I’ve Been Winning The Lottery! A Powerful Technique Discovered Video

Winning the Lottery

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guys how is everyone I have a great news for you I finally figure it out and I have been winning consistently yes you heard it right guys today’s video I will rebuild the exact technique I use and how I’ve been winning my local lottery as you can see here is my actual lotto ticket it has multiple hits with an inter bun so guys stand by and focus on the guide by the way guys I’m sorry because I am late on day bitches it’s because I’ve been testing and trying my techniques to always swing and skip losses guys don’t forget to Like share and subscribe now let’s proceed as you notice guys my winning has intervals my secret key on this winnings is focus on one draw session what I mean is if it is evening or midday draw focus on specific draw time session on this technique I focus on evening draw now guys where did I get my combination as you can see on my actual lot Ortega the basis of my combination is get the previous results 5 to 8 draw results and now identify the trending number what is the trending on this previous results and how many times the trending was drawn on this results now after we have selected our number another important thick top line is to skip beating the important key is the timing wint execute your buggering later on this video I will show you how to get your combination now example we have now your our combination how to execute the winning weight one combination to be drawn and start the skip from two three to five draws how to start beating as you can see applying this powerful technique I have been winning almost non stop guys hope my explanation is clear and understandable okay let’s proceed on my actual not take it as you can see one six eight is a straight win six one nine and two nine five as you can see there are interval two to three intervals but the first is skip are eight to five draws guys this is how you generate your combination we win you have already chosen your number and under trends that we will use in winning straight twins or an accept order in this example by choosing numbers are seven eight six one and I label it by a B C and D just replace your chosen number on that specific order now it will generate a for box combination my generated combination is 167 168 1 7 8 and 6 7 8 this for box combination will generate each six combination that will be in exact order so for 1 6 7 the 6th combination two bit one is one six seven one seven six six seven one six one seven seven six one and seven one six the next combination is one six eight the sixth combination to bit on is one six eight one eight six eight one six eight six one six one eight and six eight one the 3rd combination is one seven eight the sixth combination is one seven eight one eight seven eight one seven eight seven one seven one eight and seven eight one the last combination that you can bet on are six seven eight six eight seven seven eight six six seven eight eight seven six and eight six seven guys hope you win consistently and always be lucky don’t forget to Like share and subscribe thank you.


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