How To Win The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

This video will show you sample process we came up with to generate winning lottery number. in this one we used Powerball as our main lottery.

Section will be broken down in to Ranges, Odd/Even, and Numerology.
Ranges: ranges are a break down of numbers 1-9,10-19,20-29,30-39 and etc
Odd/Even: well that is basic we break down numbers in the range in to Odd or even. If Odd is dominant during that period of time we will use that as primary filter.
Numerology: Numerology si a process of breaking down large numbers in to smaller numbers. ex 12 would be then broken in to 2 numbers, 1 and 2. Then we would add up 1 and 2 which would give us numerology number 3.

welcome to my winning lottery and this

video discussing ways to predict lotterywinning numbers but first I want to

notify you that everything I use isopen source data it is available on my.Winning. Lottery. comso first things firsteverything in nature has parents and we

will be using three types of patternssome are math based and some are superstitious. As a first choice I’ll be using number rangesnumber ranges are a breakdown of

all numbers into groups setsnow we will look at the best range patterns for powerball. from this i will choose top one patternactually i will create a new pattern by going in to range strength data page that shows what number ranges strongest by positionhere was the top ranges are

0,1,3,4,5this range will be my first filter to eliminate numberssecond filter I’ll be using is odd and even by position here with see odd even odd even odd as top ranked and its own category by strengthfor last filter we will be

using numerology by positioni’ll be choosing top numerology numbers which

are 1,6,8,5,5 and this will eliminate lastsets of numbers that I will have

available from previous filteringand now from here we will begin filtering out numbersjust so you know, powerball consists of five numbers and a power ballon screen you will see numbers to use for the

first five numbers and ourfirst range filter was zero, which gives us numbers

one through ninesecond filter

for position one we had odd. so now we will havefive numbers left and they are 1,3,5,7,9 for

the last filter we will use the numerology forthis position was powerful numerology

number is 1, so out of 5 numbers we will have only onenumber that qualifies as the numerology

number one and it is. .

.number oneso for my first position I choose number one

now we will find number of the second positionsecond position filter has range one

so we get numbers 10 thru 19next we are apply odd and even filter. From that we get five even numbers to use. now we will apply numerology filter. BUT no number equals numerology number 6 so we will takesecond best numerology number for that position

and it is number threewe have a single number

that equals to numerology number 3 and

it is number 12so just a reminder of how we got 3 out of 12,

we separate 12 in to 2 numbers 1 and 2

then we add them upwhich gives us the Numerology number 3 so

at the current moment we havefound 2 numbers to use which are 1 & 12

I am going to take shortcutby displaying the logic without explanation. this will make this video shorterfrom this concept we identified 5 numbers for

the powerball. But powerball has 6 numbers. 6th number is the key ball.

for now i will present you with my

5 lottery numbers for powerball.which are 1,12,34,46, and 59For key ball which is power ball. i will choose16 on strength page it had nice dispersal

while scrolling down. But soon we will have detailed data on key ball. so as you can see this is just 1 way of MANY ways to predict next winning number. so now lets see what number analyzer gives us for

the chosen numberson top you see conversion of numbers

in to different forms. Such as “Strength”, “Odd & Even”, “Numerology”, and “Ranges”Bellow that you will see strength being broken down into different sections such as by days. .

.by months. . by years. . . by positions. .

.bellow are winning numbers

where these numbers appeared and

detailed conversions on each number set. Thanks for watching

remember to


and LIKE the video. .

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