Huge Scratch Off Winner! Hit $5,000,000 Ny Lottery Huge 10X Scratch Off Winner! Video

Winning the Lottery

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In this video we scratch worth of New York State Lottery scratch off tickets. 2 of the Hit 50,000. 2 Win For Life Tickets. 2 Unwrap The Cash Tickets and 1 Hit Tickets. One is a 10x Winner! Watch To Find Out Which One! Find out if we have a huge scratch off winner. A big scratch off winner. Or no scratch off winner.

Airport scratch off winner.

everybody Chris Ernie here we’re going to go real super fast through these were on vacation we’re in New York we got a scratch before we leave tomorrow we have two of the hit fifty thousand dollar tickets two dollar tickets two of the five dollar 2500 whoa week for life tickets two of the ten dollar tickets unwrap the cash and one of the twenty dollar tickets hit five million so we have fifty four dollars and tickets in play sorry for the lighting sorry for the setup here below on vacation not on our home base so we must improvise so let’s blow right through these and see what we can pull out again please like it subscribe please check out the website daily fantasy winnings calm if you need help with the lineup more than well in the help if you want to play a game that pays you back way better than the lottery so let’s get scratching here again we apologize for glare or the setup of this but you know the drill it’s not much play by play here we’re just going to blow through these looking for nine or nineteen OOP there’s number nine there is number 19 at least a four dollar winner there’s another nine and there’s another nineteen so four winners on that one will scratch the second one see what we get here putting numbers here will be 15 and 16 17 29 126 and 11 8 to 24 20 and 19 so we’re just going to scratches right away I would imagine this is probably a $10 winner let’s see well there’s five there’s four which makes nine there’s another four and there’s two so that is a $15 winner on a $2 ticket I’m not too shabby we’ll move on to the next one let’s see we have the $5 ticket $2,500 a week for life scratch the winning numbers looking for four seven twelve thirteen fourteen and twenty fifteen to sixteen and eight eighteen twenty to nine and twenty one twenty three twenty six and twenty three nothing about that one move on to the next one hope everybody’s having a great holiday season new year is coming up what’s today at nqj today today it’s Saturday leave 27 we will be driving the Michigan tomorrow on our way back to Illinois we’ll spend a few days in Michigan maybe we’ll do some scratching in Michigan we’ll see let’s just blow through these 17 24 1912 nothing there 321 20 and 926 23:18 and six in there so we will then go to the ten dollar tickets unwrap the cash scratch for bonus 20 let’s see what we get Holly nope needed money bonus ten reveal a money bag let’s see that’s a tree no game on get three like amounts million ten 100 of million 30 40 100 510 nothing there this one let’s see three in a row X’s or OS x oo o XX XL oh nothing there and here winning numbers match let’s see 12 and 7 were looking for 18 115 in 2017 6 13 and 11 nothing on that one one more wrap the cash looking for quick 20 light not gonna do it candle they are not going to do it looking for three like amounts 110 4510 and 30 million 40 and a million little too late with million for three in a row here that did not look too good and now the winning numbers here 20 and 14 I hope out all those batches not a big $2 ticket that was a big winner for 15 bucks that would stink all right 20 and 14 10 9 9 to 3 5 17 11 and 8 negatory on that one we will move to the final ticket hit 5 million a lot of winning numbers here so those will be the numbers we are looking for triangle it a little bit they’re 17 no just get the rest of that off to you know ten times look at that on a $20 ticket there you go that’s what we want to see I hope they don’t throw a $2.00 under there I don’t know how New York Lottery plays the tickets I’m open there’s a $10 on there so it’s $100 winner but let’s keep scratching to see what else we could find for 18 no 39 no 22 no 9 o 23 no 43 no 24 no three no 14 no 38 no 32 now 20 now 16 now 31 no 29 and 33 now so I’m hoping there’s a tent over there at least $100 winner I hope they don’t play the game where they throw a $2 on there and you get ten times it to some states like to do that and that’s not much fun what do we think we have I think we have a 10 buff over there so I think we have 100 bucks let’s see wish me luck 10 times $2,200 winner look at that that is pretty sweet hey you want to win the big money he kind of played a big tickets and 200 is it’s a decent score it allows us to you know go after some big ticket to Michigan so this was worth the wait a spent oh is it 54 here and get back to 15 so got to make sure I stopped at the gas station on the way out to collect the cash help everybody enjoyed the video I know it went a little long it’s midnight here in New York had to be quiet didn’t really want to wake anybody up scratching here in the kitchen but it was well worth it tonight look at that ten times twenty two hundred beats until the next video keep on scratching. .

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