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+1,-1,+5 method.

good evening everyone thank you guys for joining in I’m going to show you guys in South Carolina the first couple of drawers for this month in June and I’m going to show you guys how they came up with the next pick on midday and evening June 2016 on the first they have nine six one for day two three three for the evening on the first the second is 4:15 for midday and for the evening is six nine five on the third seven 24 on the third evening 872 on the fourth day is 9 6 9 and then the fourth evening is 670 and again guys almost go through the lottery man and show you guys how they came up with these numbers and stay tuned as I go through them for you guys okay our first number they’re going to be 961 okay okay you guys remember whenever you start doing your lottery math you always have two plus one and then you do your minus one with the previous number that came out okay for June 961 came out on the first on midday so this is the number that we’re going to go by and we’re going to start with rather we’re going to start with 961 we’re gonna go do our lottery mail with a plus one the minus ones then we’ll get our regular numbers then we’re going to do our plus five and when we get to our regular numbers and our plus five then we will see whether the possibility the next number that’s going to come out okay and if you guys follow me through all of this right here you guys are possibility that you guys may win a lot of money okay five four three two zero nine eight seven okay guys whenever you’re getting ready to do your lottery math when you’re plus ones your minus ones and your plus five you always have to carry your numbers over to your regular stack over here okay so write the numbers that you’re going to carry would be the 961 961 okay and then you’re going to go to your 305 on the bottom of this + wor okay then you’re going to take the 305 and then you can take from the 305 and go directly over to the 527 okay and then we’re going to go to and get your plus five over here ok 9 plus 5 is 14 we’re going to only carry the ending number when you plus these numbers ok 5 plus 6 is 11 and remember if we’re going to only do the ending number ok and then 5 plus 1 is 6 and we’re going to put the 6 5 plus 3 is 8 5 plus 0 is 5 & 5 Plus 5 is 0 go 5 plus 5 equals 10 and we only carry in our last numbers 5 Plus 5 is 10 5 plus 2 is 7 & 5 plus 7 is 12 so we’re going to only carry the two now after we did our first draw here which with the 961 we’re going to come in this stack here and in this stack here and possibly pull out a number that we like that we likes to play either one of these stacks and most likely the number will come from out of this stack right here the +5 stack you may get some numbers to pop out of this stack here but more than likely your numbers will come out of this stack but again they can come out to either one alright so we’re going to go down over here and we will see what numbers came out after the 961 okay let’s put this over here so we can actually see this right here so we’re going to go by these numbers here and see if they came out up here hey 961 came out and just the number that we used so if the two three three is in there two three three is not in there is seven eight eight in there seven eight eight is not in there cuz this is a flippin numbers okay alright so we can go down to the next day’s draw which is 4:15 and wallah we see our 4:15 in the plus five four one five so this is your next day’s hit with your four one five right here four one five so whenever you are play these numbers you have probably have to pay these numbers man um about two or three days consecutive I usually try to play them all week and I usually get a hit out of one of these arm stacks of numbers right here within that week okay and so we found our hit the 415 it came out was it exact yep four one five and that setting height came out four one five okay the two three three is our next number that we’re going to arm do the two three three came out on the first in the evening time some people say tonight some people say our evening but here no Carolina we call it night or either evening too but again we are doing South Carolina and we’re going to go to two two three three okay I don’t did the math we did our lottery laughs we’ve got our regular numbers as we got up here and then we have our plus five so now we’re going to go right back to the numbers that came out and we’re going to see where are these hits at okay from two three three we’re going to see the next number okay from the two three three I see our here our hit is down here the 872 okay guys oh come right up here and we see eight seven two in both stacks okay right here eight seven two and then we have it here again eight seven all right and we have it a third time eight two seven all right so higure you’re hit for your eight three three and these are the armed the first day and midday hits so I pulled the 415 from out of this number here there are six arms gives me the 961 and then from out of the two three three we got the 872 and it come up three times one two three yes it came out three times up here okay so we are going to go to the 4:15 okay all right now we will go right back to our numbers that came out again and we’re going to see from the 415 which is here what number came out of that 415 okay we got 695 which we have and this block right here we have what nine six and five okay what we’re going to try to just a little bit better than that and see what we come up with 872 969 670 okay on the 4:15 there was a hit but I didn’t go all the way down you could check your guys on lottery the date studies on numbers came out okay but the hit from nine excuse me the hit from 4:15 came out on the eighth came out on the eighth and the number was 590 okay check your lottery offer for your state and look for this one right here so the number was 590 and decade’ 590 here going this way and going this way okay guys so your 590 came out on the 8th look up the your lottery the dates that this number come out and you will see that 590 came out on this on the 8th and this is the the second so it was six days so uh it’s still good cuz I usually play them at least a week okay so 590 is your hit from the 415 okay we’re going to go and do the 695 okay 695 Oh 39 251 and then your plus five one four zero five eight four 7:06 okay out of the 695 here we’re going to see where I will never come from from the 695 okay from your 895 on the 4th evening the number was 670 okay and we have our 670 right here all right 670 was the fourth evening draw okay guys so this is uh how they come up with all these numbers and if you go back and look at my very first video and how I did all of this this is the same way okay so you have two guys capcom when you pick a number out of these you have to keep the numbers in called the numbers going to repeat itself and you have most likely have the odd over here or even and over here the even and over here the are over there vice versa but when you see the even and odd together that’s when you know you’re number going to possibly come out of there called it things usually go even and odd on both sides okay and we do it nine five we’re gonna go and do 724 okay okay from the 7:24 we go back over here and look and see what numbers that came out after the 724 and then we see 872 okay we have 827 or 728 okay you guys and we also have 8 to 7 over here on both sides there’s your 8 if you’re to that your 7 through your a ticket to deco 7 so this is on both sides guys from your 872 all right from 872 we just we’re gonna start off with the 872 now 872 is in both both ones okay then we’re going to do the 872 1911 12 eight nine ten eleven three four five six eight seven two two seven six five four six five four three one zero nine eight eight seventy two two one six four three eight three two seven seven 61 983 okay the 872 came out on the third evening so we’re going to go down here the 872 we’re going to see what number possibly came out here okay out of that 872 which is the third evening okay guys only only v eight six eight came out on the fifth and we have eight six eight okay and write down v eight six eight came out and 972 came out on the six excuse me that was a 792 792 came out on the six evening okay so here go your numbers gain right here guys three your 792 here okay guys 792 right here all right and then we’re going to go to the the 969 okay you guys from the 969 all right 857 came out right here eight five seven eight five seven eight five seven came out on the seventh the seven midday okay you guys eight five seven eight five seven came out on the seventh on midday and we’re going to do our last one here guys six seventy and we’re going to close it out okay guy okay guys 857 is another hit which came out right here at midday and then 729 as well seven to nine and that also came out 792 excuse me guys came out up here on the six and midday so guys now that you got know that plus one plus five do work in South Carolina you guys enjoyed this and give me some feedback thank you very much.


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