How To Win The Lottery By Cheating in 2018

Our updated how to win the lottery by cheating guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Lotteries have played a vital role in the formation of many great countries including the United States. During America’s earliest days, Jamestown and the 12 other colonies took advantage of running a lottery system in order to fund its schools, construction endeavors, and public works. When the country designated Washington D.C. as its capital in 1790, the so-called National Lottery was enacted by Congress to bankroll the beautification of the city.

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During Americas earliest days, Jamestown and the 12 other colonies took advantage of running a lottery system in order to fund its schools, construction endeavors, and public works. When the country designated Washington D. C. as its capital in 1790, the so-called National Lottery was enacted by Congress to bankroll the beautification of the city. Some have succeeded, but most have failed. 8 million prize. Perry was sentenced to seven years behind bars, two of which he served before being released. On the left side of the card was the Your Numbers section, 24 scratch-off numbers that were used to see whether you had tic-tac-toe. The numbers themselves couldnt have been more meaningless, he told Wired magazine in 2011.

how to win the lottery by cheating

How To Cheat The Lottery

In October of 2005, the biggest Powerball lottery winner
ever was crowned and awarded $340 million. It wasn’t me. I don’t play
the lottery because, as a statistician, I know that playing only
slightly increases my chances of winning. It’s not worth it to

Of course, if I don’t play, I can’t win. Buying a lottery ticket
isn’t necessarily a bad bet, and if you are going to play, there are a
few things you can do to increase the amount of money you will win
(probably) and increase your chances of winning (possibly). Whoever
bought the winning $340 million ticket in Jacksonville, Oregon, that
October day likely followed a few of these winning strategies, and you
should too.

Because Powerball is a lottery game played in most U. states, we
will use it as our example.

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how to win the lottery by cheatingBuying a lottery ticket isn’t necessarily a bad bet, and if you are going to play, there are a few things you can do to increase the amount of money you will win (probably) and increase your chances of winning (possibly). Random numbers are then drawn, and if you match some or all of the numbers, you win money! Ask yourself how many numbers you must match and what the range of possible numbers is. Remember to lower the number you divide by one each time you “draw” out another ball or number, unless numbers can repeat.

