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Winning the Lottery

It’s time to end fear, stop believing the negative stories, and suffering. What is your frequency and here is what you can do with it. net

welcome to Landry aankhon here to help you break through those fears and live an awesome life there’s fear always there somewhere gets a chance to creep in maybe a trigger you’re not supposed to do this this is how we do this this is how the world functions don’t go outside the box breaking through all of it we’re going into 2018 as of this video and I’m sorry but all that’s out the window you know why because you’re always gonna be okay know that you’re always gonna be okay always nothing can harm you it’s all in our head we think certain situations are negative but if you have a roof over your head even if it’s not your roof and you have food you’re doing okay or whatever maybe you don’t have a roof maybe you have a tree over your head you’re still okay it’s the story we tell ourselves that this is good or this is bad all right so I’m doing this for a friend of mine a subscriber this is an outstanding question now what I love about this is this comes up frequently frequently when somebody wants to attract something and they are not feeling a hundred percent about it you can create anything you want anything anything you do not have to be an enlightened being to do this that is a gateway to manifesting but it is not the only way how do I know this everyone is the collective consciousness everything is everyone is connected to everything everyone is connected to all probabilities all probabilities exist everything you’ve ever wanted already exists all you do is bring into your reality people on a darker frequency lower frequency can bring it in because they believe they don’t have to be on a high frequency to open up those gateways they just have to know they’ve got it and they can manifest stuff like that why they’re connected to the same power you so what happens when you don’t believe it doesn’t matter if out a lower or a higher frequency if you don’t believe you don’t believe there are people on high frequencies that still have a hang up on certain things in their lives nicest people in the world have really you know high frequency but they haven’t completely let go when they do because they’re already open to the gateways that one block or whatever it is is going to dissipate eventually everything’s going to show up because they’re just out higher frequency more people have a problem at a lower frequency because they’re just not feeling good about anything right but there are people on low frequencies that man they think they can get anything we’ve seen it people like Hitler right super low frequency absolutely never question his abilities and that’s why some people are able to conjure up dark darkness and do certain things because they’re using that power same power that we have access to but they have free will to use it in a negative way but the difference is between the person manifesting from that point and the person not manifesting has everything to do with what they believe they can and can’t do that they can and can’t have access to or do have access to that’s it but we know that you want to come from the high frequency because you don’t even have to try to manifest anything stuff just flows to you and if you have some blocks you understand that you have to work on them those are really good lessons for you to say okay why do I have a block am I still feeling not worthy do I still feel like you know it’s it’s right just to be pop you know I have poverty in your life or not have you’re not worthy to have a loved you know to be loved or whatever the freaky stuff that we tell ourselves it’s just ridiculous isn’t it all right so somebody wrote me and this is direct correlation with this with this request he said that years ago that he was introduced to the law of attraction and that it was interesting to him so he started to he said it made sense and then so he started to practice the law of attraction and then some things happen in the got off of it and then he says he by the way this is a quote I picked it up again and so then he decided and he’s had this you know desire to win the lottery he’s convinced he’s going to win the lottery he knows it’s gonna win the lottery and that he says it was his goal to win the lottery am I wrong to want it if you wonder what lottery yet no you know why because you think you might be wrong to want it see that’s that that’s that questioning you can’t question it are you wrong I don’t know why are you wrong what do you think so now I’m not bringing the darkness and light up because I’m saying putting this in a category of either one I’m just telling you manifesting is freewill by those who believe that they can will see it coming to their reality that’s it no judgement against that there’s nothing judging whether it’s good or bad or you can or can’t manifest because it’s it may not be good if you want to win the lottery you can win it you don’t think you can you think it’s bad you think maybe it’s bad for me second thing is I’m sorry my friend law of attraction isn’t something that makes sense that you either do and then you pick it up again you’re doing it all the time manifesting isn’t something you turn on and off it’s not a technique there’s no such thing as manifesting techniques I think a lot of people on would like to tell you that you know why because they can tell you that their technique is why you should be in their channel there’s no technique it is you’re doing it right now what are you attracting it’s the law not a thing that makes sense we like backwards or think about this human beings are so dense it blows my mind it blows my mind yeah that law of attraction makes sense hello really it makes sense like where have where have we been quantum physics has been around forever proven there’s no such thing as law of attraction there is just attraction period and if you’re not believing