How The Lottery Changed My Life 2018 Guide

Our updated how the lottery changed my life guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

It’s often wondered if money can buy you happiness. While we’re pretty certain that buying a lot of cool stuff would make us very happy, that wasn’t necessarily the case for this bunch of people who, after winning a ton of money in the lottery, ended up broker than they were when they began. Some of them spent it all on stupid shit—well, actually, most of them spent it on stupid shit, which is sad because you’d hope that if they’ve won the lottery and lost it all, the least they could walk away with is a hoverboard or a jet pack or a Delorean or something. Oh well.

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While we’re pretty certain that buying a lot of cool stuff would make us very happy, that wasn’t necessarily the case for this bunch of people who, after winning a ton of money in the lottery, ended up broker than they were when they began. Some of them spent it all on stupid shitwell, actually, most of them spent it on stupid shit, which is sad because you’d hope that if they’ve won the lottery and lost it all, the least they could walk away with is a hoverboard or a jet pack or a Delorean or something. m. ) even chronicles it, although, granted, they don”t really feature the winners who end up penniless in the end. The lottery changes their lives too, yes, just.

how the lottery changed my life

Lottery Changed My Life

Sean Lloyd, 49, from Cheshire, saw his life turned around with an 1.8m win in January last year.

The former bus driver and father of four found a penny on the ground outside the shop where he bought his winning ticket, picked it up and rubbed it on the ticket.

We were really struggling at the time, he said. He had been on the buses for just over two years, previously working as a tiler. Obviously the wages were low during the first year or so on the buses and I was working 50-60 hours a week, putting in lots of overtime, said Lloyd. His wife, a carer, was working split shifts. We were like two passing ships in the night.

Home was a 1960s semi in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester; the mortgage was big, holidays were to Spain and infrequent, and the family car was a Vauxhall Astra paid for in instalments.

At first he thought he had matched five numbers. I thought great, thats 800-1,000, he said. Then he realised the bonus ball was there. And I thought Cor, Ive got my mortgage paid. And I laughed.

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I know it is a cliche, but my dream was to make sure their life was better than mine. I thought great, thats 800-1,000, he said. And I thought Cor, Ive got my mortgage paid. He bought a couple of RangeRovers and a lot of fast Audis. My dad worked very hard working shifts as a bus driver when I was young. So the fact I have been able to be here and enjoy the time with my kids is a godsend, really.

