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Winning the Lottery

Sad story of multiple Powerball winner Jack Whittaker.

II when you first won the lottery because Brandi was so much the apple of your eye did you give her money I gave her about two thousand dollars a week and how old was she but she was 17 so you’re giving a child a teenager two thousand dollars a week he was very responsible with her money you bought her a number of cars didn’t you yeah how many four says a 17 year old with four cars again was that altogether sensible she could only drive one at a time to a young kid cards mean a lot I’m very proud that she had four cars surrounded by the toys and trappings of wealth Brandi started to attract new friends including her first serious boyfriend Jesse Tribble whom she knew from grade school but tribbles father was unhappy about the relationship I know firsthand she bought things for Jesse I was real upset about it too he come in a Michael Jordan basketball jersey was two hundred and some dollars at sport mark come walking in here he had on a gold necklace he had on a pair of tennis shoes were probably 180 bucks the spending sprees continued and the couple started indulging serious drugs soon they were hooked I think Jack maybe was trying to shower her with gifts and love and whatever and it was it was almost like she was was destroying herself with it she told me one time she said Papa I like hear about his drugs I broke my heart we did everything that we thought humanly possible to keep her away from the drug dealers to keep her off drugs to keep her occupied Jack checked Brandi into three drug addiction treatment programs but they didn’t work Brandi had become a hardcore drug user Brandi’s demeanor was it you know there’s nothing wrong with me you can’t help me now she says that all she really wants to do is take drugs he doesn’t want to be in charge of the money she doesn’t want to inherit the money he just looks looking for her next drugs tribbles father also tried repeatedly to guide his son away from brandy and her money to get him off the drugs he had been in and out of the probation because of the bin cart with some drugs and so we were bad on that and he was actually coming around and doing well but any chance he had to clean up his act ended in September 2003 at an empty house owned by Jack Whittaker Tribble had overdosed he died in the night facedown on a bed in this room his father felt that the lottery millions had claimed his son’s life I’m going to say this with with total conviction I blame her for my son’s death I hold her accountable with the death of her boyfriend brandy was isolated and depressed she dropped out of school and then disappeared altogether Jack’s wife Jewell made an emotional appeal on local television for their missing granddaughter brandy please come home we need you here with us at Christmas time we need you in our lives honey you’re so dear and precious please come home brandy never went a day without calling me and talking to me so I knew she was in trouble you know deep in my heart after five days I just knew that she had to be dead or she would have been contacting me on December the 20th 2004 their worst fears were realized brandy was found dead wrapped in a plastic sheet and dumped behind the junked van in a place called scary Creek the cause of death was listed as unknown but Jack Whittaker believes that the blessing of his Powerball win had become a curse upon his family my granddaughter dead probably because of the money really believe that I really believe that I know I really had my arm around her and protected her for I won the lottery and once I won the lottery there wasn’t enough of me to get my arms around everything too to hold it and protect it he was the in the life she was what it was all about for me from the day she was born it was all about providing and protecting and taking care where you know my wife had said she wished she told the ticket up well I wish that we had torn the ticket up to Jack Whittaker now makes a weekly pilgrimage to his granddaughter’s to stone it’s a fitting monument to a child who was set to inherit a fortune I pretty much lost everything I owe help beer in my life you got lots of money there not enough money money money has never meant anything to me you have to have money to exist in this world but money money doesn’t rule the world money money is not what makes people happy you know family is what is dear and now you’ve lost your granddaughter you’re about to be divorced from your wife where does this have a random well I don’t know where it’ll end but you know I just I don’t like Pat Whitaker I don’t like the hard heart of God I just don’t like what I’ve become. .

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