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Our updated how to win the lotto guaranteed guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Saturday’s Powerball drawing is a staggering $320 million. With such an enormous sum at stake, who better to turn to then Richard Lustig — seven-time lottery grand prize winner and author of “Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery” — for tips on how to win.

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says he’s been playing the lottery for about 25 years. He claims to play every day, but in the first few years, he says he was not winning very much. Lustig decided to come up with a method, which he claims has helped him win seven grand prizes, including his last jackpot of two-and-a-half years says a guaranteed way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is simply by picking your own numbers versus using the “quick-pick” ticket option. One number doesn’t win the jackpot, a set of numbers does,” says lazy way out is to buy quick-picks. secret Lustig will share is that he believes picking the same numbers regularly, even if you are losing, gives you more edge in the next drawing. says he will absolutely be playing Saturday’s Powerball.

how to win the lotto guaranteed

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning A Lottery

Powerball changed its ball-drawing setup in October 2015.

Its machine used to suck up five white balls from a bin of 59
balls, each with a different number, plus one red Powerball from
a bin of 35 different balls.

Today it’s 69 white balls and 26 red balls. To take home the
jackpot, your ticket must have the same five white numbers a
order doesn’t matter a and the one red number.

If you do the math, there are 11,238,513 possible
combinations of five white balls without order mattering.
Multiply that by the 26 possible red balls, and you get
292,201,338 possible Powerball number combinations. (Powerball’s
recent changes make it about two times harder to win the jackpot,
yet easier to win a small amount of money.)

At $2 per pick, you’d need $584,402,676 to buy
every single combination and guarantee a win.

But assuming you’re filthy rich, think this out for a moment.

The Powerball draws only twice a week: Every Wednesday and

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how to win the lotto guaranteedTo take home the jackpot, your ticket must have the same five white numbers a order doesn’t matter a and the one red number. (Powerball’s recent changes make it about two times harder to win the jackpot, yet easier to win a small amount of money. Plus scary-sounding contracts to make sure none of your workers walk off with your winnings. Better hope the stores don’t run out of Powerball ticket paper and their machines don’t break. You can’t trust your workers to correctly enter all of those numbers manually into a spreadsheet, so you’d ask them to photograph them all and upload the images to a central database. 5 billion jackpot a before paying your army and before taxes, that is.