now then watches and weirdos what we’re going to do tonight in tonight’s show what we’re going to do we’re going to show you how to guarantee yep guarantee a win on UK national lottery scratch cards now the rules of this are very very simple what we’re gonna do we’re going to take 100 pounds and we’re going to go to the shop and spend it all on scratch cards now for verification purposes I’m going to be going to this shop here oh no no zoom in a bit no zooming off no bit more hello a lot more ah bit more bit not now fuck it just go on Street View oh that’s better much better is that now you see that there that that’s the shop we’re going to folks hair back in olden days it actually used to be a pub called Grove Lee right pile of wank it was so they turned it into a shop but anyway yeah this is where we’re going man the Sun it’s a sunny day now if you want to try this at home folks here you don’t have to go to this shop you can go to any shop as long as it’s got one of these logos on side and some of these things on the counter you know you can do it yourself although bit of advice if you’re going to do it yourself don’t stand in the queue with a notepad writing the names of the scratchcards down there will be out countless you look at your lack of you’re right weirdo what anyway my hundred pound has gone on 110 pound scratch card the mega rich one two five pound scratch cares UK millionaires and number two fives powell scratch cards treble sevens 10 three pound scratch cards cash words for rookie fortunes at two pound each free bonus multis to pound each free jewel Maltese to pound each 10 lucky lines at a quid each and ten lucky dogs quid each so here they all are in the flesh absolutely loads of a hey girl good look at him in fact me look at this fucker here it goes all the way to the end of the table yeah in fact folks there were that many of them that you know I had to get a bag to carry him home Haggar ignore that kind of Pepsi there that says us should be drinking that full of us batter me and turns me into a big gun but you know it tastes that it’s got anyway anyway look at all these cards here now they’ve got the same of all these cards I am absolutely definitely guaranteed to win but what are the odds well you’ve got a photographic memory folks memorize this address here and type it into your address bar if you can’t be asked to do that it can always google it and and it tells you all the odds on their page well it won’t be quite the film if we did work out the odds of cells in it so you know we set about working out are the odds well I say we it was mama a trusted assistant air she was working away working out all the odds I did it all over mind boggling her she does like a Pepsi as well so it slowed her down a bit they’re working it all working out few comp all pieces of paper later have quick pulse or some Chinese food and back to it working it all away working out what the odds what are the odds are check it on a cow play on a phone what just happened to be smashed we check it online what are the odds what the odds now we reckon her I’m sure there’s some smart ass out there all correctors but we reckon her the odds are well you either gonna win are you not yet that’s about the brunt of it folks you’re either gonna win or not I’m either going to wasted all my hundred pounds oh I’m going to be a fuckin ching yeah loving it yep you’ve either gonna laugh at me and call me a stupid bastard or you’re gonna laugh at me call me smart mastered oh fuck nails now going back to the rules I need to make at least a hundred pound back anything I make over one hundred pound is profit for me if I make less than hundred pound or hopefully not zero but anything hundred pound are under will go on to week two and we’ll do it all again and basically here we’re going to see how many weeks this can go on for hopefully it’s just the one and I win the jackpot book you never know now here’s your chance to get involved folks I know you’re dying to get involved right and I want you now to guess how much I’m gonna win and you can have ten seconds to write in the comment box comment box down below now the guess how much I’m gonna win ten seconds Stan from now anyway we’re about to go live on air now so her crate in the audience and yeah fingers crossed best of luck okay folks so we’re what we’ve opted to start with is if you can just show today yet audience at home we have got a penny and it is the very thing it correctly it is 1971 it’s not my day of birth ball doesn’t matter right we’re going to start with the dearest first and move from their hand don’t best hop it seems to be coming off him quietly there nice technique there anything how do you say at the moment okay so we obviously have the best of stars for when new videos round three now heard the halted game always copying the postman God sir there’s also required degree of concentration hair so just go wait patiently now wait for the results to Karimi would you look at that oh well so we got okay folks so we’re gonna have a quick tea break now and examine what’s just happened in these first few rounds there that the mega rich the ten pounder well well that were bagger one quality we’re not buying that one again yeah you know we’re never gonna win on that really were way a bit of a letdown by the five pounders though you know not even a sniff of a fucking win you know bit that’s a major letdown but round three the crossword gave water Dharma all around there brilliant yeah first one one a five pound second one 120 pound third one one three pound five one one free pound again not bad 31 quit the ten tickets that frequently thirty quid so you know quid profit although got sort of a couple of let down some counts before I’m still down but you know let’s get on sit next round Oh Oh quick fine break folks to tell you about this round not a bad round one five quid ten quid two quid and three quid not bad not bad at all so these last few counter they bring total spend up by twenty quid we’re totally now eighty pounds and total winnings goes up by twenty pound up to 51 pounds yes so it’s all about the last twenty cards now let’s see what happens twenty cards left twenty chances to win let’s see what happens best a lot okay so the results are in now remember folds will need at least 49 pounds to break even on the lucky line through worn back wit then we won I quit then we won to quit so we’re going to break even on the flashcard what did we win on the last card we worn a quid Wow so that brings the total winnings to 56 pound here so this is going to be no private yacht this week boom the what we have going 256 pound winnings so there’s enough to do another episode and remember focusing on the odds there we’re only gonna win or we’re not so next week let’s show scribe her I’ve even fucked about under one of them links you can link straight to it just click it there subscribe her week to go to buy 56 pounds with the scratchcards and who knows could have a winner it could be me right share this video and we’ll see you next time.

