How To Claim Lottery Win Guides

Our updated how to claim lottery win guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Up to £75
You can collect your winnings from any National Lottery Game Retailer. You should present the ticket and they will validate it and pay you the prize.

Between £75 and £200
National Lottery Game Retailers can pay prizes up to £200 at their discretion upon presentation of your ticket. If they are not able to do so, for instance if insufficient funds are available, you can return to the same retailer when funds are available, go to another retailer, or go to a National Lottery Post Office.

Between £200 and £500
You can collect your prize from any National Lottery Post Office upon presentation of your ticket. Some National Lottery retailers can also pay out prizes up to £500

Between £500 and £50,000
You can claim your prize from any National Lottery Post Office upon presentation of your ticket. You will have to complete a prize claim form. Prizes may be paid by cash or cheque (maximum cash payout £500)

Over £50,000
Any amount above £50,000 must be claimed in person from a National Lottery Regional Centre and will be paid by cheque. You will have to complete a prize claim form and provide proof of your identity.

Top Prizes
If you have matched 5 plus the bonus or the 6 main numbers then you should phone the National Lottery Player Hotline on 0845 9 100 000 immediately (Calls charged at local rate).

If you need to find out where your nearest Lottery Post Office is or would like any more information you should ask your retailer or phone the Player Hotline on 0845 9 100 000.

Claiming your prize by post
You do this at your own risk!
Prizes up to £50,000 can be claimed by post. Send your winning ticket and completed prize claim (available from your National Lottery Retailer) to:

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Between 200 and 500 You can collect your prize from any National Lottery Post Office upon presentation of your ticket. Some National Lottery retailers can also pay out prizes up to 500 Between 500 and 50,000 You can claim your prize from any National Lottery Post Office upon presentation of your ticket. If you need to find out where your nearest Lottery Post Office is or would like any more information you should ask your retailer or phone the Player Hotline on 0845 9 100 000. Prizes up to 50,000 can be claimed by post.

how to claim lottery win

How To Claim Your National Lottery Prize

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hi I’m Russ Lopez with the California Lottery so you’ve learned how we carefully select under the strictest of measures all our winning numbers for all our games now that you’ve hopefully won a little bit of money how do you claim it and why does it take us weeks for us to cut you that check we’ve got a lot of ground to cover here so we’ll break up this report into two sections step 1 the first thing you do before you even think about claiming your prize is sign the back of your ticket lottery rules accept only one name per ticket plus if your ticket is signed it will make it harder for someone to steal it we actually have ways to find out if a name has been erased what the Machine does is it covers information that’s hidden from the naked eye and what we’re trying to do is clarify the claimant information on the scratcher and the online tickets we have new classes of tickets foggia ‘ln tickets what you call obliterated tickets were people destroy the original claimants information and they spit the tickets to the lottery the various spotlight and magnification filters it makes what was not apparent to you think Addai is now apparent our success rate for pulling up the information on the ticket is at least 90% if you win a prize up to five hundred and ninety nine dollars you can go to any area retailer and get your money well you should check your ticket and the first best place to do it is in the comfort of your own home on our new public website but if not you can go to your favorite Lottery retailer and use our check a ticket all you need to do is take the ticket with the barcode at the bottom place it here right under the red light in a matter of a second or two it will check to see if your ticket is a winner we’d like you to use the machine because number one the retailer might be busy and this way you can check to see if you’ve won how much you’ve won so by the time you go to the cashier you’ll know exactly what to expect for claims above $600 you’ll have to begin the claims process so I have a winning lottery ticket what do I do to claim my prize well to start off get a claim form from your Lottery retailer any of our district offices or you can download it from our website but if you want to help expedite your claim bring it to your closest lottery district office you can find those addresses on our website okay I have a claim form what do I do next well the first thing they do is they come up to the window and if there’s someone been busy at that particular time we have a bill and they’ll ring the bell even though the person’s right there and then we greet them and ask them if we can help them and assist them then they either give us a scratcher ticket or a claim form for one bar draw game super lottery Mega Millions and then from that time we help them we assist them in filling out the claim forms and and then our office technician looks at the claim forms make sure it’s filled out properly and then once it’s filled out properly we make copies of all their identification that actually starts the process at one of our district offices a staff can go through your paperwork and make sure you didn’t make any errors that will delay the processing of your claim they can also see if your ticket is in good shape and won’t raise any questions down the line what if I can’t make at a district office what do i do then if they can’t make it to the district office what they should do is they first should call and let let our staff know that they’re had whatever the problem is they need to come in to the district office or our representative needs to come in with the proper ID you know so we can start the process if just to mail it in we don’t recommend that a mail the process I mean mailed the form and they need to come down to the district office as soon as they possibly can okay so once we have all your forms now we get busy once the claim form arrives in our office we track where your ticket is every step of the way different staff members handle your tickets at various steps no one person walks through your ticket the entire way it’s our checks and balances system one way we try to avoid mistakes so once the ticket has been mailed in and we received it from our secure elevator the tickets come into our mail stations and the staff will open the mail review the tickets make sure there’s no issues or concerns with the tickets they scan them through the altura machine to make sure that in validate that it is an actual winner and then they staple the ticket to the claim and then go ahead and if it there’s no problems it goes through the regular processes of several checks and balances and then your ticket gets paid in an average of four weeks it’s all about accountability here and the safety of your claim ok another on security issue we have here at the lottery is as your tickets are delivered to our mail room downstairs by the US Post Office they package them all up and they do not deliver them through the normal regular mail process they actually deliver them through the secure elevator so there’s less hands touching the tickets and that way less problem problems will have them with the tickets so as you can see it’s it’s a locked elevator and then we roll this up and then we go ahead and receive mail and we receive probably two or three of these boxes daily from the mailroom and then once it goes right from the elevator it comes over to the staff here that is processing the tickets so that’s how our mail stays secure here at the lottery we also have security cameras throughout the office and so we are constantly being reviewed by the security staff here to make sure everything is according to procedures and policies you should also know that every lottery employee is subject to a Department of Justice background check your claim is as good as money and we take every precaution to keep it safe if your paperwork is clean and there are no questions as to the validity of your claim the process is smoothly completed in about three weeks on average but not all tickets and paperwork are problem free coming up next the claims process continues and the things that delay us getting that check to you this is your California Lottery news.