checking one two three four here we go okay it’s above it here I’m so you people have how to make a charting system to win pick six lotto okay this is the one you want to focus on because you got less numbers your net with my power mode Myers seriously let’s go kill no power been needed all right I did what I did was like an ocean is like parents here world I don’t give generally to see my face know who I look like yeah okay alright you seen my other videos all right I’m gonna hit the bow I’m going to hit it the next two three months I did this before years ago friends of mine but they didn’t follow through with me I came the number two because it was out too long because it was hidden frequently before that it was out for 22 consecutive job with 100 weeks it hasn’t hit and hit that week Friday we only played on Fridays three of his ten dollars a piece over 30 tickets my 10 tickets I had eight winning tickets eight winning tickets they didn’t listen to me I said T the number two even number two when all your tickets with these notes okay I’d eat winning tickets okay I had three numbers on five of the tickets three three numbers out of six paid you $2 for that cover though you know now it’s ten bucks I got my $10 back right I have one ticket I had two two five six seven I had two ticket for four numbers each they were $20 each and I have one ticket with five numbers that was for $1,000 if they would listen to me we would’ve split four million dollars three ways I was screaming at the midnight yelling at them not doing it the system works first you have to focus on this okay there’s no other these other days you see foolish ethical with a three digit thing is that I okay I gather from the three digit I get hit in the first position the second position of third position how many times but that’s happy he’ll eat all know why that is the truck I tried to do it with the cash five we’re still okay I have a Buddhist every day light I’ll pay hidden mess when it hurt when it is okay there’s only one how many numbers on the cash fund can’t say there’s for the total numbers six less numbers okay fine my name is having day every day so I had monk torts and I couldn’t find a twin I did find the truck when the numbers hit two months like 11 times in one month Lord with 13 times in two months they tended to disappear the third month they could have been helped like 30 fucking trolls or 35 or 50 like I said that’s the only thing I felt but to find the trend so it’s much easier to do pics xr0 help Pennsylvania plus a week Mondays and Thursdays they changed it used to be to take the flights tell mommy society which concerns with the River Thames maybe they pick for gaming every Thursday night game easier so anyway first chart you do is you hit miss charts okay among going back last year up until this year go ahead you can visit here they called the witness chart and you write your numbers of course wonderful and I need graphic okay here by 11:00 okay now one of the one of the pages is your favorite any knowledge about to put the pages together and keep them separately out of a book okay cuz you need for any numbers of course a 49 number down of course skipping the first block of one and one you know Chris you know one doesn’t fail but one then the sharper two and then three and how many times they hit together in the same door and you just go back and add them off okay so when you know when you should say okay I’ve been bailed oh I’ve got 38 wheels per page this is my first page is 38 38 studying here 38 here is 76 but only 28 here there’s 104 drools a year 1042 1050 to is a hundred for the a today today today that they’ve invented anything I’m not playing no music here because fuck the music they got it blows everything the TV one challenge six here okay but that’s it we need people’s is your head miss charge nice try now we go down number one machine the more it once here two times three times so far I don’t um fifteen plus okay member to play see and there you see women see you look at under 17 missus dish with a novena I market the wrong should one of course like you know hits your own then the fire had moved under 15 you name we painted in the 15th floor this was in 2013 need 15 12 I would be gave her face before I shook 70 here’s a favorite tendrils a month depending on how many we show the mark okay there’s not exactly eight there’s not always four sets of Mondays and Thursdays and every month that could be five sets see if you go since 104 see if you did a trio standpoint there’s neither sex your shirt eight so there’s some extra weeks and so much we have a Monday at 32 more if someone’s have ten someone’s I hate okay now but that’s it you could you could pick up place the hottest number so forth right here I hit all right number four screaming nothing on record number forty you can see here no foodie right when you come down it takes six times before but it’s been absent piece this is proof that this in the beginning 2014 this is January February March right Jennifer Moore folly April bugger up April now what you gotta do is you go to your Pennsylvania you go to a lot of your website okay I didn’t touch results 2014 to 2015 yes he and I if I worked out my notepad here as you can see thanks winning numbers and I space them out so I could track them on the paper they’ve a little 2014 ok but they don’t go they don’t go top to bottom they go bottom up this January 2nd 2013 January 6 7 9 13 tomorrow Monday 13 money 3rd this doesn’t matter the days that we two prominent this is the code the sum of all six numbers I said let me see you know if I find out a sum like the 140s or the 150s and then that can adjourn me in or my number combinations or my wheels ok a wheel let’s say you got three numbers like this 315 32 okay you’re going to play you get three games for two dollars raised $18 okay now the new ways of hitting they’re hitting all six numbers were just foolin umbers or three numbers or one tenth or one line you can get 10 out of 18 that means one two three four numbers here through here and through here that stand over that in your 18 and it pays $2,500 that’s a nice chunky chain so you have to hit all six numbers to win a lot of money in the big