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Winning the Lottery

YES, me and the lottery winner eventually were married, and later divorced. It was a wild ride! THANK YOU for being with us in this class series! Val is looking for 12 new members of the Millionaire Club. If you are READY to make a huge change in your money world, go to Dare to Claim Your Good 21-Day Prosperity IG: Statement Magickal Money Secret:


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It is the desire of God that you should get rich.
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

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Hey hello hello hello hello how are you there you are with your delicious self hahaha Reverend Valerie love at your service divine Midwife of soul destiny and I am here with you tonight and I want to ask you a question well it’s night now while I’m filming it I don’t know when it is that you’re watching it but I have a question for you would it be okay if I helped you become wealthy would that be okay would it be okay if you accept me as your wealth coach in your life would it be okay if I coach you to manifesting more money like a lot of people on this channel more effortlessly than you ever have in your life and would it be okay if you became the absolute yes life one movie block said yes how look at my peeps come dad look y’all give it be life y’all give it be life I love y’all come on come on come on Shana said yes yes and yes look at that come on livestream we already got 20 some watching come on who else is coming in hey how are you share the love share the love sugar love share the love I love you back I love that song by um by Teddy Pendergrass door am i looking okay am I too close to camera too far away love you love you we don’t have a ball tonight we are gonna have a ball in this master class we are going to have a ball so share smash that like button baby smash the share button baby hey my I hope I’m saying your name right cuz you were doing so amazing last night on our incredible live stream on Tantra talks that was so incredible last night that was so incredible I have some good stuff for us tonight really really really good stuff for us tonight really good smashing like button smash the share button make sure to comment comment comment and one thing about is the comments are not still alive after we complete so as a dad you love you smash the like button baby smash the share button baby charities Karen smash it and why are you here on smash that subscribe button and ring the bell cuz you know you got to get the notifications about when we go live we’re gonna do a master class I’m so excited about this y’all know how I love talking about money and teaching about money especially to people that don’t understand how money really works so that you can reach around and pull that plug out the back of your head if you still plugged into the matrix mm hmm you know how I love setting vines free whoo the comments are flying so fast I can’t even see them all hey Jerrica hello hello hello hey Graci Graci Graci Graci I love you I love you look 34 we’re coming on a large pink oh we need more folks on livestream smash and share share share share share share and so this is what I realize is that in the millionaire Club which we are in the millionaire Club thank you for changing my life with your videos oh my god thank you for saying that I’m so happy and I’m so grateful look at dr.Jo Whiley I love it you know how we say how you love it look at my jewelry today OMG can you believe that I got this I received this as a lovely gift while we were in Sedona Arizona at their last retreat look at this amazing gift isn’t it beautiful is the Tree of Life and it has all the chakras on it from the root chakra to the psycho chakra solar plexus chakra heart chakra third eye chakra crown chakra and you know what I love about it it has clear crystal quartz even for the chakras that are above our heads beyond our bodies is that freaking awesome or what freaking awesome so if this is your first time to the channel first time catching a lot oh you looked at a lavell oh thank you I try to be a little song song so I won’t look like I just rolled out the bed rolled out a haystack I look a little cute thank you thank you thank you thank you I have something so good for us tonight this is your money breakthrough that money breakthrough you have been waiting for this is your money great breakthrough oh thank you so much sacred Condor this is Monique how you doing mone thank you so much for the compliment so let’s get down to our content because we have a lot to cover oh thank you all was cute thank you thank you thank you thank you I don’t like the fact that the comments don’t stay after the oh and the gorgeous Oh daddy fortune listen Debbie fortune may let me tell you something boo I told her Tyra Dallas the other day I said I have been in knack Toastmasters National Speakers Association Debbie is in the top 20% of all speakers I have ever seen up there with the likes of Les Brown and Zig Ziglar you about to go in and I’ve seen the handwriting on the wall I have seen your future and it is indeed spectacular and I see one of them stages 10,000 20,000 people just like Zig Ziglar just like Les Brown let’s get it whoo Debbie she likes it oh she had me in tears I was looking to hurt other day I was like oh my goodness for real for real hey Cynthia thanks for all your working love thank you so much I love it and I love teaching you I love sharing I love it all so let’s get down to this master class oh my god Debbie yes indeed at Debbie right now they’re paying people fifteen twenty thousand fifty thousand hundred thousand dollars speaking engagements I speak those speaking engagements over your life or as many as you want every week if you want however many you want and that’s divinely perfectly harmonized for your life in the name of Jesus just pretend I just hit you the head I love it alright I have my notes here and I had some good stuff for us first and foremost for this class you require a new wealth journal hey Jax oh my goodness look at all the millionaire Club members coming in to change a chain come on Debbie fortune look at all the millionaire Club members chiming in why because I made a commitment to myself that I would support a hundred people I would create a hundred new millionaires within 36 months and that was when I started