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Winning the Lottery

Whats up everyone! Im excited to finally be able to address one of the biggest SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS that has ever been pulled up! For my first youtube project, I wanted to focus on what I and most of us experience everyday. SOCIAL MEDIA! How often do we fall victim to sharing and promoting memes, stories, and videos that we never bother to confirm whether they are real or fake?…ALL THE TIME! Or most importantly, how does this affect the thousands of innocent people who get under the social media light, because someone either uploaded their video without their consent on social media or used their face as a meme and went viral?

So to prove this theory, my friends and I came up with the idea to post a photo of me and the winning lottery ticket to see if people would actually believe me. 1.5 MILLION views later and according to hundreds of thousands of people, I was one of the winners of the Powerball of BILLION!!!

My intentions were never to hurt or give false hope to anyone. But this comes to show how gullible we all are in this generation to news we see on the internet without knowing the facts! My GOAL is to shed light to social problems we are facing each and everyday so that we can educate ourselves and NEVER get taken advantage off by people with the most power (corporations, news stations and the government)

My name is Rickstarr Ferragamo and welcome to my new channel Datsodee.

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my name is Rick star ferragamo and I’m one of the winners of the Powerball of 1.5 billion dollars Oh am I so Wednesday January 13th after the world’s largest Powerball jackpot was announced I got on my facebook and posted a picture of me holding the winning lottery ticket never did I expect to go from being an average guy with barely barely $1,000 1,500,000 people share my photos all over the world that’s crazy so this project actually started five hours before the winning numbers going out out with my friends and I gots with debate about how easy it is for this generation to spread false stories and rumors and about the dangers of relying on social media for news the image of thousands of people it has made our generation and more go to pools of false information so we wanted to do something about it right it’s not only you do nipple thing or the popularity gravitate towards a positive message let’s see if we can prove our point by convincing a few of my Facebook friends that I became a bit in the overnight that’s when the lottery I wanted to take that L for the very good at this point I’m just laying down all the possibilities I’m preparing for the work that’s my main goal is just the positive message so if if it comes with getting crucified and you know people being mad and so be it I’m on the phone with my good friend and popular rapper Jay John who’s actually a victim to false rumors that was all over the internet about him being shot and killed after releasing a viral video about police so after one hour discussion I said finally okay I’ll do it I’ll try this social experiment for the good cause so step one is buying the lottery ticket you can’t win the lotto if you don’t have the lottery ticket so I went to the store I never play the lotto before so I didn’t know what the hell I was doing but eventually the ended I’ll figure it out and I got the tickets Oh on our way back to get this bright idea you know what let me pose the status like saying I don’t really invest money in lottery buttfucking let me just try my luck or something like that so you couldn’t believe it but you know I get home it’s time for step two the infamous photo I had to take a believable photo holding a lottery ticket I took a lot of photos I’m talking about a lot of photos probably as much photos as girls sake before they upload that one selfie we finally got the right photo but it just wasn’t enough to get the job done I think you need a more believable picture you think you even would be crazy to get your father of pictures of Chanel okay we have everything ready to go except the winning lottery number so now we just playing the waiting game a a new 2734 was 4 and 19 Oh 10 10 10 I bet after I get the numbers I handed it also my girlfriend and Photoshop bags burger events to take care of the rest I don’t know what to do mama figure it out I’m gonna use copy SD copy and paste what’s here and rearrange it shake it make sense whether with the actually our winning numbers right exactly at first it was 0 4 and then 0 8 we want to switch it out so add a flaw in the picture when you buy a real ticket the numbers are arranged from the lowest number to the highest number let’s see this clue is enough to stop people from believing I want the power board right now we have everything ready to go we have the picture of my dad we have me holding the lottery ticket it’s the bottle down it might you know might go viral 500 likes or something that’s why Ritz with me or it might not do anything so see what happens I uploaded the picture 1 minute in nothing is really happening maybe our generation in the NASCAR was a tow yard five minutes later it was crazy it was unbelievable I couldn’t believe it there was notifications and notifications and facebook notifications Instagram messages and dm’s and and messages snapchat everything blew up it was surreal when I uploaded the picture the caption I wrote tag 3 friends and you’ll get thousand dollars that was enough I was enough to blow up talking my shares thanks tag GM’s Facebook a whole snapchat people went into my website and emailed me I don’t even know how they got my number congratulations it just it was just so surreal I had to put the phone down and pick it back up my inbox was flooded with everyone’s financial problems what the hell did I get myself into now that all of a sudden I get some some money to just pop up back in my life like oh that’s not that’s not how that’s not how things work friends wow I got texts like it was just insane at that moment I knew that this was a normal I even had gang members hit me oh Xing me buy any possession in the streets for the right price Wow when it passed 500 likes it was fine but when they got to the 50,000 shares 50,000 ten to a hundred thousand hundred thousand turn into 300 thousand followers when no it was just insane it was just mind blowing I felt like shit man I release a sex tape of something it was crazy like I felt like a celebrity why couldn’t help something that what if I never gave the authorization for someone to use my photo what if someone had Photoshop your lottery ticket and you was all over the Internet it was that easy that’s scary false information is something that we’re getting used to each and every day could be something small has Kendrick and Jayco working on the mixtape something as big as the world is gonna end May 28 2012 you remember that it got so crazy and so bad his book shut down my account I kidding a login I had to like provide proof of my ID my name identity it was just it was just so surreal we could find thousand stories that make it to the internet’ and go viral that isn’t even true we still share and share and pass it on and tag people and promote something that isn’t real give me a regular guy from Bronx New York and a few friends was able to convince over 1. 5 million people of something that wasn’t true imagine what a corporation or a news anchor or even our government can do to us if I was doing this for the likes and the followers I would have never put out this documentary this was a social experiment so feel free to follow or stay following if you appreciate the social message share this video to create awareness let’s save our generation together my name is Royce da Ferragamo I did not win the lottery and this is my first video of many for my new channel that’s called a soul. .

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