six model every state’s got a different system take a ten out of 18 9 out of 18 8 out of 18 7 6 5 numbers out of 18 and so forth you know four numbers pays right about 10 blocks now any three numbers on one line pays you two dollars what if you had three three and three there would be nine numbers they you let me just get $6 you would get 9 out of 18 which is like about 25 or 30 bucks I think according to our was it but that’s if you use your notepad we would buy whatever you want to use you know and copy and based on numbers and but you have to space and then I’d remove the would pay out over here because I don’t give a shit about the bell only one I was looking for Adam love the chart one close this you’ll have to see that anymore okay you saw that right okay cool we’re there you need a deviate get back to here I guess the hit list Roy okay then the next choice you got to make okay um the last ten years how much wonder 49 right wonderful a across the mothers making of course except of course the two pages go to 24 and then stop unless you don’t want them to what a hole in your head and and you know you’re trying to write on top of the spring spiral okay you don’t like you don’t need these blocks okay keep it clean see there 24 here and then do 25 to 49 here and you got some space to mcmooch you know okay and you do you waste 10 how many times each number hit out of the last 10 horse okay now obviously I’m not going to use 2014 I can use the list and response 2015 as January’s a very worries and then I will track that back and see the waist angles okay that gets changed every every 10 goals okay it’s you know 10 and then the next role will be your weather okay you take away the one image do the last 10 just to see which numbers are currently hot for the last 10 drawings not 5 10 okay now just because a number has been out a while doesn’t mean that it’s good okay some of us could be action for six months then you would play this number for six months I have six months of losing tickets I’ve seen it happen I’ve seen it happen so you have a number with a village where I could pick for you pick for you I’m your and your and your cash five numbers or you pick five you know or write out a goofy game they got daily it’s almost impossible to get an edge I mean the odds are one out of a thousand right in a two digit you know one to three digit one two three okay that’s the combination thing without first this bed trust me but you can’t pick up on certain number combinations that it take only well here in my state have noticed a eighteen through 15 if you box those numbers every day you’re going to win ten times a year but should be boxing 13 through 15 there’s six dollars that’s four dollars they say one let’s one two times 365 equals it’s going to cost you four thousand three hundred and eighty dollars right okay but like I said you’re going to hit about 10 10 maybe 15 times a year alright show is going 15 one five times 500 equals 7500 so you can make a profit of about three thousand four and a doll or something it okay but it’s 12 hours a day two numbers shoot the box up you know you can try two numbers how they hit good idea near the earth year it turns out to those two number combinations like 831 813 318 at 138 183 etc etc etc happen to hit a white page the super box okay playing just the same three numbers straight every day it’s a little better pay off you get $500 then if you do the dialog box and the dollars gate the dialog box pays for $40 wonder if we screw separate digits here more if you have two to the same digits of course if you have a predicts one way number like do it go to which recently hit no triple seven said not that one go or which the triple six I think I don’t doesn’t matter okay I started but that’s it you want to do where you have a lace 10 chart nice 10 chart then you want to do your favorite hitting parish chart like safe number two heads with number 12 right together on finger hitting pair they came out together 25 times in the past year that’s a good combo doing 12 see this is how you make your wheels 2 to 12 okay now 200 hit with 12 okay that’s why they be very popular with 14 a well tuned is not popular format but 12 is popular 149 they hit they hit together 35 times and said now so I’m saying here you favor hitting push okay and you use a good pet shop in case you make four steps and go slow one mistake not to be conformed estates in the same pool scorcher going to cut down your percentage but this will increase your percentages are getting 1000 times more 1000% if they say because you’re eliminating to using now this choice I just made up my own okay this one really really shows you something I said how come nobody ever fifties together okay moving on this that hid the whole pick six the whole jackpot how many times from 2011 I found up to 2015 okay it was a 2011 food 104 clearly 104 times four equals four 1614 this year 2015 so for 16 14 and 430 drawers there’s been 28 winners 28 winners to this year February 1 for the last one was just Tuesday for 500,000 that’s the minimum stretch out there and the one before that for two million at least before cool hey Evelyn dice it’s 10 years salary at fifty thousand a year okay you get a lump sum payment they say is twenty three percent federal state and city I don’t know how much for twenty three percent because everything is along so there’s no guilty installments no matter how big the jackpot the largest jackpot hit recently was over seven million hey you’re fuckin wealthy with seven million dollars but will people to realize when they do notice of my state have the last five years Fuji’s they’re going there hit by only one person no matter what you know was five hundred thousand seven hundred fifty thousand nine hundred thousand 1 million two million three million four million five million Cybermen with only one pool one time we split with two people with 1 million 6 1 million some they got 800,000 a piece the 25 percent federal not they 800,000 and with 1 million 600 thousand bucks there was two winners and two separate caveny Shore cities and so far have you seen ok I’m not done I’m not done yet guys but this one shows this chart here clearly show result from 