I got shot in the foot after winning the big lotto price three times in a row hi my name is Larry Blair I’m a math professor in Oklahoma everything happened so quickly I was walking out in the parking lot of the mall when suddenly I was attacked by two masked guys it’s a very strange sensation to know that you have a gun at your head at first I didn’t know what they wanted from me I told him to search my pockets and to take all the money but they wanted something else they wanted this secret that made me win the lottery three times in a row and a few times before that I even have a sketch of one of the aggressors it’s the same picture that was presented to the police the criminals were never apprehended they kept asking me how the heck did you do it what’s your secret for winning the lottery tell us or we’ll kill you what in the world should I tell them how can I tell them how I win the lottery with a gun pointed at my head I cracked and I swear to God that I acted purely on instinct I stumbled and told them that I needed at least a half an hour a pen and a sheet of paper and some silence so I could teach them how to win the lottery consistently in that moment they decided to put me into their car and kidnap me God does exist and exactly at that moment an ambulance came into the parking lot with its lights flashing the bandits thought it was the police and wanted to hide and that’s when I ran and I ran fast even though I’m 42 years old bang a firearm sounded in my ears I felt the bullet in my left foot but I was still able to run I finally managed to get in the street and ask for help the rest is history although cracking the lottery code has changed my life nothing else matters when you have a gun pointed to your head and you realize it in the next minute you might be dead all you think about is your wife and children I decided to thank God for saving me by donating a lot of money to charity after this experienced I realized that life is by far the most precious thing we have and money should never be the top priority although it is good to have it when this happened and that was about two years ago I had already won around three and a half million dollars total all this money was made by winning the lottery five times in two short months the last three times I won in a row and I was on the front page of all the local newspapers this is the fame that almost got me killed I donated 1 million dollars to a foundation that finances libraries in third world countries since I’m a professor I know how important it is to have a proper education this way those people of least will have hope I swore in front of God and I kept my promise can anyone win the lottery or how did I manage to kill the lottery five out of ten times well if I would have been asked this question ten years ago I would have said no it’s impossible to win so often but after I spent eight years developing a system that is guaranteed to win five out of ten times now my answer will be yes anyone can win the lottery if they know how to play you see I’m a mathematics professor and I’ve been passionate about figures since I was young I admit I also like to have money tons of it because I was raised in a poor family and never got the chance to drive a sporty car or live in a fancy house until I won the lottery these two characteristics combined land loving money and mathematics have transformed me into an addicted lotto player after playing for years without any luck I was so intrigued with the probability process that I started to study the archive of numbers extracted from every lottery I could find it was a gigantic task and at that time the internet wasn’t as advanced they didn’t have many websites or search engines and I had to search through physical files manually without any tools I was searching for a lotto pattern this huge job took about eight years it didn’t matter too much to me I had the time of my life because I was playing with numbers after countless failed revelations and endless testing on a beautiful day in April I decided to give my latest discovery another shot and I played a simple ticket that cost me five dollars bang the next weekend hit me with the best news of my life I want $200,000 in cold cash I hit all six numbers there just wasn’t a lot of money in the game that week from that point on it was a piece of cake the lotto pattern had been discovered I knew I would never need to worry about money again my secret was making me money like crazy after another two weeks bang another $125,000 prize one as you can see I didn’t win every single time but it didn’t matter I had enough money in time to perfect my formula even more I already have the winners platform and it was only a matter of time until I hit the big jackpot I finally won a 1 million dollar jackpot in May of 2007 and for the next three weeks I was the only person who won the big prize it wasn’t possible to be accused of something because everyone knew that it’s impossible to cheat the lottery I was on the front page of the local newspapers and the money was floating into my accounts how does the lottery black book system work step 1 get yourself a notebook only for the lottery establish the lotto game that you want to play and track down the winning numbers exactly how I teach you in my book step 2 after you have all the winning numbers apply this simple formula and you’ll find it in my book that gives you the forty eight point seven percent chance of winning every time you play step 3 wait for the extraction and see how it worked if you win go and take your prize I repeat there’s a big chance to win the very first time but it can happen that you may not win don’t despair I told you that the efficiency of my formula can be seen within just a few weeks step 4 if you do win repeat the process over and over again if you don’t win be patient and play again it’s more of a win situation not an if step 5 don’t share your information with anyone else think what would happen if all the players have the secret key there are some extra steps that I recommend step 6 after you win be careful to keep a low profile there are a lot of desperate people especially with this crisis who will do anything for your money and step 7 make a donation this