How To Win The Lottery – Wiccan Lottery Winner Bunky Bartlett Video

Winning the Lottery

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00:01 – how he picked the winning numbers
00:39 – how often did you play the lottery?
01:25 – were you expecting to win?
03:19 – a listener wants to know if you used any visualization techniques
04:22 – he talks about how he manifested his win
06:22 – Bunky says he’s running for president of the USA
08:08 – manifesting his new home
09:48 – have you been to Stonehenge as you said you would in your interviews after the win?
11:36 – what else has Bunky been up to since the win?
12:30 – tell us about your “real-life Hogwarts” magic school
14:56 – a listener calls in to ask about talisman or spells
19:00 – how long before deciding you’d win the lottery did it take you to win the jackpot?
21:10 – what is spiritual alchemy?
26:20 – do you believe you could win the lottery again and do you want to?
27:33 – Bunky wants to show people that Wiccans and witches are normal and not to be feared
30:00 – In the TV show, Charmed, they say you can’t use magic / magick for personal gain. Is that a real rule in Wicca?
35:45 – what are your views about the level of prosperity on the planet?
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38:30 – question from listener: did you ever have doubts about winning and, if so, what did you do to remove it?
43:15 – Bunky talks more about “why” he won the lottery
47:03 – was winning the jackpot everything you thought it would be and have there been negatives to winning the lottery?
50:17 – we discuss how people value things more when they pay a higher cost
52:35 – what’s the difference between lottery winners who keep their money vs. the people who lose it all
53:40 – Bunky’s final message to listeners

This is the 2008 interview with Bunky Bartlett, about a year after he won million in the Mega Millions lottery. He discusses his Wiccan faith, his experiences, his future plans and how he believes he manifested his win.

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I’m yes my philosophy has always been that if the gods are gonna you know give me the numbers it’s easier for them to control the machine and the control me for sure so you think that it’s just it sounds like it’s easier to control an inanimate object rather than like sending you here are those magic numbers right cool direct me with I free will and my sub Ernest exactly you never know sometimes what’s a message from the universe and what’s just ego or or whatever I guess because this way it’s you know they can choose the numbers I’ve pretty much amount of the equation at that point so is this something did you play the lottery regularly or was it just this one time the Allen time I ever really played the lottery was when it was over a hundred million dollars and even then it was always a crap I forgot to buy a ticket oh this was a fluke that we actually bought the ticket in a bit Wow so you must be pretty pretty happy with that little flew in a little bit how many tickets did you buy that draw uh ten dollars ten dollars okay so that’s like a few tickets then yeah well actually was yeah it was ten numbers it was two tickets and you know I guess one of the best investments you could of me mm hmm for sure so when you bought the tickets um did you believe that you were gonna win or what was it that or was it just you had no idea you were totally shocked oh I always believed that would way okay did you actually that’s what actually made the ability to win was any time I played the lottery every time I bought a ticket I always said yeah I’ve won man basically proceeded in that fashion great so you actually told yourself with the ticket in your hand before the draw I’ve already won this but and did you it sounds like you didn’t buy tickets that often but did you win other prizes before this oh yeah I used to little nothing big you know you’d get the $2 win and that kind of stuff and I would always hold 1/2 the $2 ticket until the next time I actually played and would actually cash it in and then use that money to buy me more ticket so you’re using like lucky money right yeah so if you want to get on the air and ask bunky a question the number is six oh four eight two two two four eight seven that’s 604 UBC Ci.TR and it’s been about a year since the win and I heard on on one of your interviews that a casino in Vegas was putting odds against whether you were gonna keep the money or not yeah I think they had an over and under thing and that that I was going to go broke in three years I’ve never actually been able to verify that that’s out there and I’ve actually been to Vegas a couple times so I haven’t seen anything yet okay well I you’re an accountant or you maybe you’re not an accountant anymore but you you have the knowledge of an accountant so you know how to manage your money right yeah okay great and so you you mentioned that you when you’re holding the ticket you already believed that you were going to win and one of the the listeners actually emailed and wanted to know if you used any visualization techniques and if so did you focus on winning the jackpot itself or on just what the money what that amount of money would do for you and how it would change your life actually every time that I thought about the lottery I would always envision what my life would be like after I won and one of the biggest things that I hope always envisioned was know what my house would be like where I would live what type of things would I be doing but I travel would I you know teach what I do this and that’s one of the things that you know for me I think it’s the visualization and holding onto those and actually believing that they can come true helps to bring that about it’s the focus and it’s the belief that can actually make things happen but you also can’t just sit on your butt mm hmm for sure uh well obviously if you hadn’t bought a ticket you never woulda won like you said that hardly a total fluke but when you were expecting this money to come your way and visualizing your house and things like that did you were you certain it was going to come from the lottery or were you just open to the universe providing it to you in whatever way it manifested open to the universe however wanted to manifest because the naturality in January before I 1 January of