the mess for the face breakfast is served for the breakfast of champions reason why were the champions well for the facts meet father and son duo champ and Leroy thick of Auburn Michigan have anybody in the world news trust me in the spring of 2010 definitely boy it big 20 mission lottery I mean the play right fix and I want children a dominant to the Michigan State Lottery Leroy’s two million dollar win started with a mere $20 scratch off ticket when I played the lottery I usually played a $20 scratch off tickets but reported I took the card and scratch that off covertly and told the girl behind the counter I think I just won $1,000 she goes no you didn’t I goes yeah I think I did she looks at the gun she goes yeah you did that was pretty cool and be even cooler was when Leroy found out at least $1,000 win eligible for a jillion dollar drawings idea that I was ever gonna take two million dollars I was thrilled about the chances you’re able to win that kind of money with only five people eligible for the drawing Leroy beat the odds and walked away with the grand prize million dollars the moment that I wanted it was really my head used to be the stomach for someone’s shoes before lottery I think it removes ray and now he is a shining diamond among all of the rough before the windfall Leroy was living hand to mouth even using food stamps to buy groceries I’m sure is nice to be able to pay for this and gouge without use of that blue snap start anymore life for me before I won the lottery was very hard I didn’t have much anything really Monday you should drive around and pick up cans outside I wrote that in Michigan you get a 10 cent deposit for every kid that you turn back in before I won the lottery it was bad bad yes it meant a lot to me because the window thousand dollars the fact that I wanted two million dollars that was restrained it was ungrateful after taxes leave I walked away with a little under a million dollars since wetting the money my life has improved on a percentage with his winnings legalized first order of business was to demolish his old home and rebuild a brand new one on the exact same spot and this new house allows a room for Leroy’s son Jeff this one turns it on I whoa this turn the light on and on Wow nobody Mac sent for the face but even with his newfound wealth Leroy still hangs on to some of his old apples this was my room it’s low messy but it’s not messy in sleep dick since the live Leroy has become Jeff’s pet project his mission to make over his dad into Michigan’s most eligible millionaire bachelor my dad is the most important person in my life and I now have a career with him knowing that could be his personal assistant my name’s Ellen Carter spokesperson and he needs me this interesting kid my dad is not able to do that money though anything I tell you if in doubt from is you the detriments me I’m not gonna add that we are the Batman and Robin of father and son team my son Jeff is 32 I’m 31 years old and I’m retired he’s my man growling I like them and get these car wars over man let me ask you this you’re just trying to get certified for this right you want to be a professional politician right you got a member of 2% Mc.Gill’s where in the world does a person kick skyrockets like that I’ve never even seen bottom to top also explosive are the new toys in the fake house 65 inch 3d television rare Tom Cruise doesn t be as good as Essen enough my gift under watch absolute top of mind get any better match that Bose surround sound system that’s top of the line this was advice one took and also because I advise ps3 this is the only system between it that’s it this is a device like that it’s going to last even just watching this for one day or one out it’s in a foursome believe it with a trick down entertaining system there’s plenty of room for improvement in the thick household you can also get some motion sensors put in your shower that would not be cool be cool step right in motion sensor comes on boom I’m waiting for the one that’s Justin’s head in the character where you just walk into the machine does I think we can make a masterpiece out of here man this thing can be the best basement ever built oh you see I’d like to see black whites and black light posters all the way through this hallway billiard table hot tub Jacuzzi disco ball this girl likes someone black lights everywhere yeah we’re the best we’re gonna have the match check it but here I kept one thing from the former house to remind him of his roots this is the toilet that was in our little house oh wow it was torn down the one thing we do have from the old house is this a really nice story that is awesome and I definitely use this when we may even pass that down with generations when you look at things thinking that’s where I came from I can’t from a shack living in exactly since I won I couldn’t be happier it’s just it’s just incredible I’m can’t believe I still can’t believe it Leroy discovered that one of the benefits of being a high rolling Bachelor is being able to ride your own wave of success or a use case is seen in