something you’re not attracting it you’re repelling it law of attraction I sort of you don’t even like that I I don’t like to use the word create either everything is created already we’re just manifesting manifesting means you’re turning that wave into a particle you’re making it appear in this reality and mine is different than yours open up your mind open up your mind if you think winning the lottery is bad you may even win it and you’re gonna feel like crap because you’re gonna think it’s bad you’ll probably end up losing it or it’s gonna maybe create some negative situation because deep down you’re thinking I’m not supposed to win the lottery this is bad I’m a bad person I was bad for wanting it and you’re gonna find all these reinforcements because you believe that that are gonna tell you it’s bad I’m banging on the fact that thing being being not gonna happen because I think you you think that it’s not gonna happen because it’s bad did she know Eckhart Tolle won the lottery but I’ll betcha he wasn’t like focused on it I’ll bet you it was just like he needed money at the time he was broke he went and played the lottery not thinking it was bad he was just thinking he had a shot at it he won $2,000 it was exactly what he needed to pay his rent or whatever he was doing at the time because the guy was broke he was a looking for a million bucks for any reason he needed to serve what’s that tell you he wasn’t putting anything negative on it it was just something he could do very quickly to keep keep going his purpose and his intentions in life at that point were extremely positive who cares if you won the lottery did you know that mother Teresa used to take money from drug dealers she got criticized for that she said money money’s money money can help if money can help feed these people just like good money Badman and by the way who’s to say what’s good or bad money just because somebody seems to be okay maybe their their intentions are greed or whatever money’s money what are the intentions behind it right what are you doing with it mother Teresa was using money from whatever sources for good she was happy to take the money and if it made the people giving it feel better maybe it raised the frequency a little bit yeah instead of her judging it and saying I’m not taking it from you she wasn’t creating that the drug problem by taking money it’s not like buying a fur coat that encourages the slaughter of beautiful little animal innocent animals for no reason I mean we’re not fur trappers you know I mean we’re not like living out in Alaska in the 1920s we can make choices that are very positive and you know when yours is or not if you believe that it is wrong of you to want the lottery I don’t know where you get that from then go ahead and believe that by the way good luck trying to get rid of that it sounds like it’s in the back of your head so you’re not going to probably reverse that very easily why don’t you just quit you said you’re not putting in any effort and into manifesting anymore which is good it’s sort of like you know what you want let it go see if it shows up its money big deal it’s not like you know you’re gambling your house away or something if you want to buy lottery tickets buy him doesn’t it go to the state I think the state does good repairs the roads so I think here in Georgia I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that somebody else might disagree it’s what you believe that counts right is what you are you encouraging something bad I think the latter II goes to schools and roads and stuff I don’t think that’s bad are you doing it excessively so there’s an imbalance and you should be spending it on paying your bills and you’re not then that might take on a different you know kind of meaning you get to decide that and at some point you might have an epiphany and something that you thought was terribly wrong you’ll think what was the big deal it’s all up here so I’m so said this so and so said this I just you know I just told somebody that even me who’s a huge risk taker who understands the exchange of money and investing in yourself and and all and that you know you you know saving money and like I don’t know where that got you other than you know heart attack and you know a you know nursing home someday I might hate have a decent nursing home if you save your money so I go through this once a while because I come from a family where my dad was like Same Same Same Same who worked his butt off and was never really all that happy great guy but he should have been doing so now if he wanted to buy companies he wanted to buy businesses he and my mom they went into that safe zone so then he lives this life he would have never known instead of saving all this money maybe they had ten times more doing what he loved so there’s a part of me that knows that’s what my dad thinks and so when I go to do something or invest in something that I know is gonna be really good for me and even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to I know it’s all gonna be good it’s gonna take me to much higher place and the places that I want to be and it’s gonna open gateways for me still get stamped winds I still get that twinge once in a while that here’s how things are we’re done with that world we’re done with that world just the law of attraction it works in every split second you’re always doing it always doing it you’re always attracting something negativity lack good things not so good things if you’re focused on suffering if you are suffering you’re focused on suffering you’re just really sending out more suffering you’re attracting suffering if you believe the lottery it’s wrong of you why would it be wrong of you if you think it’s wrong then it’s wrong then why bother why are you bothering trying to manifest it right how can you manifest something you believe this wrong think about that one yeah so this is so interesting when I get this where people like look at it like like a trick that they use and or something that they you know