that year of last year I had started my own business and I was working toward manifesting that myself through hard work you know that kind of thing and it was going really well I was becoming very successful with my own accounting firm and it was going forward and then in September eight months later after I started the accounting business I won the lottery nice so so you can’t just Wendy when you want something you can’t just sit and wait for it to happen you still have to work have a plan and then the universe says okay well they’re giving it a shot how about we give them a push and to me that’s what the University it said okay here’s what we have you doing it so let’s just get more helping it fantastic it’s so great to talk to because it’s just such an amazing story to hear and of you know winning such a large jackpot and I know a lot of it went to taxes but in the end they’re still still a lot left one thing is here in Canada we don’t pay taxes on any lottery wins so if you’re planning to win again you might want to come and buy a ticket up here oh I’m gonna have to do that fuck out a lot in taxes virilis session what if some of its upwards of you know fifty percent yeah yeah I can imagine I mean as as happy as you must be to win the lottery having half taken in taxes must feel a little bit like a punch in the gut oh yeah especially since you know I’m all about government reform here in the States mmm because I’m actually running for president Wow so yeah I actually have a presidential campaign I’m not really doing anything other than some you know internet stuff I have a presidential myspace up you know that kind of thing I won’t win but you know oh you never know you won the lottery stranger things have happened and I’ve keep it visioning what I will do as president Wow what balls I will change what things will occur you know the whole nine yards so is that for this upcoming election then yeah 2008 great and I’ll run again for 2012 so this this is a Canadian station work we’re a pretty small station up in Vancouver BC but we do have a website Ci. TR dot CA and I know that there are people listening from all over the world as well as in the States so what’s the the name of your My. Space page or any website you have further presidency yes um the myspace is Bartlet or president with the number one Bartlet for president one like that cool so you have to check that out if you’re in the States and maybe you could have a Wiccan priest as president and when when we first got on the phone you mentioned that you’re having some construction work done on your house here down in the basement it’s where it’s quiet so I guess you’re it sounds like you’re in the process of manifesting that house that you’ve been visualizing well actually we pretty much found it and we found it pretty quickly because once I 120 days after I won we found the house and we settled in 20 days Wow so it went very quickly our real estate agent sent us a listing of about 300 properties and the third one we saw on the website we just said that’s it we went to look at it and that was it mmm we just went from there well that’s so fantastic even with unlimited amounts of money I can imagine I mean to go from buying a house moving in being settled within 20 days that’s just so fast oh yeah he had sometimes that’s just how he the first works and you just gotta hold on and just ride it out fantastic well we’re gonna take a break in just a second here Oh actually I think we have about five minutes so if you want to get on the air and ask bunkie a question the number is six oh four eight two two two four eight seven that’s six oh four ubc Ci. TR bunkie Bartlet is a Wiccan priest down in the States and he won about a year ago he won the Mega Millions jackpot II was one of four winners I believe is that right yeah yes so if you want to get on the air and ask him a question he is on the line right now whether it’s about Wicca or about the lottery win anything like that the number again is 604 eight two two two four eight seven now bunky I heard on I’ve been watching and all of the different interviews that you did after you won and it’s so fun to see you talking to all these different people and one of the interviews you mentioned that you hadn’t been on a honeymoon with your wife yet even though you’ve been married for about 20 years or so and Stonehenge was mentioned so did you go to Stonehenge and how was that actually no we didn’t end up going to Stonehenge we actually ended up going to Hawaii oh nice yes I actually had never been there and it is one of the most soothing and most spiritual places you could actually go to that’s beautiful there’s actually I used to have a friend who lived on Maui and there’s a lot of if you’re you have the belief of aliens or anything like that there’s a lot of that kind of activity that goes on up there on you know UFOs and and things like that whether they’re actually aliens or not I don’t know but there’s definitely a lot of supernatural activity in that area of the world oh yes it’s it’s great it had a great feeling I was very surprised when we got there and just the feeling of the land and the people and just the atmosphere when you get there and how easy and slow moving it is and how you’re able to just be and not have to worry about thing mmm that’s so beautiful how long did you stay there we actually were only there for a little over a week next time we go I’m going to spend about two word break yeah and are you still planning on going to Stonehenge uh we still plan on going over there I’m just not quite sure when we’re gonna get there yet mm hmm so do you mind if I ask what I guess there’s a lot going on I mean when I picture someone winning the lottery it’s kind of like oh nothing but time nothing but free time but it sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself pretty busy oh yeah cuz one of the things that I had said when I asked the universe to let me win the lottery was that I would continue to teach and my main focus would be that and that’s what I’ve been doing um I started teaching a 101 class I teach workshops I’m doing lectures you know I’m doing exactly what I said I would do fantastic well we’re gonna take a quick break for a public service announcement and I want to talk more about your teaching and of course your lottery went as well Ci. TR 101.

