How To Buy The Winning Lottery Ticket Video

Winning the Lottery

Have you ever wondered how to win the UK’s national lottery (Lotto) guaranteed every time? Well you’ve came to the wrong place mate x
HOWEVER, if you’ve came to win the Euro millions.. still not your man.
In this video i should’ve talked a bit about how to predict the numbers to pick, whether to go for a lucky dip or even a scratch card. or even how do you increase your chances of winning the lottery. In fact i don’t even know how to play the national lottery never mind how do you buy a lottery ticket. I have won the lottery on GTA (Grand theft auto) 5 though so i feel i need to share me knowledge with the 1000 people that will watch this.

Apparently a kid called Derren Brown showed you how to predict the lottery digits which allowed him to win. Fair enough go and watch it. Scum.

The highest thing on google trends at the minute is when you win the lottery how much goes to taxes.
Just put that in for SEO nice one x

Hopefully one day one of you legends will win the national lottery, powerball or even the jackpot one day, if you do remember who gave you the tips aye. But for now follow me social media’s until you’re a millionaire: videos on me cameronkirkham7

Drop a down below about what you thought and I’ll reply to you! helps me loads!

Have a wicked night kid..

you know fun tactics today I’m going to tell you how win the lottery every single time just so you can end up like this fella and by looking at my attire you can tell upon a few lottery went to me time now I can say is right in the comments all right come why can you tell me how to win the lottery when you’re in your dressing gown at 2 p.m. in the afternoon with your blinds just step in a little cup of tea your little unemployed now I’m going to answer all them questions for you except for the last one could you already answered it and you know why else I can do this video so there’s my son know on you’ve got to make your way to your local shop now if your local shop it’s your typical newspaper shop you’re in business yep lonely laughing however if yours is a bit of a dodgy one also known as best one don’t worry we’re all here for you you probably live in an area where you old button sisters anyway if you know what I’m saying hahahaha no even though the shops in local it still might be quite a distance away so you decide away at a bus stop and wait for a bus because there yeah that’s the way out play the game and before you ask I didn’t after these pause but once you’re on your rear of course stop both umiak ups always run straight bastard you’ve got these little warriors in the bus doing something like this you are that all good one okay so now you have two options do you just be sensible or do you risk everything you’ve ever worked for and do something like this absolute rules option number two so now you’re running for the bus which you have no chance of Megan and of course you missed it you just do what your ancestors did before them just pretend that you didn’t want it anyway ah now please do because you’ve run part before the force you’re already pretty halfway there so you might as well just walk now 250 people you’ll find on the walk to the shop the fields auditionees for n doped doing something like this who you talk to you can just fuck there’s a dog going and the other one is all people and that’s meant to be a coffin and if you’re from where I’m from the old people will certainly oh she and if you from where I’m from the old people will certainly be doing something like this so you do it like are you doing what are you doing don’t do that fuck phase number three now we’ve made it to the shop and you think all your hard work is done you might even give yourself up to on the back but I’m telling you the real works just be good you’ve got the way in the bloody queue when it’s time to put the lot beyond doesn’t normally be about three people in front of you and now these three people I guarantee these are the things that you’ll see first of all you love the guy ordering a pick a mix which everyone who has a dodgy local shuffle or it’s just a new gua because when you came in you’ve clocked the gwm encounter taking a big soul bumper always knows when you end up going at the counter asking for a bigamy and the guy decides to take up the sweety self or are you a picking out the sweets like die by REI yeah that could be a problem second he loved the guy giving it all lace it’s lonely the same geezer a filthy core about the petrol station gets to the front desk and has given it all this Calise forgot what’s really petrol pump you dust by this point you are absolutely dripping with sweat and in the last person in front you will normally be asking for a slow which obviously comes in small medium and large but it doesn’t stop this person asking the most legendary question when it comes to slushious excuse me how big is a small it’s a freaking small right everyone that’s the end of the video where do something a little bit different with you right forward because a global woman but as you enjoyed it it means a lot maybe if you can just leave a like down below forget it 220 likes for this video they’ll be absolutely insane and I do want anyone in the comment section rinsing me dress and go because somebody is very controversial yeah guys but if you want to see more videos like this just press subscribe down below letting on the comment section what you thought of this video like subscribe if you watching on Facebook please share the video on the lot that’s what I’ve gone watch them they don’t see you later got a planet of both pain but I suspect you to both take tell me my effort okay she say what for bitch I do. .

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