2011 to 2015 there’s 28 minutes 20 winners in other words 21 out of 416 a four and thirty 0.06 two point one percent point O six five percent point oh six zero point zero that’s less than 1% 28 out of 430 the 20 millionaires have a 430 draws no 28 days or 6 have been hit more than once per year yeah yeah oh yeah oh I’m looking number 16 7 times that was the first largest numbers I just like up the floor 3 a month from the club telling me another hit but are the list for point two years on the call doesn’t come up 106 you know that’s it but number 16 7/3 number one one eight times and the most popular group is the twenties 20 21 22 23 24 can I wash them out three types almost 4 5 4 4 K 4 4 3 8 number 21 8 times 8 times out of 20 someone taped patrol but a little biased okay all right 1331 and baby clean pathetic as you can see one time you’re 30 one time or 31 what non non 32 no no 36 but no Mercedes cream seven times over thirty seven eight times number 38 5 times over 39 Wow ten times half Des Moines bullshit that’s almost a there 28 28 it’s almost a Miss 1828 to infuse the horse a would be 14 39 days should be the number should be played every time you play this big six watery and the state of Pennsylvania let’s get n times does that mean if the villagers team because they haven’t hit could be but I wasn’t played these numbers these are the numbers 12 18 32 36 or 43 to a very right now if I say like I said this is wrong the last five years I would like I want I’m trying to get it back to 2010 because that would give me more results you know and I might see something that all the numbers have hit at least one time but right now I’m going to tend to avoid these numbers here it doesn’t mean that they don’t come out but they just want to come out one whole six of it in the North now niggas here like I said though odd even odd even odd even odd even odd one two three four five either for two even odd even odd even I write it this way I’ll shake then go to betcha winning numbers and they’re going to give you any numbers it’s not going to work don’t you want to see the fucking results hey good luck charlie who might show up here we go let’s go back January we had even even odd odd even odd thanks to leave inch odds and even a knife yet I’d even I’d I’d even I take that I died even odd odd odd he had five odd numbers and one even here there’s one three four seven thirteen and fifteen the throat oh no 43 as you can see there’s not a good combo okay and if you hit that number you hit all the calendar numbers and the days install and Yuval just probably will split i love with one winner I think he would want now these were there’s the winning numbers these were just doing numbers it doesn’t mean the wall searched her head every day every drawer there’s me they may have been know what is that day once nine together footings let’s go to the website and go see Charlie I go but not a not a browser her home on this March 9 2014 be a lottery my numbers please select not sucks carbon 14 okay March this is November December watch whatever I said it was Oh China a night scared me every January night one 24/7 13 to 15 hey out nobody hit six that’s the six so if you had that take it the jackpot role for 700,000 it was like a duster sonic belt on the phone so like I don’t think you goes up all the thousand each time he strolls what’s a 500 600 700 800 900 a million yeah I think it’s all goes see the gypsy 22 plated match five of six each receiving a thousand bucks three players match ten out of 18 is receiving 24 nobody had 10 out of 18 9 out of 18 receives thousand eighty five players match a out of 18 $15 612 much 7 numbers out of 18 to 25 six out of 18 pays you ten five out of 18 receives five bucks I know you can fight see but those 12,000 people twelve thousand six hundred and fifty one player Mac so the price is graded the total price is greater than five bucks look why five times four five you come along just $2,000 but the reason why with 124 17:15 on the calendar okay now some people say well everybody hits on a quick pic hello what is it quick first what is a course that combine this done by a machine this done by a computer which uses random number generators well you know what happens when you have a machine pick your numbers it picks up only same numbers there’s no there’s no three methods just spits out numbers and what’s going to happen is you want to get the numbers that they’ve drawn before the winning combination repeat it develop the odds are always happening like warrants on patrol run out of a train in Nigeria why yourself or one other one in some may it yeah I pity awareness and this is just a pick six lot of those 49 numbers 1 to 49 no heroes she will only work in the food digit and three digit okay so what that’s it folks that’s all you need to do you got to chart the numbers all over the bar can only work in on the boys like the boys with the guys have no time thought about the ping pong balls somebody says there’s me in create with it with alien on bracelets no not that much without them with me because I just proved it on my drawings I got my dad Monday from late hitting no time you’re number one you actually done before the ages a lot of heavy ink on that bill but number one we have okay it’s not that much it’s a very light color it’s there’s a goofy instance empty name I’m tenth of an ounce they made another 48 or 49 48 I think would be heavier because you have you know the double snowman there then nine which shuts a single loop you know it’s 35 heavier than 33 now if we fight heavier than 23 now not much cosmic growth all weigh the same they make sure they do and they all use the same rivalled every time okay I’m the machine to check the triple check sometimes the food will get clogged the level all come off for that and that drawing is canceled happens but the machines are different different such a machine is an oil check to make sure they all work it’s just they are very vacuum machine that’s all I never they pull and then that bow and that’s tube comes up and boom the pops up at the top there and that’s what I take to run a parish okay now we have a day tool here and the Rachel but the danger basin there’s no pitch six