well we are heading out to bank of america and then home depot so i have something that we need to return and yeah it’s a really beautiful day out here in socal oh the first stop we’re gonna be going to is bank of america so it’s not that far away it’s only about a mile or show well we are at Bank of America van already ran inside I have a feeling he’s going to be in there for a little bit because there’s a nice size a line of people in there but he needs to get this done so I’m gonna play the waiting game out here listening to music and being an air conditioner did they fix it I know what we’re gonna do is we just gonna come back later and do it he said he said enough probable just take it off you can feel cool about you just come back later when you want a pant what we move it now we are heading over to home depot to do the return I need to do and that should get us about roughly about forty five dollars which for something we’re not using why just leave let it sit around you know and we’re at home depot so I’m gonna run in real quick I’m not taking the Cameron with me I am done inside a home depot next stop we’re hitting a gas station because if you’re a kool one of my previous vlogs I want five dollars i won the lottery so I’m going to cash this in and we’re already at the 7 eleven because over there is the home depot that we were just act so I just came out from the 7 eleven and I cash in my five dollar winning ticket and I got three more tickets to shoot all our tickets in a one dollar ticket now one dollar ticket I lost two dollar ticket I lost two dollars ticket I was I’m prep oh we’re going to grab some lunch about 3 30 so we couldn’t really decide on anything local so we’re heading down the Glendale and we’re going to blaze and we haven’t done that a little while so why not damn good pizza yeah we’re back in this garage the one where we almost had a mini van hest last tiny section so we found a parking spot now we’re going to head inside to bounce food and we have to go through Bloomingdale’s because that’s how much of a cluster that this mall is we’re learning this small a little bit for at least knowing that we don’t keep going up and down escalators try to figure out what places so it’s good Jared Fogle’s in jail yeah I went there freeze everybody clap your hands well guys we are done ablaze I’m going to make the trek across them all here to blooming go so that when we can get back to the parking rock hang it back on our car so he can you not a duck’s back in the parking garage check out this shitty Parker’s wall Wow now just trying to figure out where the hell up car is this Honda right there is the most ridiculous thing in the world it’s stanced it has wide rims on it and on top of that the dumbass has no real lights so none of his brake lights work just got to straddle it well guys we are finally back home let’s see it’s only 60 too so yeah I’m not sure really what I’m doing for us tonight probably going to get online do a little perusing on the social media sites and who knows same same crap different day you know you know how it goes have you ever just looked around on and other social media sites and it’s been browsing and browsing your browsing and realize well shit I think I came to the end of the Internet well guys I know I’ve been mentioning about Vid.Con a couple times in a previous vlogs well it is official myself and Van are going we do have our tickets paid for we are creator track tickets so if you’re going to Vid. Con make sure to look us up shoot us in DM shoes emails contact us on any of the social media because we’d love to meet up I’m wanting to stay down it’s already almost 10pm I’m going to heat up some leftover pizza I have and I’m gonna watch some TV relax I’m going to end this vlog right now i will talk to you guys tomorrow i hope you guys are having a wonderful day or night whenever you’re watching this just remember to be yourself and i will talk to you guys tomorrow well guys we are back home finally yeah it’s only uh. .

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