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hey everybody its Matt and we’re going to let me share a thought with you today I am going to share a new spin on the 3 1 7 chart I really haven’t tried this with the other numbers the 6 9 3 and some of the other charts that people use but on the 3 1 7 I can testify that this worst and I’m going to show you starting with the my big wind I had a couple weeks ago while I was on hiatus as our Kelly says I have started doing I mentioned this on the video I don’t know several probably two months ago about numbers that make sense and I really couldn’t you know explain it well enough to make it you know realistic for everybody that I’m doing videos and you know this this system you know actually does work you know I’ve got a lot of comments and questions you know mostly here lately about are you still doing videos and you know as I apologize for not making videos for a little while just had to have a little bit of time I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life so I’m not going to dwell on that point but let’s move on to the new system here now what I’ve done this looks just like all the other charts that I put out forever you know the 307 and you basically take the last drawing number so like what I’m showing you here is my win on June 23rd June 23rd day time number that was drawn was 937 and you know I encourage you to look this up on the North Carolina Education website and the date number you had 6 and 23 sets total of 29 leave the tens place off you’re going to use the 9 so 9 is the date number 4 623 alright so we got four nines here as you can see this 6 to 4 isn’t in here I mean other than you know you have to flip either one to a 6 a 9 to a 4 which is really what I did right here and then I reversed the order and you also have the six to nine down here nine is the inverse or the flip or the mirror of four and I’ve shown that on another video as well so if you don’t know what I’m talking about you know look at look through the videos I’m going to do another follow up video to this and use this system a little bit more to pick some numbers for everybody’s states so I’ll do a little bit more in depth you know nuts and bolts of how to do the chart again and some of those things because it’s been a little while since I’ve done these videos and you know I’ve got a lot of interest in these and I know there’s a lot of people watching so I appreciate that first of all so anyway what I did I’m using the math of the three numbers drawn okay and that in itself sounds a little crazy but the nines you know 937 was the number that was drawn the day time number six to four was actually the number that fell that night and I actually played it three times I got over a thousand dollars off of that draw so anyway let me show you how it did it okay so I’ve got the chart I’m gonna move this over to the side I’ll bring it back in just a second and so what I’ve done is I’ve looked at the three numbers from the previous drawing and this works in every state you know it doesn’t work every draw every state you know so don’t crucify me if you know one of these numbers doesn’t show up or it doesn’t work for you the first time you try it but I promise you this works so anyway so you nine three and seven and when I looked at that and you know the dates and everything I saw the nine minus three equals six nine minus seven equals two and seven minus three equals four the hardest part for me was getting it in the right order you know because at first glance you’d go nine three six nine seven two and then you neither say you know three plus seven might be six twenty something like that so you know it doesn’t you can’t just narrow it down to one number with this system a lot of times I’ll come up with you know five to ten numbers that you know the math works out inside of here like you know like I said 602 or you could even say 902 you know there’s just several different ways to slice that so and I hope I’m not being you know too vague on my point on this but anyway you know the math the the numbers that make sense to me when I’m looking at the chart you know coming back over here you know there was a lot of different numbers in here for the 937 you know this two five seven right here you know you got the two seven the two 5 2 plus 7 is 9 2 plus 5 is 7 5 minus 2 is 3 you know I’m fairly certain I played to 5/7 at night as well and then 1 6 3 is another one you know you got 6 3 is 9 1 6 is 7 and then 1 3 you know 163 would have been a number I played six three twos would be another one 6 plus 3 is 9 and then you get the 4 and 3 minus or 7 minus 3 is 4 6 minus 2 is 4 you know there’s several different ways you can slice that but you know my point in saying all this and showing you this new addition to my system is that you know this stuff is really it’s working as helping me narrow down my numbers because as you guys know if you’ve done the charts and you’ve tried to pick numbers off of the charts there’s a lot of combinations that you can come up with you know but if it doesn’t fit like when I look at this numbers if I say okay I like 8 7 0 right you know that 8 7 0 doesn’t really fit here I mean there’s not a whole in my opinion there’s probably not any way you can make the 9 I’m sorry the 8 in here the 7 0 red gimmies 3 + 7 0 and so forth you know so that one I would just go ahead and scratch off and a 8 9 0 which will be another one right up the middle or zero nine six you know zero nine six actually would work twos you got nine zero nine minus three is six you know so that works as well but this is what I did okay so I actually did I’ll try to put a picture in the video as well of the the tickets from that night but you know