stage world there’s no Powerball de George’s there’s no cash 5 well that’s only have no time okay and the point though which is like getting five numbers you know like more two three four five you know oh my god tu tu tu tu tu tu do whatever the fuck you can come up with over five same numbers same time see she’ll play this is but and you have to be in that order now the first rule of a second rule the third fourth fifth six gotta come up in that order and you gotta have in that order to get all five and it went like I don’t know I’m making hundreds of thousands or something whatever the fuck it is it’s at at the goal but it gets but it’s a deluge also gets hit a lot it’s like the highest to catch five or so goes a million dollars I played a dead thing okay I played only three low numbers their phone numbers the highest was like 22 or something or 23 I should have stayed away from the high ends of the high 30s the 40s I should have figured that that’s why I guess I want to get hit when I hit some million dollars there hardly ever go to Lane go start out a like a hundred thousand or something you know as the daily draw so skins gets hit every week that’s it folks your favorite hitting numbers his miss charts the last ten and all the drawers you can get from the past four or five years how many times like the last six numbers were drawn how many times you see number came up as you can see I’m developing something and now you know when you hit this one my lace chart that I just made up lemons got this then I’ve got this on I’m giving you some valuable information you don’t eat local picks you don’t you I leave them even I that’s all fuckin works okay thank you Tyler’s mother pears like okay we all see pride in here we had a reversing pattern here card hey you know and we had a propeller like this you know well kind of like that to work I tried two years ago there was a course as I might attack one day hit he has Grayson when he paid the ticket upside down if there’s plenty of warm this fuckin there was even play my numbers are low and he hit yeah and if we think of a luck is not because one guy be further up in Canada hit the lottery seven times no other are we 7 times just about being lucky he had a method and it works no bad anymore he’s wealthy he hits seven times he hit the Powerball seven fights and that’s what’s the thought that not to do I met already evidently quick fix because I knew that just a machine picking it and you’re going to get bad results I like a propeller a hundred dollars worth of quick fix okay ninety million dollars up then you know those tickets could be no good you’re lucky to have well we’ve met clean on the border I’ve been there trust me I’ve been there with Hicks do not work you’re getting numbers repeated that I’ve already hit and the odds of that happening you won’t see it happen in your lifetime if you started it both I tried the only lottery number hits when they hit all six you will not see any same six digits repeated again there’s always going to be a different number you might see five out of the six or four with three but then obviously all six repeaters again in your lifetime that’s a fucking guarantee trust me these charts work get a great book like this this is the largest they found in half by 11 the other way to get bigger grass because you just give out the way double digit numbers in here know how to squeeze a man with a pencil both way too heavy with the pencil when you do it this I just use the black ink pen because I’m not changing this I’m not changing this this is done okay it’ll change maybe the next day I get out I’ll just go down and add the numbers up the next time all six numbers hit we’re not due for another five months yeah if it rolls up to five million seven million it could go five months for that ed all right that doesn’t mean normal relative and it just means that nobody picked that six number combination um and it doesn’t number it doesn’t matter if you got all real numbers or old high numbers as you can see by the results here watch 25th to God one through six fourteen twenty one twenty nine and two numbers off the calendar 41 and thirty six see that six fourteen twenty one twenty nine thirty one every six days only one winner okay the one murder one murder one time two winners here is how much number two that is it one time one time at a five years for four years and two months they split 1,600,000 they got a hundred thousand fees 25% federal state and city tax maybe on our own maybe thirty percent though so let’s see we put on the kissing you hit a jackpot for 1 million do you know the only ticket 3% they took 300,000 away so we met is seven zero zero zero zero there that’s what you get one cup one room some famous Oh hundred thousand out now are you wealthy for seven hundred thousand seven thousand seven hundred thousand if you’re making fifty thousand here how many years shall we is edge divided by five Georg Elser Vera 14 years 14 years what do you do is $700,000 okay I will say $4,000 you fix up the property buy yourself a new vehicle this that and the other you know and get all the stuff that you wanted that should cook dead like maybe new TV new computer systems up a bad move forms some mangly and models and clothes and stuff like that the two hundred thousand thirty five hundred thousand you invest into a high yield interest account hopefully my five percent money market or something like that i just revert the interest you don’t touch it you don’t touch that sir don’t touch that remaining 500,000 you don’t touch it don’t touch it okay you still receive your Social Security is not out there you’re in there you paid into that you’re still going to get that I’m concerned I could take it away from you just because you ate a lottery you’re getting taxed when what you got left if you want any interest when you’re getting taxed on it okay you’re getting taxed on it so we should get that money back away you’re earning your earning money on your money so he’s not going to take away your Social Security might cut it down but how much you rise to stay into it learn and just if I fucking hear it you’ll work for 45 years your life maybe longer sound it yourself start winning. .

