Huge Winner! $200,000 Jackpot! $500 Frenzy Instant Lottery Scratch Off Ticket #93 Video

Winning the Lottery

Scratching a New Jersey Lottery Frenzy 2nd instant lottery scratchcard / scratch off ticket and having it officially validated at the store.
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ladies and gentlemen it’s time for $500 frenzy second edition New Jersey lottery at any of your numbers 20 of the winning numbers win price remember get a money back symbol when that prize automatically get a $500 symbol when $500 automatically going to stack a bill symbol and win all 15 prizes this is ticket number zero four or five and winning numbers are 14:21 12 and 7 and we have a match room 21 and it looks like that’s it let’s take a look and see what we have underneath imagine 21 oh my god I think I just frenzied the frenzies got another 500 oh my god you did it 200,000 yes never thought I’d see it here yeah the Dragons thank you for watching.


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