this worked on fourth of July as well so what I’m going to do today I’m filming this at about one o’clock 1257 as you can see that 12:57 July 12th alright so like some of these places that I don’t think Kentucky’s drawn yet I just looked on their website to get these numbers just a minute ago before I did this video and I also did Virginia you know just to kind of throw it out there and kind of show you a couple of different scenarios the one thing too that I wanted to mention is the pic fours or in relation to the pic three numbers that you’re choosing so what that means is when I’m doing my little math here like eight eight one you know like that number like five seven nine you know you got 7 minus 2 is 5 9 minus 2 is 7 you know then you got the 9 either way it goes you get 2 9 7 + 2 + + 9 itself and then 0 9 9 is actually a flip of a 4 you know you get 0 9 9 but the numbers over here that I’m picking I’m using these numbers to pick my pick four numbers because what I’ve noticed is every day the pick 3 in the pick fours have the same type of mathematical relationship as the yesterday draw on the pick three does for today so what I’m saying is is like if you think that eight eight one is going to fall right you know one of the numbers that I looked at in here that was actually you know right here on the chart two three four five connecting these two nines not a very being a complicated number but you got three and five is eight two times four is eight and then you got ones all over 3 2 5 4 or 4 months 4 you so forth so 881 all so you got five seven nine you got two plus three plus four is nine you have the 7 3 + 4 7 2 + 5 9 4 + 5 and so forth so 579 2 3 4 5 and these are for today so we’ll see what happens you know no guarantees I’m not you know by any means saying I can pick every number all the time but hopefully this thought process you know if you use that while you’re picking your numbers off a 3 1 7 chart you know it make it a little bit more complicated having to do some some adding and subtracting and so forth but you know simple math is not you know we’re not doing any type of square roots or any type of numerology or anything and then 2 6 4 8 same same scenario you know with any of these 3 you know you can pick all these out of here the 5 7 9 you know this is kind of you know some of these were kind of a stretch if you look at it but I always do the 6 divided by 2 is 3 right so you got 3 minus 5 is I’m 3 months 8 is 5 you got the 5 3 minus 8 plus 4 is 9 and then you got the plain 5 you know right alright said that 1 3 + 4 7 so ok and now you know I know that first glance we’re gonna look at this and be like oh that’s just crazy you can make a million numbers bla bla bla but you really can I mean it was not that many combinations you can come up with that works inside of this and then once you get your numbers here pick them to pick fours that work into those numbers you know it doesn’t narrow this down to where I you know I went from playing 10 numbers a draw now only playing two or three you know and I’ve hit it you know like I said that the June 23rd was when it really took off for me I was like man you know cuz I’ve hit you know forty dollars here forty dollars there but when I hit it exactly three times that was that was good so today Kentucky drawing I like eight eight one five seven nine zero nine nine pick four two three four five two six four eight okay and all he did Kentucky and Virginia because I know this video we kind of get long I didn’t want to you know spend too much time trying to give everybody numbers to play what I wanted to try to do is really teach you how to how to do this this new add on to my pick three formula you know in Virginia last night the pick three number was seven five three and again we’re looking at the date numbers of nine you know on this particular chart I like two four zero which again it’s a flip you know yet the nines here flipping a nine two four zero two five two is right here and then 109 is up the middle now going back to the math on that I’ll show you on the next page in just a second and then inside of these three numbers I like 3210 and 82 11 which are in here and you know basically right up the middle here so let me let me show you how to come up with those on this page and then we’ll go back to the chart alright so for 240 you got 7 minus 5 is 2 7 plus 3 is 10 but you always use the zero to the ones place that’s a zero and then 7 minus 3 is 4 so that’s probably the simplest one and that’s probably one that I would play you know if it were me then the next one 252 you know again it’s pretty pretty simple in there yet seven minus five is two and then you use all three seven minus five plus three is five and 5 minus 3 is 2 so 252 you know what I’m doing is I’m basically confirming the numbers that I see on the chart that I like you know using the math to make sure that those numbers make sense so hopefully that makes sense to everybody else and not just me and then 109 this one’s probably a little bit more complicated you know and I hope I didn’t make it look too complicated but it’s actually not so 7 minus 5 minus 3 is 1 7 minus 5 is 2 which I did that right I kind of did it in my own little math way but if you take 3 and subtract it from 7 minus 5 which is to get 1 this is actually be negative 1 7 minus 5 minus 3 so you know I didn’t want to throw everybody off with negative numbers I went ahead and did it this way 7 plus 3 is 10 again using the zeros place and then you got the 7 minus 3 which is 4 plus 5 equals 9 so you got 109 and there’s not I mean you know granted there are going to be you know multiple combinations that you can pick but you know that along with the chart has you know it’s really