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Winning the Lottery

My new friend Amy shares her story of how she used the law of attraction to manifest a huge win at the casino. If her story inspires you feel to thank her yourself by visiting her youtube channel here:.

so the story that I’ve decided to share of all the manifesting stories I have was probably the most fun and it was I wanted to manifest a lump sum of money preferably a thousand dollars specifically a thousand dollars so that I could prove to myself that I could actually do it okay cool so how did you want to do it well I already knew how manifesting work that I had manifest that other things at the time so I already had the belief that it worked but I didn’t have the beliefs in place around money so I decided that I was going to do this I was going to manifest $1,000 but it had to be from a non workforce so I did put that specification on it I did not put a timeframe on it but I wanted to get it literally out of the blue to prove that you know I could manifest this kind of money so I did something really silly and and I made a little teeny tiny post it note and I put it on my desk where I work and I looked at it every day and it just says $1000 and every time I looked at it or I should say maybe once out of ten times I looked at it I would remember oh that’s right I want to manifest a thousand dollars and I think I sort of blurred into the background after a while so then it just sort of started sitting on my desk and I didn’t really notice it anymore but whenever I did I would focus on it and I didn’t try really hard I didn’t look for how it could come I did a couple of times play this game in my head where it’s like how could it come and um I had a couple different ideas you know I could receive it unexpected check in the mail I’d received some of those for smaller amounts before um I could receive it as a gift from someone which didn’t I didn’t know who would give me $1,000 so it didn’t stick very long and I thought I could win it and that’s the one that my mind kept going to like you can win $1,000 yeah and but you know that’s one of those things where the physical minds not really sure like how you’re gonna win anything like you know so about six months later I was coming off of a high of another big manifestation I had and I was inspired to go visit my friends in a different state and she’s a manifester as well and we were just gonna have a girls weekend and um she had talked to me about some family members of further go to a casino well in her state we don’t have them in my state and so when I was visiting her we were eating dinner and she’s like you know we should go to the casino tomorrow and you know go have fun and I was like oh that’s a that’s a great idea we’ll go and I have like 50 bucks I can blow at the casino and that was it like I was gonna go blow 50 dollars the Cocina how for mom I have any idea that this is where my thousand dollars is gonna come from I knew in the back of my head there’s a thousand dollars at the casino I could win it it just sort of like went in one side of my head not the other and didn’t stick as any sort of contrast or resistance okay um so and I’ve never won $1,000 anywhere before so I didn’t have that as like a backup or anything so we go to this casino the next day and you know at this point I just I don’t think anything about it and she um she and I were roaming around it’s this really beautiful casino in Connecticut and it was gorgeous and we were really appreciating the actual building how grand it was and and then we got this idea to go eat at the Johnny Rockets that’s in the casino and in Johnny Rockets if you’ve ever been they sing awesome mountain sing so we have like our milkshakes and we’re waiting for you know our diner food to come out and they’re singing and and and she and I are like this is so much fun like this is we’re here we’re having fun girls begun and she’s like you know what we should win money and I’m like oh yeah like matter of fact like we should just go do it right like yeah we should win money so we had this conversation during our meal about winning and we really were like we’re going to win a thousand dollars we’re gonna win it and we were totally joking but we both know how the law of attraction works so we didn’t get stuck on it in any way shape or form and we just enjoyed it and after we finished eating we went to the casino floor and I had a $20 bill and we looked around at some machines and she played a little bit on a machine and I didn’t do anything and there had been a machine that we walked by that was a wild cherry machine mm hmm and I had noticed it it’s sort of like stuck out at me to pay attention to it and so after she gambled away twenty dollars I was like you know there’s a machine way back at the beginning of this area and I want to go look at it she’s like okay so we go over and she’s like you know I noticed this machine too like when we first I mean we’re on edge and there’s a guy sitting at the one next to it and he’s all like grumpy casino going like every week gun goes to the casino and he’s like just hitting his little machine next door to it and her and I sit down and I put my $20 bill in and it was a dollar a spin and on the fifth spin the bells went off on the machine and we didn’t hadn’t investigated like how to win on those particular machines we had no idea what was going on and and the digital readout actually said 15 and it had three cherries that come up three wild cherries and she’s like oh my god did you fifteen dollars and I’m like I think I did 115 dollars and we were really excited like I won $15 mm hmm acting like you know I won the lottery um and we couldn’t understand like why the bells were going off the lights were going off on the machine and the guy sitting at the machine next to us is like so irritated human I always put on machine and really what’s going we were so confused and people start crowding around the machine and her and are like wait a minute why are people crowding around the machine and and we finally looked up at the thing on the top of the machine it tells you what you want and the three wild cherries is actually the jackpot for that machine mm hmm and so um I played one spin or one credit per spin so I got $1,000 and it took a moment to register because he was so out of the realm of what we were doing and all of a sudden this casino person comes over this woman and she’s like she verifies the machine how would they do that and then she’s like they got your hands and I put my hand out and she just drops ten one hotel bills into my hand and I’m like what just happened like my friend are like what’s going on and people are all like Oh jackpot and the guy over there is so mad he’s like I play that machine every weekend and I decide to play this machine today and you win the jackpot and I’m thinking I know how the law of attraction work so you had to be attracted to the Michigan that wasn’t going to win and I had to be checked as the one that was um I didn’t say that to him no but interesting about it was it was after it happened that I started to piece back together how it unfolded and before it happened I knew that I was going to get my love some somewhere but when we were going to the casino even though it was an idea I had it wasn’t necessarily a oh this is it this is where my thousand dollars is it was like this might be it but I doubt it so you know that’s sort of how it unfolded but I didn’t do anything real specific other than just keep it active in my mind and imagining that it could happen and and by the way the reason I wanted it was to prove to myself that I could get it so when I got it I didn’t know what to do with money and I kept the money for like a year I actually still have 300 of it and here is the picture I took right after Wow that’s it oh that’s so cool yeah and I am I I’m gonna be totally honest I counted those hundred dollar bills many times as a way to be like whoo I got this money um but I decided to use that money for to follow a joy and excitement with another you know part of manifesting and I took 700 of it a summer and I went to Seoul South Korea following my excitement and had a great trip so it sort of keeps on going.


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