way you’ll be achieving peace of mind it feels good don’t be greedy as Al Pacino said in devil’s advocate vanity is definitely one of my favorite sins it’s true the same thing happened to me and I couldn’t help myself from getting all the things that I dreamt about since I was young I bought a big house I bought two sports cars and an Escalade for my wife I traveled the world i watch my relatives dying to know my secrets and suddenly I became to them a very interesting guy you should try these feelings it feels great to know that you’re out of debt for the rest of your life that you don’t need to worry again about money and that you can do anything you like go anywhere you want to and not worry about loans coming back to haunt you or that your children won’t have money for college I was greedy I admit it not necessarily for the money but more for the fame and this is about to cost me my life this part you already know and I’ll skip over it but what’s more interesting is the fact that even if I’m the guy who has cracked a lottery code this does not necessarily mean I’m the smartest lottery player people who are applying my techniques have gotten rich without any trouble because they aren’t stupid like I was they don’t share their identity with others and they maintain a low profile since I wasn’t competing with anyone in this money war I said to myself it won’t be a crime to share my methods or a taste of them with other people most of them are my friends but there are some who came directly to me and I taught them exactly what they need to do to kill the lottery and you’ll laugh but winning the lottery is not rocket science anyone can do it people who have tried my system are not scientists or professors in fact all you need is a pen a sheet of paper and my techniques it really is that simple I know that’s hard to believe but let me read you a couple of success stories they’ve come from regular people like you who insisted on sharing their personal experiences with me I will protect for obvious reasons their identity here’s someone who won 37 thousand dollars after two weeks and it’s not too bad dear Larry I won can you believe that I’ve won 37 grand in my second week it was incredible and I couldn’t believe my eyes my lucky numbers were 5 35 37 27 and 46 I missed the sixth one I used 48 and it was 42 although I was very skeptical with your methods at first I must say that your system rocks my salary never exceeded 3k per month now in two weeks I’ve won my salary for a year thanks man p.S wait and see my first million dollar win Nets Stephen Virginia W and here’s a second one Larry I was shocked that I didn’t invest in your system earlier in September my girlfriend and I would have had close to five hundred and fifty three thousand dollars Canadian we would have had five numbers come up in the three of the five weekend draws of that month that’s huge money for me my friend and I won’t lose another chance and that was from Jackass I realized that I feel very good knowing that I can make other people happy in this short period of time since I’ve shared my winning formula with others I’ve realized that people don’t necessarily want to get rich as much as they want to get out of debt I received tens of thank you letters from people all over the world and first they thanked me because my simple lotto system has changed their lives I decided to publish all my secrets in a book knowing that my system can be easily applied to any lottery anywhere in the world I said to myself since we’re not competing with each other why shouldn’t I write a book that reveals all of my secrets I had a few reasons for doing this one will change many people’s lives by giving them the possibility to taste life differently getting them out of debt and even making them rich I want personal revenge on lotteries because I know how they rip people off and how they make huge Commission’s from winnings search for their head office and you’ll see what luxury they enjoy from our money and number three sharing my secrets in a limited number will keep me out of trouble and hopefully the bad guys will find my book take my secrets and they won’t attack me anymore it wasn’t easy first I was banned starting with the idea of publishing my winning methods in a book I went to a publisher and explained to him exactly as I’ve explained to you what I wanted to do after listening to what I had to say very politely the general manager told me that it was impossible for them to polish my book because if my methods really worked and they do work as you can see in the examples I presented before I would be responsible for creating many millions of dollars and again the winners might be exposed to the same attacks that I’ve been exposed to this is such BS I said I couldn’t believe my ears I tried again and again and again nothing seemed to work from all the pub I received almost the same response I was going mad what kind of country is this I yield I decided to go online and spread my book over the Internet yes my book is now in electronic format I wrapped up all you need to know for killing the lottery it’s been written by me Larry Blair in plain English so anyone can apply and learn from my teachings it has the advantage they can be ordered online and downloaded almost instantly the book layout is very easy to print and you’ll have the hard copy in less than half an hour this was the birth of the lottery black book after all I think it’s better this way than having it in library so you won’t find it there there’s a catch though it’s obvious that I must sell only a limited number of copies of the lottery black book think what would happen if this book became a best seller and millions of copies were sold thousands of people would compete for the same prize on each drawing this way the prizes would go lower and who knows what restrictions the lotteries would put in place it’s better this way I’ll sell only a thousand copies of my ebook after these thousand copies are sold this ebook will be erased and never revealed again moreover since I’m not in need of the money all the money that will be raised from here will be donated to build other libraries if you want a copy just click on one of the links presented here you. .

