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Winning the Lottery

Kids have great imaginations so we asked these kids from Kenya and Bristol about big numbers and what they would buy if they won the lottery.

I would buy 55 limos.Limos is a very long car. Action!Ten. I can only think up to a thousand.

Mine is a billion.One million and something and then it goes on like

one million point something, one million point something…I think I need… a billion. Billion. 20 billion actually.

One thousand million, one thousand million,

One thousand million, one thousand million… Billion!I don’t really want to be rich, but…It would be nice to be rich, but…If you want to be a trillionaire, you would

get a trillion dollars.And what I think I would use with a trillion dollars,

I think I would buy…. 55 limos. Limos is a very long car.

I’d, like, plan a vacation for myself

and maybe my friends.I would see countries that are really hot. Go out with my family. Buy whatever I want.

Like houses…castles, carsbikes, scooters, what?Skateboards.Um Toys…

Oh! You could own a park. I could buy some food and then give

out to the people who are poor. I would give, about…a hundred pounds to the poor.

That’s not very much.I’d give a hundred pounds EACH,

to the poor…and then that would leave me with about…

How many would that leave me?Err… I don’t know. Loads!Mine is a billion. .


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