hello I’m just done a few mathematics I look on and I think there’s nobody really trying to work out at a ficient way an economical way of winning more on the lottery and so I had a quick look and the cheapest way to do it is to cover ten numbers rather than picking six numbers for your lottery win cover ten numbers and then you can only go to pick sort of six out of ten and you only need a minimum of three numbers to win so try this if you wish it’s only cost of Senna to do it so first thing you do is you pick ten numbers yes ten numbers there can be any any ten numbers you like as you know it goes up from 1 to 49 then put them into two’s so you got your 10 numbers and you put the first two into group a second 2 and B C D and E as shown you can always pause this and have a look at it later never go it’s worth 2 tenner next we do the maths alright the maths are that out of the ABCD and E this is the combinations that they’ll go baby caed a B E and you end up with the fact that they’ll only go together ten times hence you’ve got 10 tickets covering ten numbers ten different ways then we convert the letters back into your numbers so that would be go back to that previous one so ABC would be a b c which would be 1 5 10 15 to 20 25 and you put them onto your lottery ticket so you’ve got following this I’ll show you again so you can see that there’s only there’s only ten combinations there and you follow that all the way down you can pause it at any point as you know you it’s pretty flexible I’m trying to keep this short so you can don’t want to bore you to death and then once you’ve done the ten different ways it’s Bob guarantee you’ve now got ten lotto tickets which covers ten numbers ten different ways I have showed this and I’ve been trying it for quite a few months now and it does work you don’t I don’t tend to win big wins the biggest winner bad is about two and a half thousand pound with five numbers because you get five and because you’ve covered ten numbers it multiplies that you get for number six times you’ll get three number seven times it all adds up but what I tend to get most weeks is I tend to get three numbers and if you get three numbers you you win a minimum of ten pounds and if two of the three numbers are in the same group same band a then you’ll get 30 or 40 pounds or if you get four numbers you get 100 pounds things do multiply up it’s a little firm going back to the old football football days when we used to do the polls but there you go I’ve tried it I’ve tried it I’ve been trying it it’s an easy thing to do so have a go and please by all means let me know what you think thank you.