hey guys welcome back the name of this channel is scratch off fun alright guys a new video for you um I’ve received a lot of requests for different states on everybody love that content video where I kind of showed you guys a little tip or trick on seeing them which scratch offs are the ones you want to grab up versus the ones you are in avoid and I have a long list of different states everybody’s asking me but today we’re going to do Georgia all right so uh check it out alright so I uh you know Google GA lottery Georgia Lottery all right let’s see mmm right away I did a little research before I started this video I was walking into right away you know I’ve done other states and I’m gonna pray more eventually and I’m I noticed like I’m I’m pretty much playing them off each other on what’s going on for each state and so far every state is completely different I found states I couldn’t crack I just couldn’t figure it out and then there’s up really in your favor okay this one right here mmm right away what I notice is they’re putting a lot of money into this into this lottery I mean into this site so the Georgia Lottery must be very popular okay right away it’s just beautiful site much prettier than the other ones what I did is I went here I went to games then I went to scratchers over here then I went to top prizes claimed okay I haven’t pulled up right here it’s gonna bring you to this screen okay so I’ve seen other sites before this one right here different completely nothing like the other so far they tell you the game number that’s similar there’s no picture of the scratch off some web there’s some different states will show you the picture okay and some of them don’t and no picture for this one and then they give you the ticket price okay they all have that and then this is different some of them mentioned that like Illinois will mention the top three prizes this one only shows you the overall highest top prize and then it shows claimed how many were actually like gone they’re gone the claimed and then out of how many they’re actually ever was okay so it’s pretty simple um I was going down it I don’t know what’s going on right here but uh for the most part I was going down it and I picked some that I feel that you would want to grab up right away and we’re going to go over some you should avoid um going down the list I saw let’s see I saw a five dollar one at the bottom I was just going down the list and um here we go the cash wheel five bucks top prize two hundred grand for claimed already that means they’re gone and there’s only one remaining okay that’s one that’s this one okay that’s something you would want to avoid you want to go and look at this this roll and if it’s a high number versus this where this is like no room you know what I’m saying then why even grab it you know four out of five I mean most of everything good is gone so that that’s a great example of one to avoid so then you go and you go to the main screen and this is under scratchers and it’s a it’s on the website and they have all and then they have like they break it out of the $1 $2 $3 $4 five maybe you want to pull up another tab with this one and look at the five dollar games you know hmm I don’t know whatever you play you know a lot of people play 2 to 3 to 5 a lot of people play ones and then some people play big you know 20 and up but I just do one on the fly right here 5 bucks so you want to go in there you know 5 bucks was it called I don’t know which one I was looking at but I think it was this one oh yeah 5 dollars 25 million payout ok and of course I don’t see it here I’ve also noticed that they’re not showing them all here but I’m sure I can point out a different one under five dollars okay there’s one umm 37 million cash payout five dollars one claimed out of five that’s something I’d grab here it is 37 million cash payout okay you can also check out the start date here see that it’s been like a month in this is something you’d want to grab you know um it’s been out for a little bit and there’s still money out there okay so alright let’s pull up another one this is what I was looking at it’s called uh it’s called uh 40,000 lucky win so I was going down it I was just going down the roll and here it is two dollars forty thousand look at this zero zero claimed eight total big ones out there that $40,000 is completely out there so that’s something you want to grab up you know boom and then they have the other two dollar ones here so I’m going to look up one on the fly real quick for you guys um here’s a two dollar one ten times the money exclusive 10 times the money exclusive okay you can see when it came out and six out of 12 so you got you know that’s not too bad that’s about 50% you know but I’d more lean towards grabbing these ones the low numbers the one to the one zero anything was zero within your price probably a smart play all right one more one dollar it’s called cash three so let’s see going down it mmm trying to find it one dollar cash three it’s in here somewhere Oh cash pretty instant 23 claimed that’s cool how you over over this is claimed in case you forget up what’s going on up there 23 out of 412 that’s not that’s really good that means like just like mostly the $500 prizes are still out there for one book that’s not so bad you um playing one book you know your odds are very slim but you know whatever it’s a look at Lisa’s work that you know so yeah um all right guys that’s going to wrap up this video so I did Georgia for you guys I did Illinois I believe Florida maybe Texas Wisconsin um leave in the comments any state that you’d like to see and uh also you know maybe I haven’t done your state but this gives you kind of like a guide the guidelines on how easy it is the kind of point points yourself in the right direction of seeing what’s going on in your state because every state is different you know some states are showing you guys a lot of love it annoys the most beautiful one I’ve seen yet I like Illinois better than ones concert and I live in Wisconsin but you know check them out I haven’t seen all 50 yet so maybe this video is just maybe the state is just like your state so it’s worth you know watching this video and checking out some of the other videos to see if your state is the same okay with all that being said I’m making videos for you guys now so how to appreciate a sub alike maybe share it all helps and oh yeah happy new years everyone or not.

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