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Winning the Lottery

Visit the Lottery Shrine! recently took a trip to Kyushu, more specifically, Saga Prefecture!
I filmed some travel vlogs while I was there, and going to this Lottery Shrine was so fun to visit!

This Lottery Shrine is called Houtou Jinja () and is located on Takashima Island. From Karatsu City in Saga Prefecture, you have to take a 10 minute ferry to the island. From where the boat drops you off it only takes about a minute to reach the Lottery Shrine!

This Shrine gained its reputation as the Lottery Shrine because many of those who visit the shrine, actually win the jackpot! Inside of the shrine, you can see thank-you letters from winners posted alongside a copy of their winning ticket.

Some useful kanji to help you get there:
(Karatsu) = This is the closest city to the island. If you go at the right time of year, you can see their Hikiyama!
(Hikiyama) = Festival Floats
(Houtou Jinja) = Lottery Shrine
(Takashima) =The name of the island where the lottery shrine is located

Now remember, lets all buy lottery tickets this year and see if any of us win!!

Stay tuned because the next video will be up soon!

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