How To Play Keno Lotto 2018 Guide

Our updated how to play keno lotto guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

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La Loteria de Maryland asume ninguna responsabilidad por cualquiera de sus actividades en relacion con el uso del Traductor de Google funcionalidad o servicio Google Translate es un medio por el cual la Loteria de Maryland ofrece traducciones de contenido y esta destinado unicamente para la conveniencia de la no-Ingles usuarios del sitio web que habla. You must play Keno if you want to play Bonus or Super Bonus. To see if youve won, watch your game(s) on a Keno monitor (located at most Maryland Lottery retailer locations), check your numbers at any retailer using the Quick Check machine, or go to and on the Keno logo. Simply complete your PKTG playslip using these four 1: Choose the number of consecutive games you want to games for games for games for games for games for 2: Choose how many numbers (spots), from one to 10, you want to play per 3: Choose your own numbers or select Quick Pick and let the computer choose your numbers for you. Each of the games on your PKTG ticket will have the same 4: If you would like to play Bonus or Super Bonus, (you select only one) select Yes on your playslip for the bonus option you want to play and have the chance to multiply your winnings on every game. You must play PKTG in order to play Bonus or Super your completed PKTG playslip and wager to your Maryland Lottery retailer to receive an official game ticket. This means that there is only one prize per drawing that can be won when playing the Keno/PKTG 10-spot with a Bonus multiplier of ten, and in the unlikely event the combination of all prizes for Keno/PKTG winners of a 10-spot with a Bonus ten multiplier exceeds then the will be divided proportionately among those Keno and/or PKTG winners based on the amount wagered for that is the liability cap when playing a 10-spot for any Keno game (including Keno and/or PKTG ) when a Super Bonus multiplier of 20 is won.

how to play keno lotto

How To Play Keno

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***Informational purposes only. The numbers listed had the highest and the lowest hit frequency from the previous week.

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how to play keno lotto thumbnailm. to 2 a. m. every day!. Players have until 1:52 a. m. to purchase Keno tickets. The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot amounts are the annuity amount. The numbers listed had the highest and the lowest hit frequency from the previous week

hey everyone this is David Hamilton again and today before show you my key no results I thought I wanted to make a video for you for for how you play keno I have a you I have a users I wanted to know how you play keno so for that user I’m going to show that for you okay the first one right here whoa it is and it’s on you all you have to do is underline your numbers selection like this if you take a pet you need to take a blue pen blue pen or pencil so and you underline this one example so you underline them so you know you kind of underline it it could be any way you want it says don’t like that so the first one you said the first one you do on the number spots you want to you want per game so say like for example if I I underwent seven seven that’s a that’s all I can go up to seven numbers I can go up to seven numbers on that and you know two of you handle okay let me show a pen this is not going to be a um yeah I do this will give you an idea of what you really have to do so if I underline this one so you like underline this one example so I’m not actually going to play the game from the next time it’s just a prop so so say I could underline any lines from them for an example but I’ll get that too later on down here a month been fun game now this one right here it’s usually a how much you want to play it’s kind of it’s pretty much like multiplier so say like if I played seven seven rounds I mean seven numbers and times one so basically it’s just going to cost you a dollar because keno actually costs you a dollar if you bet this one you bet or something like that or five or ten it’s going to add you more so for example if I typed in seven dollars times one it’s gonna cost me seven dollars seven now if I add so say like I underlined this one example it some times one so it’s like doing math problems swallow if I talk if I did the two times for example seven dollars times two it’s going to cost me $14 seven dollars times three twenty one dollars oh wait no wait seven dollars times five thirty five dollars I’m pretty sure that’s right I’m pretty sure that’s right the next category is amount bed per game I’m pretty sure that if you did um so say like um I do ten round that means I have ten rounds to play Fujino you can only go up to 13 round so I’m not sure how much you add on it I’m not sure if you add that up I’m not sure if you add that up I mean I don’t really know I think you do I’m not really sure so let’s see five so say if I did ten rounds wait hold on that’s not right seven times if I did seven rounds but I did two around and I just it might add some it might it might add up your total if you ever do that just go to a lottery agency go to your lottery agent and tell you how much you want come on once you want but make sure you bring a lot of bring some money if I were you extra money if I were you all I know is that um if you do um if you did seven numbers and and times five it will cost you more because it would cost you multiply I’m pretty sure so if you um anyone um if anyone can help me with that that’s fine now it says here take your own numbers by mark by Mark the boxes you want or mark the quick pick box so there’s a quick pick right here now basically what this means that um you just just take all your numbers all you want so so say if I want seven for example then you go to the next one eleven equal to 21 or now just remember one thing depending the numbers you play you have to go though you have to pick the amount of numbers on it so say like seven numbers so if I go seven numbers I have to pick seven numbers now be wisely when you now be careful when you pick numbers so so I told sometimes if you do a little bit too fast to pick up your numbers always count before you cash this in so because this otherwise of it might cost you it might be an hour it happened to me one time I think I have a week ago so so say like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 so I did 7 so just make sure you count that 2 otherwise on it will be an error than won’t go through so yeah that’s how you play on that’s how you play keno that’s how you play keno sometimes if you don’t want to do it that way you can just use a quick pick just pick a quick pick and you know when the clerk pick is is that you know you pick you all numbers okay so if you have any questions or anything like that was anything that I missed um please send me a comment but no rude comments please I will not accept those I will remove them though so just let you know no real comments is nice and friendly questions ok stay tuned for my video.

have you ever wanted to play keno but just weren’t sure how you’ll be joining the fun of this exciting drawing style numbers game in no time after following these easy steps but before we begin with how to play where can you play you can purchase the ticket at any Kentucky lottery retail location and you can even play a select bars restaurants and other social establishments so grab a group of friends and get started drawings are held every 4 minutes first you’ll need to decide if you want to add the multiplier to your wager for every keno drawing a multiplier number is selected by the computer the multiplier cost equals the cost of your based keno wager doubling the total cost of your keno ticket that might sound like a lot but if you add the multiplier and win your winnings can multiply up to 10 times next choose how many numbers or spots you want to play per draw you can choose up to ten your odds of winning and prize amounts vary depending on the number of spots you choose to play there are lots of ways to play and win now choose the amount of money you want to wager you can wager one through five dollars $10 or $20 your wager is the same regardless of how many spots you choose to play before you choose your numbers decide how many consecutive draws you want to play it could be for as few as one draw or as many as 24 which is 96 minutes of play finally pick your numbers choose your numbers from 1 through 80 or choose the quick pick option and let the computer select your numbers for you make sure the amount of numbers you choose equals the number of Fosse toes to play now all that’s left is to give your completed place list to your retailer review your wager then sit back and watch the drawings every four minutes the more you match the more you win but how do you know if you’ve won if you can watch the drawings in real time on a keno monitor you can check your ticket by scanning it at any retail location by standing it with the check your ticket feature the official Kentucky lottery mobile app or by checking your numbers on our website if you’re a winner be sure to sign the back of your ticket and claim your prize are you ready to join in the fun find your nearest retailer at KY lottery calm and try keynote today keno rules and regulations apply.

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