9 FM this is synchronicity and we’re back with bunkie hi bunkie you still there yep so you’re great so I want to talk about on the news on and if you’re at home listening to CIT r dot CA you can cruise or Google just Google bunkie Bartlet bu n KY and there’s lots of clips that come up and I know the media was kind of putting a spin on it as you were planning to open a real life Hogwarts so I was that going yeah the AP press thing that was that man so messed up that it was unbelievable well and he also which was really funny because after the interview was supposedly over some friends are not mine and I were sitting in the coffee shop and he was doing some V footage and some background stuff but he was actually filming us and listening to some of our conversation and so we were just conversating about different stuff and he started piece things together that didn’t make any sense at all and that’s the majority of what made one made it onto the AP prep oh I can imagine that must have been a little bit annoying I understand the press on that’s how they work and that’s cool mm hmm so you mentioned that you’re doing you’re doing lectures and teaching a 101 class now do you actually have a physical school or where are you teaching now um right now I’m teaching out of the New Age gift shop that I invested in mystical voyage and today it all oil so yes it’s www.misnylaw. com great and so sorry go on I interrupted you I’m your teacher there yeah most of my workshops and classes are held there I’m actually heating up now actually next Friday I’m teaching a class on spiritual alchemy which is a coming six part class so it goes for six weeks dirty that sounds really interesting can you explain a little bit about what spiritual alchemy is oh actually um there it looks like there’s a phone call coming in so on if I lose you I’m gonna call you right back but hopefully this will work okay Ci. TR you’re on the air hello miss I’d like to ask him uh if he can recall back at the time as he had things like the pencil wrapped in mint to bring luck and money or like the slip of paper in honey does he live like with those things around all the time funky were you able to hear that question yes I did um actually not so much I mean there were times when because I’ve been doing this for 20 plus years that but because that shows my age but in the very beginning when I first started getting into Wicca and witchcraft and I kind of stuff I did the green candle for money I did you know putting a dollar bill in a box with different crystals and that kind of stuff so I did do all of those things back you know when I first started out now is that what manifested it and it took over 20 years to happen that’s a possibility you know because I can’t really pinpoint what one thing that I really do that made this happen what I usually say is that 20 years of gaining wisdom knowledge and understanding is what probably caused the manifestation that occurred yes yes I I see what about things like the fat food sitting around you have one of those or an elephant with its trunk raised like an idol no actually I never had any of this how about oh gosh there was one more thing I wanted to ask talisman would you wear talisman um the only jewelry that I ever really wore was a pentagram yeah store for power right Krita stress okay well thank you very much I’m actually driving and talking so I really need to put on down keep your eye on the road then thanks for calling in okay bye bye well hey bunkie you still there yes okay great I’m a little bit I’ve had phone interviews with one person on the phone but taking calls is new to me so that was that that was some interesting questions there if you want to get on the air and ask bunkie a question about Wicca or how he won the lottery 604 eight two two two four eight seven that’s 604 you BCC ITR if you are driving please be conscious of the road and be be careful but feel free to give us a call 604 eight two two two four eight seven so that guy was asking about talismans and it sounds like I don’t know too much about spell and things like that but I’m guessing that the the pencil and things like that were something related to spells is that right correct yeah I mean with a really and especially witchcraft revolves around doing spells meditations incantations using little elixirs and potions to you know manifest the things that you want in this reality and you know of the twenty plus years that I’ve been studying you know I’ve worked with all of those things you know as you learn you grow read books buying teachers I’ve had a number of teachers over the years I’ve joined a number of groups I’ve read more books than any pro any person probably should have ever read but you know and it’s just a matter of gaining knowledge and trying to gain understanding of yourself how you interact with the universe and how it actually can fantastic now one of the questions that was emailed into the show again if you want to email a question to the show the email address is spiritual show at gmail. com and it sounds like you kind of answered this how long did it take from the time that you decided to win the jackpot until you finally manifested the win you mentioned that you were lighting green candles from money 20 years ago but was the