lawn mower this lawn mower I came $3,600 for I love it a lot it gets job done really quick makes it a lot of fun to do from tearing the lawn to ripping up the road neros winnings are allowing him to start up his own fleet vehicles good afternoon sir Congrats our lane I’ve only bought a sports car just for the power the looks of it chick magnet destroy stars people are no that’s the first one really yeah how you’re going to be pleasantly surprised right Wow do you have anything in another color okay how do you like this one in true bachelor fashion Leroy drives off the lot with his cherry red chick magnet only to me son chat first shopping screen what were that we’re like going shopping oh yeah this is where all the cool stuff is all this stuff I’m gay that’s cool yeah they got all all rarebit okay let’s do it with the gold tree pawn shop here in Bay City Michigan and we’re here to shop we’re here to spend some money that’s a nice one man yeah you know what your make that is yeah yeah yeah you want that one that every single item I buy is a potential way making it nothing I’m tickled loving it is this hot summer break I’m a collector of very fine items and now that my dad won the lottery I have the funds to do it anything I want to be whenever I want to give it the sword Excalibur sword this is nice counter I see dollar signs in my head that’s whatever you get just one this is not making this work for me this expensive one that asked the Jackson or isn’t the best one they have we all like though I love this one we can start a band with this stuff man we’ll take these to an awesome match I plan on opening my own business first I’ve entrepreneurial mindset and have an entrepreneur my friend I’m nine camcorders I’m by the sword of my guns I’ll take this go buy a new reading buying slot machines all kind of something right Jeff read about 6125 hours hey yeah you cool with that that’s a good brush for everything we got right come visit me so I’m gay hey let’s rock and roll don’t forget the fun that’s not us inside you I got you money well spent in spring of 2010 Leeroy pick in the 2005 turning in into Auburn Michigan’s millionaire bachelor so be aware with his winnings Leroy is funding some jest in business as a collectibles dealer which he houses at a local motel for safekeeping alright room 240 at setting off Econolodge under lock and key at all times during the collection or without knowing with the Trinity collection to start my collectibles with sneakers take your Twitter and I have over $700 worth of sneakers here very nice throw blanket of all right there this is where all the cool stuff will be sword my particular favourite on all of them and this one here that thing right there it’d be used by a pirate or something I mean this thing I love making like most people do and I will most certainly make money off everything I have after a hard workout with some sort blank nothing better than happen in a nice fresh tea cozy this is the top of the line right here this is what makes this room what it is nothing but the best for the fakes $80 a night from hot tubs to hot cuisine Jeff winds up a private lesson in etiquette for himself and his most eligible bachelor dad at a five star restaurant in downtown Detroit he’s coming here today in hopes of learning how to conduct ourselves that a five star restaurant because since my dad improve of Audrey we’re going to need to know how to do this because we’re going to be in five star restaurants from here on out if it’s up to bread and water essentially pass it around and put your butter on your plate like that you’ll be using for your job I hope that they take some new tips and insight on how to go on enjoy themselves in a restaurant what I hope to learn today is how to conduct myself in a grand proper way in a restaurant and trying to set a good example for my son is regular playing my tart cinnamon butter erasing its wake though so it’s easier to spread under bread that what’s the difference in these two brands here this one here and then this one is a whole grain so it’s got lots of our brains from idea I’m never experienced anything like this right close to it but not quite tell me if this man right here is not the most eligible bachelor in Merton this man has a 2011 Camaro SS he has a brand new $170,000 house paid for I believe thanks to me is not something that’s advertising I dig a bit acquired that taste in why we’re trying to get smashed how a jerk are you left in no they just happen to be going this way Bheema Dijkstra so I can get you both get away I could drink both of these are the same so I would say what time endow this has been at the top five winner board of big experiences for now why I really enjoy their genuineness and in the England how absolutely were about what we’re going to do their future at this one their aspirations are very lofty and I think that they learn a lot from tries and yeah when you’re on The Bachelor underneath all this etiquette thanks a lot you’re affecting our lives I’m going to be doing this on a daily basis and that’s what I look for. .