it’s or it’s only in in play when they focus on it and then it’s not going on all the time or that it’s like oh like it’s this new thing I found yeah what craziness right is it it’s crazy you know I had spinach for lunch I hope it’s not in my teeth all right I digress so am I wrong to want it you cannot make any mistakes what you will do by your decisions is determine whether you’re not you raise your frequency while you’re here so if you really want to do some it’s bad for you or if you believe it’s bad for you and it’s really not but who knows what that means right there’s no good and bad then you may stay in a lower frequency and have to learn some lessons to come out of it okay big whoop if you need to do it do it but if you’re hanging on to this guilt and all this stuff you’re actually not feeling good and you’re blocking it and if you did get it you wouldn’t feel good and you if you got it and you didn’t feel good something bad would probably come from it because you’re still hanging on to this thing that it’s wrong since you’re just losing all the way around here so just just do what you need to do never harm another never harm another beam never harm another like energy animals plants never harm intentionally of course I mean you know if you step on it ant you didn’t mean to totally sleep over it so I want you to just let go let go so it comes down to your your learning your growth and what you need maybe this is your little way of dealing with the conflict in you that’s still limiting yourself and making judgments that aren’t really yours at all but you’re still hanging on to them let it go go go win the lottery who win the lottery you could do good things with it hopefully right if you win the lottery I’m sure you’ll share it you’ll you’ll enjoy it yourself nothing wrong with that everyone well if I had money I would I said no if you had money you’d go have fun that’s okay and then you share it it’s okay to have fun it’s okay to be prosperous it’s okay to enjoy life it’s okay to be happy and then say I’m going to give here and here and here and I’m gonna invite people and I’m gonna do all kinds of good things and then by the way I want to buy some nice clothes or a nice house or whatever and then you there gets doesn’t do much for you and then you get rid of that and you realize the material world just doesn’t ever make you happy at all anyways and really it’s the giving that’s gonna be so much fun about being prosperous it feels really good to give and then you make a difference in somebody else’s life a lot of people have to go through the get rich you know blow all their money before they realize still not happy but that’s okay you don’t know these things till you go through them recognize what you’re doing insane when these things come up I thought the law of attraction it it made sense there’s no logic there’s no logic to the laws of the universe there’s total perfection logic means that there’s some thought process that goes into it there’s no thought process in the universe the it’s anything you want it to be you have no limits there are aliens out there we’re the ones were the dangerous aliens there as there are multiple universes I didn’t know how that was possible because I thought the universe was endless but there’s no such thing as time everything’s intelligent expands your mind people expand the minds drop all the traditional stuff we have to do this the government’s this they say this the church says this what do you want what do you think how are you going to contribute how are you gonna raise your frequency and where’s the joy go get it and if you go for something that you think it’s joy and you find out that’s not joy then you learn something you go off to this always pick good intentions always do things that are positive that you feel are positive and if you know in your heart there that they’re not then make good choices sometimes you do have to say no and you’ll feel really good about that too everything’s free will so my friend there’s no sense in manifesting it’s going on right now that’s why you don’t have that winning lottery ticket yet and the other thing is there’s no logic to it it’s not a trick or a technique you have full power at all times and you create your reality and it doesn’t have to match with my reality my truth could be something totally different and as far as I’m concerned truth is not something any one person has I think truth is just one thing it’s just one thing the truth isn’t something that can be different for somebody else in my opinion truth is ultimate it’s same for everybody what’s the truth ultimate love is the truth then there’s nothing else and love means manifesting creation expansion free will love comes everything comes under that umbrella so you could do anything you want but make sure you’re making wise decisions for yourself and others and don’t try and convince yourself as something you are the universe you can’t hide your thoughts and your feelings you can say whatever you want but if you’re still feeling that you got to ask yourself why why am I feeling this am I ready to let go of that belief is it really something that makes any sense right people it’s time for us to stop beating ourselves over the head with the same crap break the patterns watch yourself are you making the same decisions over and over again are you stuck in the same loop are you living the same life that you really wouldn’t live if you had a choice did you go into it because society tells us we need to do a certain thing yeah and each culture has their own and we do that we get stuck into whatever culture we are you know I’m still having a little fight with this thing go win the lottery do some really good things with it including having fun if you want to travel do some stuff that’s cool you are whole perfect strong powerful loving you are loved harmonious everything in you is perfectly balanced and happy are you it’s all there you get to choose it namaste.


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