this was my low income house for a life of unimaginable riches I always hoped that I would live my life this way do you make your fortune work with you my mom and I decided that we would start a business or kiss work goodbye forever I quit my job the next day whether you board the gravy train it’s a must have for every lottery winner or give away the bar our mission is to financially support families enduring pediatric cancer becoming an instant winner is a fast track ticket to changing your life forever Colorado Springs perched on the edge of the Rockies it’s a magnet for outdoor thrill seekers and Colorado native Adam Reichert is no exception I consider myself a daredevil I figure I’d rather die doing something I love then diam and old age or natural causes this 23 year old adrenaline junkie has been riding bikes since he was 7 and over the years he’s learned a trick or two I can sit on my tank and put my feet over the front I can ride stand up or sit down willies go really fast but Adam hasn’t always lived life in the fast lane I first had grew up lower middle class I didn’t have all the luxuries high priced editors a struggle for money by the time he was 18 Adam had his own financial troubles I had you know a lot of debt which I incur to myself between the toys video games motorcycles Adam worked two jobs 17 hours a day to pay down his death and help his mom Sharon with the mortgage okay you get the heavy one I got it actually my mom’s my best friend we’ve always been close and tight together with Adams younger sister they shared a cozy single wide in this Colorado Springs trailer park this is a trailer that I lived in it was about 30 feet long it is four bedroom two bath it’s got a small kitchen and a small dining room right about there is the living room so it’s all pretty much real close together at $20,000 it was what the family could afford until Adams mom forced him to buy that fateful lottery ticket I came home from work one night sat down and started relaxing and she asked me if I got my lottery tickets I told her no she kept pushing me and pushing me to walk across the street to the gas station and hit some lottery tickets we had 17 minutes to get across the street to get a ticket and he was punching fences and kicking boxes all the way across the street it’s a good thing Adam listened to his mother when he finally checked his ticket two days later Adam was a winner he thought it was a million it was 3.4 man it’s our lottery not mine she pours me and go buy the stinking ticket I just don’t be sitting on the couch overnight Adams life was turned upside down he had a mountain of cash at age 20 and had no idea what to do with it water I changed my life as far as Who I am it made me definitely grow up because I couldn’t play no more I had to be serious because I had a big big big problem thrown in my way and I say problem cuz I now have a lot of money that I can either blow or I can take it and invest it and make it grow Adam chose wisely he got into real estate with his mom learn the business of buying houses and maintaining him and keeping him for a long period of time and also trying to buy low foot and you’ll work into the property and then Tyrell flip it for a profit they kept the trailer it’s now a rental and bought eight more homes with two million in assets that company’s thriving Adam even calls one of the investments home this is my house set we bought throughout the company that my mom and I started is where I live with two my real good friends pretty much just a bachelor pad the biggest plus it’s got plenty of room for Adam’s toys he’s got wheels for all weather all terrain and all kinds of daredevil stunts this is my pride and joy it’s my 2005 Yamaha r1 this is my gift to me after I won the lottery I told myself I’d spoil myself with one little thing and this is my one little thing until Adam splurged on this a 2003 Corvette zo6 top speed 180 one of the fastest cars on the market it’s a must have for every lottery winner so you’ve got a garage full of toys and lots more money to spend what do you do go shopping there’s one crash because they got the rubber on the ends except this multi millionaire is not a customer he’s an employee believe it or not Adam works a part time sales job at a local cyclists accessories Adam the reason I work here is because I love motorcycles gonna be around all these bikes sit on them play on them look at them drool over them but why work when you can own the whole shop and everything in it people wonder why I’m working all the time I just don’t it’s you know it’s not good to sit at home I like working just my nature I’ve just always been a worker to cool jobs and millions in the bank still it’s not enough what else does this thrill seeker have up his sleeve I plan on join the airforce your show you. .

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