across America with mega jackpots its Mega Millions and good evening everybody I’m Lynn burns it’s Tuesday November the 15th and tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot an estimated annuitized 315 million dollars oh my gosh like we won I get a call from mark Tommy I need to come into work there’s something big happening and I said well what is it and they were kind of being very discreet about it and said well it involves this a few of us and we really need you to come in we’d like to introduce to you our our newest winners of the largest prize ever in California 315 million dollars I walked in and I mean they had paperwork saying you know we were they were faxing us stuff on what what we could have won and what we needed to do and we were hugging and crying and you felt like throwing up and running around in circles at the same time how do you explain winning 350 million dollars we experienced everything from being sick to our stomachs to not slidin I don’t think I slept for two months through the night tell me like two and a half months that I physically sleep through the night after this and so I mean you go through every emotion it’s it’s it’s weird there has been some controversy about who actually purchased these tickets as far as who was in this company pool and who was out of the pool we know there’s one individual back at Kaiser who isn’t happy about all this that person is hoping that these folks will share in some of these winnings we’re hoping to find out some of Manion three co workers of ours came forward saying that they were normally part of our article and that we had agreed some of us had agreed to put money in for them and since we didn’t that they were suing us because we owed them this money I mean clearly they had no evidence they were asked monthly weekly to bring it to our lawyer’s office through the depositions through multiple court hearings and once a month we were being we were going to court if not more they had no basis for the claim they found a lawyer that saw commission off of 40 million dollars and took it the judge let this go on for a year and a half I thought it was the biggest waste of time effort emotions life it just flat out really it just made us really kind of just frustrated and angry our safe finally came in us trying to end it by a countersuing and therefore ending the lawsuit we were still technically married when I won so therefore it had to be split it wasn’t it wasn’t you couldn’t really get around it I could but I could have got jail for it I mean by then we had split up twice and we weren’t on speaking terms anymore so I just told him when I left that morning I’d you do him to work to clear some things up if you’re not gone by the time I get back then I will leave and when I got home that night he was still there so I just packed up that outfit and left I believe his mom heard it on the news and saw that there was a clip of my garden grove clinic on it and I flat out told him I don’t need to talk to you anymore my lawyers will talk to you and she said in a threatening manner that if I hid anything the lawyers would find out we won 315 million dollars then the state takes the tax the one that goes to the schools they took it out that went it so then it came down to 187 million from the 8787 million they split it between seven of us and I believe it came out to about twenty seven million dollars each then they split it between me and my ex husband which was about ten and a half million dollars so that’s what I got people expect you to blow it to some extreme you know I did splurge I bought a nice house that I could grow into maybe one day with a family I did buy my parents their house and I bought my sister her house I set up a college fund for my nephew you know so those were my splurges I bought a car I didn’t you know I mean I kept it very I gave a lot to friends and family and you know made sure to pay it forward like I got a gift so it’s fun to give gifts in return my favorite vacation with my parents was when we went I took my parents to Alaska that was their dream vacation so I took him for a week across Canada and then we went to on a cruise to Alaska so I’m really glad we did that and then my favorite single vacation is when I went to Italy because I think I found my future home they just their lifestyle there is so soothing and calm and they know how to enjoy life it felt like home when you land there you didn’t feel like you were on vacation you felt like you were at home the day yes oh I’m sorry love on ready 1 2 3 see I found out I was pregnant with Austin during the Stanley Cup Playoffs so she’s my little Stanley Cup baby and when she was 8 months old I got pregnant with savanah and both were a very big surprise I was not planning on having children then but nonetheless they were wonderful little surprises means everything it’s it’s the it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me are those little girls makes you completely selfless and end and it’s it’s amazing how much you love these little things that came out of you that that you I I mean we follow up with them instantly like you’ve never you’ll never love anybody the way they love you love your kids and that’s to me it was just amazing I’m not going to move to you say cheese in 2011 I was diagnosed with colon cancer to get me through the first few weeks of that it was I’ll be okay as long as it’s not Stage four because I’ve never heard anything good come out of stage four cancer like you just it’s never good news if it’s Stage four and when I was diagnosed with stage four that that threw me for a big old fat loop I I never thought I was gonna die ironically but I knew that it wasn’t good so I guess I think I’m still because if everything happens so fast I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that I guess I know it it definitely um it definitely made me think of my own mortality which you don’t want to think of at 31 and it made me question you know what was gonna happen to the girls and what was gonna happen to my family the hardest call I had to make was calling my mom and telling her I had cancer come her chemo so I’ve set motions in place to keep them more grounded to keep them in college to think it’s not like I graduate high school and I get like about a little money I want the girls to know that you have to the value of a dollar I want them to understand that you have to work for things that that mommy isn’t a bank that you have to work whether it be going to school getting and earning those grades you have to you’re not going to be handed everything on a silver platter you know they say there’s two kind of people those who you know the people that money changes them or you know they don’t and we didn’t want to be the type of people that changed because now we had money we didn’t want to become superficial or snobby or let it because you know they say money is the root of all evil and to some extent I believe that is very true I didn’t want to let it become a major factor in my life it was nice to have but I’d be able to live my life without it money has never ever solved anything money makes things easier because money doesn’t buy happiness it doesn’t buy love it doesn’t make you happy you make you happy you have to make your own happiness you create your own problems you create your own drama and you create your own destiny you you you.

