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Winning the Lottery

Dowsing Tools to help you to win the lottery, using quartz crystal pendant and number predicting..

this is a video about dowsing and winning the lottery now first of all you’ll need some scissors a pen a form of dowsing tool which is what I’ve got at the moment is a chain and my pendulum with my quartz crystal which I normally wear and a piece of paper and what you do is you write all the numbers of the Rosary down on the piece of paper and you cut them into squares now these the ones I’ve already done which I have cut into pieces and put all the numbers on with the pendulum we first need to ask some questions in order to find out what the answer is for yes and for now so first of all we’re going to start with the pendulum and we hold it in between our thumb and our finger like so anyway it feels comfortable and we hope that about approximately twenty to thirty centimeters between our thumb and our finger and we hold our arm out as straight as we can and we can rest it on the table or we can hold it at an angle and it’s probably best hold it at an angle and I think that’s a little bit too long just put up a bit hold it a bit better second hold it right now we need to first of all ask some questions so we know we’re getting the right answer either yes or no so first of all I’m going to ask the question which is am I wearing a pink cardigan okay do so we’re gonna see how it moves just hold your hand out straight get your hand as straight as possible and see which way it’s turning so if it turns normally clockwise is normally yes and anti clockwise would be now at the moment it’s going it’s trying to make up his mind it’s not sure you have to ask question again and I’ll wear anything curl again so it’s starting to go round in a clockwise motion sometimes you can get a reverse effects which is anti clockwise will mean yes and clockwise or mean now so you’ve got to try it out a few times and find out which way is yes for you and know for you right let’s ask a question isn’t true something anything simple and see what happens do I have black eyes okay so let’s see what happens ask again do I have black eyes just keep your arm still if you can you’ll be moving about a bit much there just keep going bit straight ask again do I have black eyes okay and it’s turn in anti clockwise now so we’ve kind of figured out that yes he’s clockwise and anti clockwise he’s now now what you want to do if you want to get the numbers out and put them on the table we can then use that with the lottery numbers to predict the lottery now what you would want to do really is to put them all out all over the table now this could be quite time consuming because you might actually want to go over all the numbers until you get a positive result you can also use a calendar to predict which dates it’s going to win so let’s just try with what’s the date today so if we say next Saturday so what’s the date next Saturday next Saturday the 12th 12th of January so if we say 12th of January 2013 and what we want to do is want to start over here first going over all the numbers until you kind of feel a pull around a certain area so we’re holding that up and we just go in and if the pendulum starts to swing violently as we get over a number we will then know if this is going to be one of the predicted numbers for next week so we got focus on our question while we’re actually going over this with all the numbers here is there any particular you got a bit of a swing there let’s just go back over here again it seems to be over this number here now that’s got a no there isn’t it’s are these the numbers that we’re going to use for next Saturday next Saturday being they the 12th 12th of January 12th of January we’ve got quite a lot of swinging going on there so we need to move over there we need it to swing the other way it’s just I still again which 2013 the 12th of January okay now that one there I started swinging there number 29 okay so we make a note with that number if you can carry on now you can use this every week it sometimes is a little bit out and you may get the predictions possibly for the following week so you could try this and then try these numbers for a couple of weeks to see what happens so this is one way of trying to predict the lottery results thank you very much for listening to my video.


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