narrowed it down if you go back and look you know at about any state any chart you know for 3 or 4 days you’ll see this pattern inside of it you know and I did that myself I went back and looked at several of the states I do charge for just to make sure that it wasn’t just you know some kind of glitchy little pattern here in North Carolina Morse in South Carolina as well you know in a couple of last points that I’ll make on this and I know that I’m going to have a million questions and I hope I do if everybody watches and gets into this a little bit and learns you know some of these little tricks but like when I see you know an 8 & 4 together or 4 and a 2 together or 6 into 2 you know a lot of times I’ll do division when I see that I don’t just say 8 minus 4 is 4 a lot of times like if the number let’s use this I’m going to get off script here a little bit but let’s say the number that fell was 8 1 2 right so I might do two for for the 8 and then 1 2 so I might do 2 for 2 or 2 for 3 or you can do 2 4 6 you know two fours and then the 1 to 6 you know and those if you look back it like I said if you look back at the charts in your state or any state or I mean you can see this pattern develop you know I know this is going to be you know a little bit complicated and I’m not you know trying to throw out I’m not trying to lout one of those you know weirdo videos like I’ve seen some people do where you say when the pic three every time by using this complicated formula that really means you have to buy every number you know that’s my teachers do you know help you narrow it down you know get you spending less money to win more money you know and things like that so you know I’m going to end the video on this section of the the new chart and theory the new formula that I’m using and I’m going to be putting up some more videos in the next you know over the next week I don’t know that I’ll get to one might necessary to morrow but over the next week I’ll be putting up a couple more videos I’ll try to include all the states in these with some pics and you know one last thing I wanted to know is I want some a little bit of feedback from everybody because I’ve gotten you know and and not just on on my channel but you know in real life as I say out in public talking to people you know there’s a lot of what’s the word a lot of superstition I guess is the word about you know sharing their numbers and putting the formulas out and all this because you know I’ve heard people say you know the lottery people watch it and you know once you put it out there they’re going to do something to where it doesn’t work and you know if you tell somebody you’re numbered and it doesn’t come true you know and I’ve debunked this that’s what I really spent the last two months doing in addition to messing around with some different formulas is the automated a point when I got to play my numbers I tell everybody standing around me what numbers I’m playing you know tell about my channel I tell them about the chart of you know I’ve shared this I’ve left my papers with people at the gas stations you know and it really hasn’t hurt me a bit I you know I’m still winning as much as I ever did you know what you guys think about it anyway you know are you superstitious or you not do you think this is a good idea to put this out on video yeah you think there’s a conspiracy amongst the lottery people to you know change it up and and keep us from sharing the right numbers with each other and so forth so you know leave me some comments on that because I’m kind of curious because you know I’ve given everybody the benefit of the doubt and you know I’ve run across people and I know I’m getting along again but I run across people are ran into a lady the other night at a gas station here in town and was talking with her and you know she was really close to the vest about her numbers and I still couldn’t tell you what numbers she played as you know she didn’t want to share about you know I told her what I was playing and you know and it she was one of the numerology people who gets the monthly books and you know they got the little matrix and they tell you you know about Jupiter and it’s seventh son and all this you know I just got I don’t buy into that but you know if it works for you more power to you you know I’m not knocking it I don’t hear me wrong on that point but you know I just I don’t take it data to me the whole world is numbers you know you can break anything in this world down into math you know and the same thing you know here at the pick three level I mean this is a pretty you know simple thing math wise to break down it’s just a matter of you know breaking it down correctly so you know leave me some comments and some feedback on that stuff I mean I don’t my love doing the videos I love you know hearing stories when people win and you know but at the same time you know if you feel like it’s you know if I’m putting the kibosh on everybody’s winning streaks or you know whatever I’d like to know that as well because I want to you know do a good service for people I want to help help you win so anyway that’s enough said on that was my last thought I’m going to share with you for today but yeah take a look at the charts take a look at the math you know look at some of these things and you know and like I said I’m filming this at 12:30 neither state has drawn today I haven’t really done a Virginia or Kentucky chart in several weeks so you know see our pans out and I guess that’s it alright guys thanks for watching be sure to leave me a comment hit the like button if you enjoy the video subscribe if you haven’t and I will see you next time thanks for watching.


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