money intended to come through the through the lottery or how long was it before you actually said I’m going to win the lottery before it happened actually never said I was going to win the lottery I was actually sitting in the coffee shop it was only about two or three months before I won the lottery and I was getting mixed signals from the universe it kept telling me you need to teach you need to teach you need to write books you need to do this and it’s like okay I’m working a full time job I’m running my own business here you know I’m working 60 70 80 hours a week now how can I teach right book and do all of this and still you know make sure that my family has a roof over their head food on the table you know all the things that they need I can’t do it all in time so I said look here’s the deal you let me win the lottery and I will go ahead and do what you said you want me to do and how long well sir three months later Wow so that’s pretty fast it sounds like that was if that you know if you really want to say that was the pivotal point I’m not sure because you know it was when I was sitting in the coffee shop because I just gotten a reading from one of the readers at mystical voyage and she kept saying you need to do this you need to do this you need to do this and I’m like I get out there I’m sitting in the coffee shop and it was like one of those frustrated kind of things so again it was almost like building up energy and I finally just said okay enough is enough and I kind of yelled it was in the coffee shop he says Lorie who was the owner and a friend of Mike walked over and said are you all right so she had a low concern well three months later you were definitely all right all right and so we were going to talk a little bit about your spiritual alchemy and we had to go to a break so can you tell me a little bit more about what that is spiritual alchemy is similar to the idea of physical alchemy but instead of turning base metals into precious metals you’re actually true cleansing your soul it’s almost the same process you go through to try and create the Philosopher’s Stone but you’re doing it on a spiritual level so there are numerous meditations there are elixirs there’s all kinds of different things that you do while you’re on that path in order to try and cleanse your soul cleanser energy cleanse your Chi of all the negative things that you build up as you go through life and it’s a really long process and I’ve been working on that process for I would say you know 15 years I’ve been working a path to try and do just that wonderful so it sounds like that spiritual alchemy isn’t necessarily just for Wiccans it could be for people of all faiths and beliefs oh yes I mean because it’s really a spiritual practice not a religious practice if a way of living a you know watching what you eat doing certain exercises meditating he’s a long list and I’ve been like keeping records of everything that I’ve been doing and I’ve just gotten it to a point where I can actually put it all together and say okay I can formulate a class on this and here’s what I’m gonna do that’s so fantastic because a lot of people I think and you know of whatever faith that they might be people make deals with God in the universe and and things like that like if you help me get this that you know I’ll I’ll do this and bargaining but I can imagine that a lot of people when they hit such a big jackpot in it and it opens so many more possibilities for them that a lot of people probably deviate from what they had originally planned because I mean your life just totally changes so I think it’s really amazing that you’ve actually kept up you know rather than hanging out on the beach in Hawaii all the time you are actually still you know educating people and sharing your knowledge and that’s kind of what you know I had planned to do if I had one anyway I didn’t really want it to change my life that much it’s not to say that it hasn’t changed my life as a pad you know I’m sitting in a 5,000 square foot house versus you know a 1200 square foot house so it has an impact but I’m still trying to be who I am who I always was and I have surrounded myself with friends who make sure that I stay who I was there’s a minute I start getting out of line they look at me a hippie across the head and say stop that awesome so it sounds like you’ve kept your old friends and I can hear that you’re it’s you’re really grounded and I can because I can imagine that having tens of millions of dollars and a lot of media attention and I hear that from your assistant that you actually are on a radio show and I’ll ask you a little bit more about that but I can imagine that that could change a person a little bit you can and you know a lot of people do I’ve always dealt with me Nia because even before I won I was a spokesperson for Wicca I did a number of interviews on news programs radio programs you know I’ve been doing that since I actually started twenty plus years ago my first radio program 20 years ago was with me and my current teacher and High Priestess have went on am local radio oldies radio station to talk about Halloween and Fallon and it started there and I actually do have that first interview on a tape somewhere now cool cool you’re listening to Ci. TR 101.