so last night I got the opportunity to watch Iyanla fix my life on the own network it came on around 9 o’clock I think it o’clock something like that Eastern Standard Time um and it was about a young mother from South Carolina who won the Powerball so first thing a young is driving in the car down to South Carolina Road and she says how many of us say to ourselves if I had X amount of dollars I would live such a good life then she goes into how if your life is magnified by a hundred and eighty eight million dollars your life might not be as good as you think it wouldn’t be as pretty as you would think in with or without money you’re going to be living whatever you believe to be true about yourself and then she introduces us to Murray Holmes who is a 27 year old african american mother of four who used to work at Walmart and she won the Powerball February 2015 so Murray starts talking about how people are saying she is going to grow broke really really soon how people feel like she can do better with her money she has multiple homes and cars and she also has paid her fiance’s bail three times which has come up to a total of twenty one million dollars Lamarr who is her fiance will be going to prison in two days to serve seven years for drug trafficking and that’s stupid as hell why didn’t he stop selling drugs after the first time she bailed him out of jail the money has also made her relationship with her mother who takes care of her grandchildren in Seattle Washington because of movies lifestyle the children can no longer live in South Carolina with her now I’m already starting to see that this sorry ass man Lamar is her downfall but I can’t get on his case because her ass is letting him do shit okay Murray tells us that what her goal is is to get people to treat her differently than how they are now she also wants to learn how to say no to people who ask her for money and I can’t talk because I have that same problem it’s hard for me to tell people no when I see they need financial help or if they need help in any kind of way it is just extremely difficult for me to say no ayianna gets to Marie’s mansion walks through the door and the first thing she says is I’m honey don’t you know this is a plantation you know this is the plantation right memories like yeah like it’s nothing though and she has no idea how powerful that is she says too young I just want my kids to have a big backyard and then they show like this scene of acres and acres and acres of land so they go to the backyard and they start talking they start talking about how social media went in all marine for posting bail for Lamar people have threatened to kill her because she keeps spending money on dumb shit that’s why she said her kids and her mom to Seattle to live and instead of living with her kids she decided to stay in Shallotte with Lamar shallow is in South Carolina she starts talking about how her mother used to slap her around and she didn’t understand why her mother would slap her and I’d do anything to her other siblings I’m surprised she thought it was okay to leave her kids with her mother because the last person I had my kids over is the person who used to slap me around it just makes no sense to me speaking of her kids Lamar has three of his own outside of the one he has with her so altogether they share seven children this is the man she wants to marry so ayianna is basically trying to figure out how to help her learn how to live without Lamar being around which can’t be that hard because he hasn’t been doing much for her to begin with and this brick exercise she has the both do proves that so brick exercise Yama has her people bring out these bricks it has Marie right on the bricks the financial favors she has done for others including her fiance whom she has purchased and automotive business for this way she can physically see all of the stuff she is carrying on her own including this filthy ass mansion she barely knows how to take care of she is all the way on organize her young to start walking around the plantation Marie has dirt bikes and stuff all over the place that belong to her kids Jana is looking at her like bitch are you crazy I mean seriously slaves used to pick cotton here you sit here wasting your walk away on bullshit God has blessed you with something he could have blessed thousands of other people with yeah he gave it to you and this is what you’re doing with the shit two key wait think I got that kid you are to be brought did anybody else see Marika for that stank ass they’re like bitch please you wish you got the money idea ho I’ll be back so a Yanis is down and talks to Marie’s mother font Ella the truth comes out that font elegant Marie the numbers and that’s why Marie won a lottery but Marie doesn’t know that Marie gave her mother the money and her mother went and bought the tickets and didn’t tell Marie that she chose the numbers Marie thought the numbers were random well she found out that she won she gave the tickets to Marie and let Marie claim it so technically font ella won the lottery not Marie so technically fonsella her mother won the lottery number E so it Y always like listen to this listen to this bitch this big ass mansion is not for Marie she does not have big girl drawers on what the fuck is going on mama she’s like you only you tell me she’s like no you too mama you tell me what’s going on I don’t know what’s going on I just came to help y’all out how you gonna tell me to tell you what’s going on my job is and this is when I start noticing the pattern Marie’s father went to prison and was going drugs and selling them so it’s no surprise that Marie has chosen a man was also selling drugs good thing is Marie isn’t on drugs so to me that says she has at least a little bit of