I Am A Jackpot Winner, I Am Video

Winning the Lottery

Spiritual visualization and hypnosis to win the game of Lottery.
First half of the video is done to allow you to get relaxed and present in the altered state of mind
It has the same affirmations as the second half but spoken on subliminal level.
The goal is to feel deep peace and accepting -as it is said in the many law of attraction books as in the Bible-Kingdom of heaven which is within you- and many other spiritual texts- that it is already done.
Feel deeply present and grounded knowing that once you ask it is given and only thing needed is acceptance and this video is about acceptance of your wealth. So let’s start with that.
The second part of the video is spoken affirmations, if listened with headphones you will increase their power since different affirmations are spoken in both ears.
I would recommend doing this daily when going to sleep for increased effect and possibly first thing in the morning as well.
At least one month of daily watching with deep feeling is recommended for shifting your consciousness.
Best of luck.
I am blessed
I am showed with gifts
I am wealthy
Financial abundance is natural part of my life
I am opulent
I always think positively about money
“I am a multi million dollar jackpot winner”
“opulence, blessings, luck:”
“millions, jackpot, winner”
( these 3 lines repeat behind all the other affirmations through the track)

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