9 FM in Vancouver on the University of British Columbia campus or you might be listening online at CIT r dot CA this is synchronicity talk radio for your mind body and soul I’m your host Marie and we are talking with bunkie Bartlett who is a Wiccan priest who also happened to win a substantial amount in the Mega Millions lottery down in the States if you have a question for bunkie the number is six oh four eight two two two four eight seven that’s six oh four ub c CI t r now i was going to ask you and I it’s kind of slipped my mind now I’m trying to formulate the thought so I guess hopefully it’ll come back to me I’ll move on to something else do you believe that you could win the lottery again if you wanted to and do you want to oh yeah and I know I am I’ve already started envisioning that because that would be one of the best reaffirm that this was really a magical happening is if I actually can do it again mm hmm and I think the world would actually look at that and say okay what exactly is it that he’s doing for sure so it sounds like and there have been people who’ve won more than one lottery jackpot there have been a number of people I remember back in like the late 80s early 90s when I was quite little seeing on Donahue or Oprah or something there were actually lottery winners that had won multiple times and it was a show about luck and they were all really positive they seemed most of them like they were genuinely nice caring people which was nice to see so it sounds like if you won again it would be proof even more so than than one lottery when it would be like pretty much definite proof that that Wicca and that your that the universe is working for you correct I mean you know one of the biggest things that I’ve been trying to do since I’ve won is show people that you know because there’s still a lot of misinformation out there about us and there are so people who don’t understand what it is that we do and I’m trying to still educate them that you know we’re just everyday people like you we live next door to you and you don’t realize that we work in the cubicle right across from you and you like us until you find out oh my god there are witch or they’re Wiccan that didn’t change who we were that just changed how you perceived who we are I’ve been trying to work forward and I have gotten so many positive responses since this all happened from people who said you know before this I really had no clue I thought witches were evil people who you know sacrificed babies all this other stuff and there I now understand that that’s not how it is and that has been you know the biggest thing for me and has made me so happy that I’ve actually been able to get people to see that we are just like everyone else that’s fantastic I think that I mean a lot of people now with all the movies on Wicca and um I know I like to watch old charmed reruns I don’t know if it had the entire series I bought it when it ended would you say that it’s a fair representation of Wicca no no compare fair reference yeah it’s it’s TV it’s movies they have to you know they have to jump that line in order to make it interesting for people because if they were actually to record but it is that we do on her record basis it’s actually pretty boring to the commonplace person so there’s no vanquishing demons or marrying gods of the underworld or anything like that mm not that I know well you know some people you know I’ve got a wonderful wife so I didn’t marry anything like that oh you know it’s just it’s they have to to keep your interest it’s a fun show though I do enjoy it I love those shows I love charms um bewitched is one of my favorite um I love watching I’ve watched the craft you know practical magic is another movie that I really love a lot hmm you know just because they’re over the top with it doesn’t mean that they’re not gonna do you just don’t use them as you know resources for your you know research okay in charmed though there is something about not using magic for personal gain and they mention that all the time and I’m wondering if that’s a real thing in Wicca you have to anytime you use magic to change or shape reality to your will you’re gaining personal gain so if you do a prosperity spell it’s for personal gain mm hmm if you do something to better your health its personal gain it’s really all about personal gain anytime that you wield magic you are doing it for personal gain even if that game is growing on a spiritual level it is still personal gain okay so but I think maybe the distinction and they don’t explain this in the show is that you’re not doing it to inflict anything on someone else you’re not you know you’re you’re doing things to to help yourself but not anything negative that would impact hopefully not intentionally at least that would impact the world in any way is that right right but correct but you know it I don’t know if you know about the butterfly effect yes so that ago did you want to explain a little bit about that for people who don’t know right I mean and that’s the way it is I mean anytime that you use magic to do something you’re taking and changing on a global level and sometimes there is a negative effect of that it may not be a personal you know a person yeah person yeah I can’t say that work purposeful you know trying to do a negative thing but everything has is positive and negative aspect there’s always duality and everything but that’s not your matter magic it’s a part of magic mm hmm but I mean you could flushing your toilet you’re not intending that to be a negative thing but you know if when everyone flushes their toilet it contributes to the pollution of the world right I mean correct so you can’t go through life thinking that you know okay I’m doing this spell for Prosperity so I’m not really harming anything along the way well any time we walk out of our door we harm something you step on an insect you squash a fly you get into your car you create pollution you know you hit an animal you destroy the ecosystem you know it’s just some matter of how much good can you do for the bad that you also do because we all live in it you know it’s all a duality there’s always a positive and negative side to anything and everything that