How To Win The Lottery! Video

Winning the Lottery

Can The Law of Attraction help you win the Lottery?.

another question is why it doesn’t work once for you and it might not have done so why hasn’t it worked there are several reasons but the main reason has got to do with belief step three is actually expecting and believing that it will come into your reality there are many beliefs that we have that stop things coming into our reality and to give you an example I decided that I wanted to win the lottery and I decided that 1.8 million was a good enough man amount to win and it would sort out a lot of problems for the family so I thought right I can do this and I started to go through the process and suddenly I realized I could not imagine having 1. 8 million in my life as a result of a lottery win I could it’s a nice dream it’s a fantasy but I couldn’t actually imagine having it therefore it will never come into my life because I don’t believe it would happen and I found I had to downgrade or down stepped the amount of money I could accept from a lottery win until I found something it was acceptable that I could believe and I came down to two hundred and seventy five thousand pounds which I could believe would come into my life as a lottery win and so now I go through the process of desiring it we know I desired that and so I have asked for it I can imagine it and feel it coming into my life and now I know I can believe that that much will come into my life as a lottery win and now I just wait I have to buy a lottery ticket as well. .

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