How To Increase Your Odds Of Winning The Powerball Lottery Animated Video

Winning the Lottery

Chances of winning the powerball lottery are slim to none. As of today the powerball is at a record of 1.3 Billion dollars. You have a 1 in 292.2 million chance of winning the powerball, however there is still a possibility!


if you’ve been watching the news lately then you know the Powerball is at an all time high with a record number of 1.3 billion dollars so how can you increase your odds to win the 1. 3 billion dollar Powerball well first off your chances of winning the lottery are slim to none however still possible here are a few things you can do to slightly increase your odds of winning but first off let’s look at the odds over here ticket holders have a one and A two hundred ninety two point two million chance of winning the Powerball you basically have the same odds of flipping a quarter and getting heads 28 times in a row which is nearly impossible do you still want to know how you can increase these odds unfortunately experts say there is no trick or way to winning the lottery but your small odds can be a bit better if you let the computer choose the numbers for you rather than choosing for yourself why well because when you people choose a lottery numbers they tend to choose birth dates or their favorite number like for example 23 10 26 or 15 these June these numbers are generally 31 and below ignoring the fact that there are 69 numbered balls you’ve probably also wondered won’t buying multiple tickets help my chances of winning well yes the odds do increase as you buy additional tickets however it doesn’t matter if you buy 10 or 100 tickets your chance is still 10 and 292 million just think to yourself how small those 10 or 100 tickets are and a 292 million drawing the odds are so small that even if you buy a hundred a thousand or even a million it is unlikely that you will be the winner so say you have some extra cash and are thinking of buying all the number combinations so you head over to the nearest convenience store and buy all the tickets with all the possible number combinations at $2 a ticket this is going to cost you five hundred and eighty four million dollars with taxes factored then you’ll actually be in the red and you’ll lose money you and if someone else had the winning ticket you would have to split the prize money I say you’re better off getting wealthy by starting a business and providing a value to people then planning playing the lotto and hoping to get lucky your chances of getting rich are higher with the former and that’s a wrap guys thanks for watching leave a like if you enjoyed the video and click here to subscribe. .

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