we do it’s just being able to recognize that and say okay I need to gain balance in this so how can I gain balance it’s just like one of the things that I’m doing is the house some of the construction that’s going on is I’m trying to make the house work a lot greener to try and you know break away from doing more damage to the earth so I’m looking at the solar and wind and geothermal and all of that kind of stuff for the house mm hmm and it must be really it must feel really good to be in a position where you can do that and it’s because I know a lot of people if they had an extra few thousand dollars kicking around they might invest it in in something a little more earth friendly as far as energy but a lot of people don’t have that so I can imagine that having that extra money and being able to to do those things to offset and and to contribute to a greener planet must feel good it does and again that goes from my perspective of looking at okay I’ve done all these negative things in the past now I need to try and do some more positive things to try and gain that balance so whenever I start looking at things now I look at it okay okay this was this has a negative effect how can i balance that negative effect with something more positive but even with the everyday person there’s so many little things that we can do you know you can change the light bulbs in your house to more energy efficient light bulbs I mean there are so many little things that overall if everyone on the planet it is it would make such a global change mm hmm now I want and that’s a really good point I think that I like that you’re talking about balance because that is it’s so important I mean can’t avoid doing things that could be perceived as negative everything does have a positive and negative side to it but it’s a matter of having balance in your life and you mentioned about casting a spell for Prosperity and how that would be for personal gain not necessarily a negative thing now some people have this viewpoint of that there’s this pile of money on the planet and that if one person has a large pile of that money that’s actually taking away from maybe someone else’s pile of money and that there’s only so much to go around what’s your viewpoint on the the level of prosperity on the planet I happen to agree with that which is one of the reasons why I’ve tried to do as much good as I possibly can with the money that I got you know I’ve donated to a lot of different charities I’ve done you know I mean I’ve donated over a million dollars plus since I’ve won to various nonprofits and charities that help you know breast cancer Special Olympics I’ve done excuse me cancer research you name it I’ve tried to an you know leukemia put money into it you know and that’s the thing is that yeah I won which meant someone else didn’t so I try to give back as much as I possibly can yeah without of course destroying myself with you know having no money at all but even though there’s only a limited amount of that jackpot isn’t it possible that all those people or silly some of those people that didn’t win could make that much money and more doing other things sure you know anything is possible that’s the wonders of the world that we live in is that everything is possible we just have to believe it itself and then it is you know you always hear the whole thing about the secrets and you know what the secret has always been there it’s always been available to everybody it’s just some he got smart and said it’s time to put this in a book and call it the secret so that we can make money off of it mm hmm so it sounds the secret is talks about the law of attraction and how you know what what kind of energy you put out into the world is what you attract back to you and someone actually this is sort of along the lines of the law of attraction and someone emailed the show at spiritual show at again you’re listening to synchronicity on 101. 9 FM Ci. TR if you want to get on the air the number to call is 604 eight two two two four eight seven we’re talking with bunkie Bartlet who is a Wiccan priest who won a large jackpot in the Mega Millions jackpot lottery down in the States and one of the questions that was sent in is did you ever have doubt about winning and if so what did you do to remove that doubt nope never how to do and that is the key to successful successfully working magic and changing reality is that you cannot have doubt when you work a spell or you do a ritual or you do a meditation the key to its success is to not doubt you have to have 100% faith that what you’ve done will manifest and at any moment that you doubt what it is that you’ve done then your spell has failed and that’s the key I always tell my students that picture your intention as a beautiful garden with flowers now is the we that keep popping up in that garden so on a daily basis you have to go and tend your garden pull out those weeds and those weeds can come from either yourself or other people if you go out and say to people oh I just have to spell the win lottery and they say oh you’re a fool it’s never going to happen forget it you hear that in a minute you hear that a weed creeps up in your garden hmm so then you have to go back out you’ve got to pull that weed out make sure that you have nothing but perfect intent in your garden so it’s so are you saying that you never had even a millisecond of doubt or if you did have feel any doubt starting to creep in that’s when you paused and did something about it correct I mean was there milliseconds about sure I never really told anybody that I played the lottery or if when I played the lottery I never mentioned that I had a lottery ticket in my pocket you know and that’s one of the key things to when you’re working magic there is there’s a phrase to keep silent it’s not just there to protect you it’s there to keep those weeds or growing in your garden of intent don’t go out there and say to everybody oh I just cast the spell for Prosperity or you know I just went out and cast a spell to get a new job you know because the minute you do that people are going to look at you and say things that are going to cause you to doubt your ability to doubt what you’ve done which is going