How To Calculate The Odds Of Winning Lotto – Step By Step Instructions – Tutorial – Probability Video

Winning the Lottery

This video shows how to work out the odds of winning lotto. There are a few simple calculations necessary to get the answer. This video shows the odds of correctly selecting 6 winning numbers out of 45. However these calculation steps can be applied to other lotto games with more or less numbers.

are they today I’m going to show you how to calculate the odds of winning lotto and this is Australian lotto so it’s we’d get to select six numbers out of a total of 45 so I’ll just like six numbers there and that’ll help illustrate the the calculations so what actually happens then to work out the the odds there if you think about it you’ve got one two three four five you’ve got six numbers when the first ball drops you’ve got six numbers out of or six chances out of a total of forty five balls in the drum of getting one of those numbers selected okay so then the when the next ball drops you’ve got one two three four you’ve got five chances then out of a one ball has already been selected out of the drum so you’ve got forty four balls in the drum to drop out and and be selected so a marked off one of those there’s selections M in the third ball drops down we’ve got one two three we’ve got four chances then left out of 43 because two balls have already been selected four chances in forty three of the third ball coming down being one of our numbers we’ve selected on our grid and we keep going on there so the next time an export one we’ve got three chances there and there’s 42 balls left in the drum that can be selected for the next ball to drop down the fifth ball second last one we’ve got one two chances out of 41 about the second number sorry the second last number being on the on out grid with our numbers we’ve selected and when the last ball drops you’ve got one chance left out of out of 40 balls that are left in the drum of that last number being on our grid have one of our numbers that we’ve selected he places but going along there I put multiplication signs in between each of those fractions so all we need to do now is multiply it out so multiply 6 times 5 times 4 times 3 times 2 times 1 which gives us 720 and then we multiply out 45 by 44 by 43 by 42 by 41 by 40 and that gives us 5.8 billion five billion 864 million four hundred and forty three thousand two hundred and so what we want to do is Express that to us as you know one chance in a certain amount so maybe we’ve got 720 chances in 5. 8 billion which is heaps so what we’ll do is just spin that fraction over to make it a ratio so it’s the 5. 8 billion we divide that by five point eight billion we divide that by the 720 and that ends up giving us up at eight billion divided by 720 gives us a figure of eight point 1 million here we go so the odds of winning lotto when it’s six numbers selected out of 45 is one chance in eight million one hundred and forty five thousand and sixty. .

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