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Winning the Lottery

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hello everyone in we’re going to do a little a lottery math today again but we’re going to use the period version I’ve seen I’ve been tracking their North Carolina Education Lottery and I’ve seen that the pitiful pyramid has been working out the numbers are coming out a quite an exact so I’m going to show you guys a couple of numbers and for the the nights I I’m going to play the numbers and I would try to have this uploaded so you guys can see it anytime that I’ll play you a couple of numbers tonight all right thank you okay on the fifth day y’all eight one one came out I see that there is a eight one here but I don’t see any other connection to or eight one one but for that evening 704 came out and show you these guys are 704 I got them written right here if you can see them on 704 came out on the fifth and our it showed up on the UM pyramid the 691 showed up on the pyramid the 950 cut up on the pyramid and the nine four six so I’m going to show you guys where the numbers are went when they come up on the pyramid okay the 740 it came out on the fifth it was our four seventy excuse me guys it was 470 and it’s on the pyramid it’s right here going up okay that’s your four seven right there and on the fifth day connecting to the zero was the 691 so they the one was next and then we see the 691 right here okay and on the 6:00 evening the number was 950 and we see again that 950 showed up on the pyramid and it showed up in the area twice that got 950 here and then it showed up here as well okay and for today’s on the seventh the day draw was nine four six and still right off feed 950 which came out we’re going to use the next number to it and we got nine four six so we come over here to use the nine and negative four six right here so these are the one two three four the last four numbers have came out on the pyramid this past couple of days so what I’m going to do I’m going to try my luck and I’m going to play a couple of numbers and I’ll write these numbers down for you guys and if you want the trial plan as well I’m gonna stick this piece of paper I’m gonna kind of slide this up a little bit and I’m going to play 705 because 705 is the direct numbers next to D the number that hit so definitely I’m going to play this 705 I’m going to play it probably uh in the c9 705 I’m gonna play it combo so anyway it come out I’m going to hit it straight and then the next number I’m also going to play is the 401 because the 401 is directly connected to the four and it’s up under it and it’s here too so I’m definitely going to play 401 I’m going to play that a cup of time call it’s up there twice as well and then the arm the 701 gonna play 701 me write these things down for you guys again I’m going to play 705 401 7:01 and then i’ma come back and being that 694 came out I’m going to play the seven nine six in the corner here and that’s usually what they call the north are in North Carolina the money number so I’m going to play 679 play 405 I’m gonna play 970 and 904 yeah and those going to be the arm the number that I am going to play and you guys see these numbers play the numbers too I usually do have some luck in these numbers but this is a given right here all the numbers come out right there in the corner so I’m going to try my luck in North Carolina armed with this our pyramid thank you guys for watching and continue to watch my videos and I will continue to of no more thank you and good luck.


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