to make it even harder for you to do mm hmm but if you okay I totally hear what you’re saying about if you start telling people things especially if there are things that seem you know impossible or very difficult to achieve that telling other people could open the doors for them to you know ridicule you or even just to say you know it’s not going to happen whatever but it’s a lot I mean it kind of takes away the i told you so factor when you do win well yes but also it kind of doesn’t because once you do you can then say hey you know what on this day I did this and this is what’s come of it you know but the hardest part of that is also because even today I can’t really say what thing I did that allowed the universe bless us in such a way you know there’s no way for me to actually pinpoint that one pinnacle moment you know was it the spell I cast 20 years ago was it what I said in the coffee shop you know was it some and something you know was it all the prayers that I’ve received over the years from you know my mother and her church and her church members who always prayed for me every Sunday I don’t know what it was I don’t know what point you know what was that one point where was it all of that that caused it to occur I don’t know um just before we get back into this we have about 15 minutes left in the show and I want to let you know that Scottie’s scenic drive is coming up at 10 o’clock lots of ska music coming your way on Ci. TR so stick around for that right now you’re listening to synchronicity if you want to get on the air the number is 604 eight two two two four eight seven we’re talking with bunkie Bartlet who is a Wiccan priest who attributes his gigantic lottery win to his faith in Wicca or at least some part of it I’m hearing you say that you’re not exactly sure what aspect or whether it was a combination of things that really was the catalyst for you winning the lottery and I’m wondering have you taken time to ask the gods or your inner being or whatever it is that you speak to what it was I have and that’s the strange thing is I that and pretty much the answer I’ve gotten is basically look into yourself so that to me basically says it’s pretty much everything I’ve done throughout my life mm hmm and I think it’s also the the things that you’re continuing to do like what we talked about a while ago how something that lists this life changing can can change a person and change their path in life and it sounds like you are following through with the things that you always plan to do with the money and with the freedom and so I mean no one knows necessarily before something like this happens but the universe does what kind of person you are and whether you’re going to follow through with those things right and I hope that you know and I didn’t know for sure myself really you know because once we won it was a big ride and things were happening and occurring and I had to finally say ho okay no wait now we have to slow down we have to stop because I’ve got things I need to do and you know I really had to put it out there and say okay guys this is it we’re done you know at some point I finally said okay we’re not really doing it you know twenty interviews a day anymore is you know once in a while is fine but I’ve got other things I have to do well and I didn’t really know that I would actually focus and do that but you know I’ve always been one to keep my word and to go for work with things so maybe the university that I would and I’m glad that I did well I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to to talk with us here since you aren’t doing a lot of interviews anymore so I really appreciate your time and I know the listeners do if you have a question and you want to get on the air to ask bunky something about Wicca or his lottery win the number to call is six oh four eight two two two four eight seven just a few minutes left in the show you can also email spiritual show at gmail. com and I’ll pass that question along and you mentioned I want to talk a little bit more about your your magical teachings you mentioned that you’re teaching an alchemy a spiritual alchemy class and I’m wondering do you do any online teaching or how would that work um I’ve actually started thinking about that I actually have a video production company that I just started up and I’m thinking of televising some of the classes and workshops that I’m doing over the Internet fun so that could be coming down the line shortly I’m also looking at doing sort of similar to what you guys have I’m going to be possibly doing a talk radio internet talk radio show on spiritual matters and also do live video feeds through that fun so I’m trying to take it actually to the next level do you two well it sounds like you’re you’re pretty good at setting intentions and having them manifest so we’ll see maybe it’ll might start out as a small little website but I’m sure with your with your success it’ll it’ll become gigantic so I like to hear that is there anything that you want to add about Wicca or about how one question that was sent in is was winning the jackpot everything that you thought it would be were you prepared and have there been any negatives to winning um it’s never what you ever expected to be there are always pitfalls there are always you know little boulders that the universe says okay now we’ve helped you now guess what you got to grow a little bit more so boob here’s a boulder trying get around it and having money doesn’t really change having problems it just changes the paper problems that you have and the magnitude of them so it’s not like I’m walking through a carefree life because there’s always someone out there who wants something from you and I get thousands upon thousands of emails a day even still you know requesting money you know I get requests for you know what I’ve missed you know in some very blatant you know I’ve mismanaged my money all of my life if you just give me ten thousand dollars I’ll never miss manage my money I guess well you know just because I give you ten thousand dollars that means you’re not gonna miss management then you’d be miss managing your money yes you know I’ll send you to school to hopefully help you learn how