How To Win The Lottery W/ Tarot Cards Video

Winning the Lottery

How to tell if winning the lottery is in your cards.

okay folks so I found out how to find out if winning the lottery is in your cards and also the outcome of it the question was what would be the outcome of me winning or I’m sorry putting my energy into winning the lottery in the amount of six digits or more why did a card reading on it it’s quite interesting so if you want to know if winning the lottery is or what it’s going to do for you I found a way to find out and find anything with card readings nuts alright check this out alright this top row right here is entirely about what I would do if I won the lottery for the medicine woman well this one thought says I would definitely be doing more energy work says you are divine for channel 4 healing power I’d definitely be doing more energy work golden opportunities well if I won the lottery I’d have a lot more opportunities to reach more people now the unconditional love boy I would give to the people I love like like no other this right here open your hearts love that goes same with the unconditional love I’d be able to give so much more and it would make it would make me happy giving make me a lot happier giving it would also allow me to promote energy work I would have code with with with the money come out of the closet and do more energy work I would also spend more time doing yoga so that section right there is entirely what I would do if I won the lottery this section right here this is interesting let me find it yeah and this is a great example of how I really don’t do anything when I do card readings stuff the cards lay amont read the definitions it is pretty cool so I’m gonna read the definition of cities these were all upside down so they identify challenges they could do that so we know we’re looking at all right Gaia garden attending a garden this one has a challenge when guy appears I his challenger in her garden she gently points out that you have forgotten to give back to the world or perhaps you’ve become lazy expecting fruit to fall from the tree while you rest below its leaves Gardens require tending water food or soil everything you have is within us block everything you have within you as needed in the world so don’t underestimate the power of what you have to offer timely effort is called for Gaia is called for when Gaia challenges you to help in her garden so ask not what you will get but what you can give you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the change of perception be careful not to procrastinate too much or the window of opportunity will might close yet even if you do miss this one as long as you’re willing to help in the garden you will most certainly see another window so that one’s basically saying if I did win the lottery I’d end up becoming lazy and I probably wouldn’t be promoting as much energy work as I possibly could because I wouldn’t have to I did a card reading the other day because I didn’t have enough rent money and the outcome was the need to pay rent caused me to do card readings for other people so that I could get ran money so that was quite interesting this one was upside down the sisters of seasons uh yes cycles of growth all right the sisters of season sins you are warning that you’re trying to jump the gun and go from winter to summer without paying heed to spring or skip from summer to winter without allowing for the possibility of autumn moving too quickly looking for shortcuts and artificially trying to prolong and hope a hoped for result will not yield what you desire there are no shortcuts it’s time to rethink your plans all four sisters are nature’s cherished daughters and all are important be careful of the difficulties they force you to endure when you try to trick them in any way from each other better to let nature take her course her daughter’s will be very happy and so will you if you let them express themselves so I’m saying if I took a shortcut and got the lottery money I’d be cheating myself and I know what I’d be cheating myself from it’d be cheating myself from the spiritual growth that comes from doing all this for people and if I didn’t need money I wouldn’t do it to the extent that no no that’s not true if I didn’t need money it wouldn’t cause me to step out of my comfort zone and do it but that’s what the need for money has begun to do alright this one this one says oh I just said it the need for money is causing me to exchange services but let’s read what is in the book all right the resting tree the resting tree appears as a challenger asks you to consider if you’re so frantic that all you can think about is how stressed you are running around and overdoing anything only makes you into a human doing not a human being this is a sign to be careful or you may become physically ill or at the very least unable to enjoy life you know I really do enjoy giving and helping people but if I had the money I probably wouldn’t give as much as I will since I need the lubricant have money all right this one right here this is interesting this emotional issue I don’t believe I can provide my services without money I believe I need money in order to provide those services and that I am starting 2hours not sure all right the challenge is the leadership card if I won the lottery I would lead this venture of this good stuff out of have backing with money not because of Who I am oh my bad that’s the call to action is to be a leader step out there and do your thing and it’s upside down too so I’m obviously a little bit of insecurities about doing this kind of stuff because I’m brand new at it but this reading is so potent how can I question it all right this is the challenge card grounding well let me see what obviously I’m dreaming I don’t need the lottery I always think I need money to make the most of myself well you I’m starting to believe otherwise all right this is the message from the higher guidance self knowledge and it’s upside down it means there’s a challenge in knowing myself so obviously I’m still discovering the potential that I have that’s the message from the higher guidance it’s a challenge to know thyself and the driving force behind it all is a lack of clarity I’m obviously not clear on my potentials or my potential on the potential of my abilities all right this one is really good all right the current potential this is to see the flower of life spread the seed carries the current potential I don’t need to lock this card says that I don’t need the lottery in order for a snowball to affect making my dreams come true it also says I’m haunted by the thoughts of unfulfilled dreams the germination is telling me to find where finding the place of pain and examine it the growth the balance of powers is off center I’m trying to manipulate the situation to gain an unfair advantage well that sounds about right not the challenge become aware of dynamic forces in your life I’m obviously not aware of the divine unfolding in my life like it’s supposed to be that’s why I’m trying to win the lottery because I think that telling me that that’s gonna save me the strength of the situation is upside down means if the portal says I ain’t gonna go nowhere on a spiritual level if I win the lottery and the fruit or the flowering stage says you know you need to sit back and rethink it that’s basically what that one says and the end result of it all calm within it means I would have to be calm within and find myself again if I won the lottery so there’s what is the outcome of my lottery oh this one right here these were upside down are you free well obvious I think I need money in order to be free I guess not are you trusting yourself well obviously I’m not because I think I need the lottery and this one’s right side up says follow your joy my divine passion is communicating messages from guardian angels to people to help them out so it looks like instead of winning the lottery I’ve got I’m gonna have some spiritual growth damnit fine I’ll settle for the spiritual growth instead of the lottery okay until next time much like the namaste.


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