potential to be better so the next day a Jana goes to the automotive shop to see Lamar he is all the way clueless about his plan once he goes to prison he didn’t even realize that it was now going to be Marie’s responsibility to keep the automotive business running while he’s away come to find out his mother was on drugs and his father was a drug dealer too he tells a Jana that he’s the complete opposite of what you wanted to be he says everything he is he has tried to avoid and it’s unfortunate that he is doing to his kids what his father did to help he also says that he is surprised that Marie bailed him out of jail so much here comes the bricks she has him writing down all of his responsibilities on the bricks she hasn’t carry around the bricks and a book bag finally they get back to the plantation and Jana has Lamar pull out the bricks and she hasn’t spread the bricks out on the table keyonna takes the bricks and puts them in Marie’s wagon and Maria starting to realize oh shit you know I got my own stuff now I gotta do this stuff and both of them are sitting there just looking dumb not one in the top and the others like to listen fuck this bullshit you don’t want to talk to me I’m Audi call me when you’re ready then they Bing then they bring senior Rita Bonita out who happens to also be a doctor and she tries to figure out why Lamar doesn’t want to talk about it Lamar is like listen lady okay I just said go out to my kids and I had to watch them cry I’m just not in the fucking mood and she’s like that’s all good you know because that’s how you were supposed to feel that doesn’t make you any less of a man I can understand why he’s feeling like he don’t want its own say Jana I mean she’s just rude and just too rough and too damn crass I wouldn’t want to take any advice from her that’s why seniorita Bonita when she came out she was all nice and pleasant and junk so he wanted to you know spew his feelings I’m sorry I couldn’t be on in y’all events that show I was I would hate her too and she says it in a lot of her shows she’s like listen my time and in this episode it’s over you’re going to hate me but uh so he starts crying income a yawn or like some savior like she didn’t just storm off like a crazy evil black woman here’s the part that kills me jana puts this grown ass woman on her lap coddling her like a baby I can tell this woman has never had that kind of contact before and she definitely doesn’t want to have that kind of contact with stranger so while she’s sitting there being held by Jana like a baby but retells Lamarr is fucked up that she has to raise kids alone and she doesn’t want to do this shit oh she’s just like now here’s the thing she’s seen all the bricks in the damn you know wagon he hasn’t been helping her with her life at all anyway everything that’s good for him she has done they barely even want to look at each other I don’t know if she seems like a very very painful thing so she’s all crying and stuff with an egg on his lap and he was like yes beloved you know that voice yes yes beloved yes tell him I’m still glad of it but let it you know as she talks she’s like yeah and you could tell the girls like I don’t want to be touch like this so anyway Lamarr goes to jail and so they sit down Murray and fontelle it together and you see the bricks so they’re talking about the bricks and the responsibilities and Yana is telling Murray you know you have to accept support from your mother because your mind is fucked up your heart is fucked up your emotions of you are just spiritually gone and you need your mother and so she gets Marie to tell her mother why she’s been so mad at her mother and she says her my mom why why did you only slap me and let everybody else know why and she’s like well he was talking shit you know you had a smartass mouth I just like to shit out you I didn’t know that you know you was taking it like that I thought you understood that you know you had a smartass enough and I was just slapping how about you and she said are you know I’m sorry I do love you baby and so they’re a Jana and fontelle a Telmarine listen your mother is the one that won the lottery she let you claim it because she wanted you to take care of yourself and your kids and she’s like what my mama did that my mom how come my mom hated me my mama loved me like there and the y’all is like yes your mama loved the show okay font Ella loves you you know and she made the sacrifice for you so all I got slapping around she did this is you know repayment for all things she done that tells you so much that she really really cares about you even though she was slapping the shit out you that’s basically what ended up happening them to hug mom and daughter hug she was like I’m sorry for hitting you in the end so so movie gather her kids in her mom and they moved into a location unknown now here’s my problem you see this you see what it says this says she is still playing a no marry in this man years from now I doubt that very seriously see she thinks that’s what’s about to happen now but let me tell you didn’t seven years ago have her thinking in a completely different way now she may take him back he may you know they might be boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever man fact she might even be a better man in him let’s hope that happens I appreciate you guys for watching make sure you tune in next Sunday I’m going to try to talk about a young those next episode you got something to do with the fellas so I definitely want to see this she’s talking about black men and their hurt and their pain I got to see this when you hear me a vision and stay focused and understand look at that look on her face she’s like a younger bitch I hate you you.

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