

Lotto 47 drawings take place on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:29 p. Tickets may be purchased until 7:08 p. on the day of the drawing.

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lottery in michiganThe winning ticket was bought at the Meijer store, located at 3320 West Shore Drive in Holland. This is the eighth time in 2017 a player has won the Lotto 47 jackpot. Lotto 47 tickets are valid for one year from the drawing date. m. m. on the day of the drawing

we all know times are tight according to one study a quarter of Michigan households receive food assistance so when we got the tip a local lady who just won a million bucks in the state lottery was also on a bridge card we had to see what was going on here this is 24 year old Amanda Clayton this fall holding up her big million dollar check she won from the Michigan State Lottery that’s a win in digits many of us dream of being this lucky for Amanda her dream came true so what’s the problem well the defenders got an email about Clayton’s big winnings in the fact she still was on a bridge card so he tracked a man to Clayton down to this Lincoln Park home and yep she was moving now that she had struck it rich she was going to buy a new house this is the home she bought her cash we also learned she bought a new car as well again what you would expect from a lottery winner but what else we found you don’t expect defender hitting cameras following Amanda where she later admits to us when shopping she uses a bridge card to pay for her groceries she gets $200 a month $200 from you the taxpayer we decided to see what Clayton had to say for herself I found her recently unloading the groceries out of her car just wanted to find out if you thought that was a right thing to do epically or why you’re still taking money from the state um well I thought that they would cut me off but since they didn’t I thought maybe it was okay because I’m not working but you won more than a million dollars no I want a million but after I took the lump sum it dropped down to 700,000 and then after taxes it was just a little bit over half don’t you think there’s something wrong there taxpayers are really struggling that really need that money just do you really think you have a right to that money I mean I kind of do I feel that it’s okay because I mean I have no income and I have bills to pay I have two houses so how do taxpayers feel about this unemployed lottery winner living off of taxpayers dollars to feed her family come on don’t take the money there’s so many families that need it well I would think if you win a million dollars you shouldn’t have public assistance making us as people to actually do need to help look back hopefully the lawmakers wall revision the defenders went to Ida Township to talk to representative Dale Zorn he’s pushing a bill to stop lottery winners from continuing to cash in on food assistance public assistance should be given to those that are in need of public assistance that those that have found riches in his bill has already passed the house and he’s hoping it will pass the Senate soon we need to have the lottery commission notified the state so the state can cross check those that are on assistance unless the law changes though it doesn’t look like lottery winners like Amanda will be changing their ways so basically you’ll keep using your bridge card until the state cuts you off yeah because you think you deserve it I mean it’s just it’s hard you know I’m struggling that’s right after a five hundred thousand dollar windfall she says she’s struggling and so that’s why she’s depending on you the taxpayer to pay for her groceries there are two different bills one in the house the other in the Senate that had each passed which would prevent lottery winners of prizes of $1,000 or more to have their names actually cross checked with the Department of Human Services to make sure if they won big in the lottery their food assistance then would be stopped but until a bill passes what Amanda Clayton is doing is perfectly legal whether it’s ethical I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

welcome to the Michigan lottery show will soon know the winning daily game numbers for this evening the winning midday numbers are now in your screen are winning daily three number four tonight is one nine one will now select the daily for number four tonight the winning daily for number is seven seven three three tonight’s winning fantasy five numbers are now on your screen match all five and you win tonight’s big jackpot don’t forget to get your Powerball ticket for tomorrow night’s multi million dollar jackpot winning numbers for all lottery draw games can be found at Michigan Lottery com the night and good luck.

happy Sunday everyone I have not only four of these beautiful golden tickets I have four more and so I kind of picked out about eight of these nice $10 tickets my party store had the zero zero zero so the start of the pack and I thought oh what the hell let’s try so in this video we’re going to do zero zero zero through zero zero three and I’m going to make one more video and post it a little later and then we have four through seven and hopefully we’ll find some nice winners so let’s go see what happens otherwise I have billion chance second chance we’re going to met this number match or two dollar signs is double the prize three dollar signs is triple the prize so let’s go see what we get here let me use my good scratch from using nickel here’s the good scratch or the winner winner chicken dinner she’s sloppy scratching okay looks like nothing on this ticket let’s move on to ticket number 104 be scratching oops thank goodness nothing came off they’re more fun to have the surprise note right in between one and three okay nothing there we’re not starting off very strongly but that probably just means we’re going to win something gigantic here is ticket number two let’s go see what happens oh we have a 27 awesome we have any helpers okay it’s just the 27 come on million dollars I like the 25 that’s pretty awesome good number two yay let’s go see if three can back it up back back I’ve not played a lot of these tickets has anyone seen the double dollar sign or the triple dollar sign symbols that be fun now 14 and 23 1929 so in this four pack of tickets we just had a $25 winner which is pretty good but we spent 40 so but maybe the next four tickets will be awesomer and this was ticket number two thanks for watching and keep an eye out for the next video.

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