to manage your money yeah but you know it’s that kind of thing you know give a man a fish and he eats forebay teach him how to fish and he eats for his lifetime well that’s one of the things that was mentioned on one of the broadcasts that I saw was talking not only about magical teachings but the the your assistant called it the mundane realm of things like finances so is that something that you are catching now or that you plan to teach in the future yes actually I do have workshops on that as well and a lot of times when people come to me you know they’ll say what should I do what can I do because I have a number of people that come to me and say I need advice and I will help them show them how to plan a budget help them with getting in contact with the right people for you know saving money and investing money and that kind of stuff so I am going in that direction as well and you know there will be other opportunities for me to actually help people out in that fashion nice maybe you can offer online courses through your through your new online magic school that is soon to be coming and you’ll have to email me with the with the website when it’s done and I’ll announce it on the air we will do that so hopefully that will be a it’s probably not going to be for another two or three months but because I want to get a couple episodes taste and edited and that kind of thing and see how they look and then we’ll work from there hmm editing so you’re getting really into it I just show up and just throw it on the air yeah I bought the whole my daughter is actually she went to school for video and production editing fun but over the harddrive winner after all before okay so I’ve actually bought all the camera equipment the miking equipment the Advait system to do all the production and editing and graphic designing and all my yards so when I do it she’s going to do the filming she’s going to do all the editing and it’ll be wonderful oh that’s fantastic it sounds really exciting and and I’m excited to see it now is it are you planning to have it free or low cost or or do you think you’ll be charging for the classes the only thing that I might do like I do right now is the classes I asked for a donation and the donation goes to a specific charity like right now all the classes that I teach all the donations go to the Diabetes Foundation and I think when people pay something for it it adds more value to it if you yeah actually sadly I found that when I was actually doing things for free I had less people I attend them than if I said you know it’s going to I’m going to charge you $100 for this course I had more people show up when I charged money for the course then when I said it was for it isn’t that funny yeah it I don’t understand that but you know I guess in the society that we live in today the value when you put a value on something people seem to think it’s worth more so they’re more willing to attend it when in actuality it’s the same material that I gave for free mm hmm well it’s just like when you go to the department store and you spend you know $60 on on Chanel I shadow which actually isn’t very good and you can buy you know Revlon eyeshadow for $8 at you know the drugstore and it’s as good or better but because there’s this prestigious price attached to it people just assume that it’s of higher quality and that it’s going to make them feel better because they’re paying more for it right and I’ve I personally have never understood that mentality mm hmm I still go for things that are free this is if I’ve got to pay for it well maybe that’s why you’ve stole you still got your money other people who won the lottery might might spend their money and that’s actually interesting about keeping the money and in doing well with it because a lot of lottery winners and I’m sure that there are plenty of lottery winners that that live wonderful lives and and manage their money well but you always hear about the ones that win like two hundred million dollars and then it gets stolen and they get kidnapped and all these horrible things happen to them and do you have any idea about what what makes them different from someone who keeps their money they have a story that the press was interested in so that’s why you hear about it the people that are doing well with their money live very ordinary lives and media is just not interested in them if I wasn’t a Wiccan High Priest the media would not have been so attentive to me as they were if I would have just not either come out or not said that I was away at your Wiccan or any of that kind of stuff you know the media would been very brief very short and you know it wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did and it wouldn’t have gone international because my win has actually made it internationally oh for sure well this is a Canadian show and I heard about it on like Yahoo or something about a year ago when when it happened so definitely enjoy that name right when I heard about it you know I got emails from friends that were over in England and we have French sit in Russia and Germany and they were sending what why am I seeing donkey face on my TV that’s hilarious well we’re gonna wrap up the show in just a second and bunkie I want to thank you so much for your time it’s been such a pleasure talking to you this is synchronicity talk radio for your mind body and soul on Ci.

TR 101.9 FM and just before we wrap up the show bunkie is there anything that you want to add to the anything about Wicca or any misconceptions that people might have that you want to clear up anything like that the only thing I’d like to say is judge people for who they are not the religion that they practice if you like them before you found out what religion they are then you should still like them that’s the only message I like to get across fantastic well thank you so much bunkie and that is our show I appreciate your time and being available to answer questions you’ve been a wonderful guest and when you do get your online Magic School or TV show or radio program up and running please do email me at spiritual show at gmail. com and I will pass that along to the listeners. .

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