a millionaire Club last year only a year into it and I have several that are already on their way to becoming millionaires in the millionaire club already well on their way I’m looking for 12 more I can only work with 12 more right now can I get some love tubers to pray for Oh Kiera she was found unresponsive is in the hospital now all absolutely present loves to her prayers and love to her yes that the Angels surround her with healing love and God’s presence of love and healing absolutely it was destiny to have you in my life even is through life streams absolutely absolutely so what I want to share with us is that there was something I was saying and I’m really feeling for a Kiera and praying that her life unfold beautifully but um and and the highest and best so we just keep her in prayer for the highest invest so new wealth journal the first thing that you’re going to need is you’re going to need a wealth journal a brand new wealth journal for this eight week session that we’re going to do together hi CJ how are you love you require a new wealth journal pick up a new wealth journal okay so here I’ll show you my wealth journal this is a wealth journal that I’ve had for quite a while has my butterfly told him on the front and I loved it because it had gold on it and then when it started to get used a little bit what I did was I replaced my wealth journal you always want your wealth journal to be beautiful and rich and something that makes you feel very rich and wealthy so this is my new wealth journal and here you see it it is also butterfly but this one has gold on it as the compass to find your way due north and what I love about it is has three books in here and I love these books because I’m going to show you what’s inside of them and this is really purple and the butterfly this is really beautiful and I’m going to show you one of them has three books in here one of them I use for my freedom plan with Bitcoin and things like that as you can see freedom plan I’m going to be teaching you about bitcoin bitcoin 2017 I know you’re gonna be happy cuz y’all been blowing my spot up talking my room now change tipis clothes you said change to have changed up his clothes I got you boudoir take a breath cuz some of y’all was going ballistic because they clothes change oh my god don’t you who makes this Journal pooch pooch makes this journal so get yourself a beautiful beautiful journal this journal has in it I’m going to teach you all about that international living because I want to teach you about some international living options second passports and the ability to be able to create offshore bank accounts as well oh absolutely my totems are all over this absolutely Wow I got this believe it or not from Burlington so go to a place where it won’t break the budget hey what’s up Daniel how you doing Daniel Hogan so good to see you here on the channel so good to see you and then the third journal that I have besides the International living the second passports the offshore bank accounts are wealth notes and these wealth notes are notes of some of my favorite favorite wealth teachers around the world thank you good good and one of them is Mike Maloney he teaches a lot about gold and silver and he has an incredible movie right here on one of my favorite books the death of money so I’m going to be giving you over the next eight weeks a lot of resources this is where you really truly take charge of your financial life and your financial house and you turn your financial life around once and for all and you will know the basic structure of a really solid financial house and really I was only going to exclusively teach this in the millionaire Club because as you know I started the millionaire Club as I was saying thirty um last year with the intention um I’m gonna tell you what you write in the journal yeah yes you write in the journals yes yes you’re gonna write in the journals and I’ll show you what you’re going to write in the journals and then of course you can write as much as more as you like as well I also have an assignment for us tonight we’re going to have homework tonight we’re going to have homework every week because you need to get this money thing right and you need to get straight and be on it right oh you love the buddha head back there oh thank you in the fair ahead you want to see the Buddha and the fairness the Pharaoh there with the the candles over here is the lying Buddha here with the the peacock the totem of my mom might as well taken a little tour of my wall here so now the Budda up there a couple of boxes Mike Ross up there there’s a work by C Evans the artis my amazing son there’s my elephant totem right there what else and this one is a Kendall’s and when it burns oh it’s just exquisite and beautiful so there was a little tour of my wall behind me so let’s get down to business so you’ve got your journal yes you have homework yes this is school this is money stole yes child you got homework you don’t see don’t teach it without no homework yes yes boo boo you got homework you mean business up in this camp we ain’t just talking this is a master class I love it I love y’all this is a master class so that’s the first thing is millionaire Club normally only teach this in a millionaire Club however I’m opening it to you now the millionaire Club I am only looking for 12 more members of the millionaire Club right now to actually become wealth coaches to help other people gain their wealth if you want to know more about that then you need to contact me and the way that you can do that is you go to millionaire Club me for me or if there is a member of the millionaire Club who set you to this website to this class this masterclass series then you need to talk to that member of the millionaire club so that they can help you understand exactly how you can become a member of the millionaire club it’s only 499 550 tax shipping and handling and then you’re on this ride with us so we give you an incredible incredible is this loominatee do I sell my so now you got to sell you soul no this is not the Illuminati go to the Illuminati channel for that so no it’s all good it’s going to help you quite a bit quite a bit now now that we understand the wealth journal now that we understand that you can join the millionaire club and be able to access information like this all the time have me as your coach now that you also understand that I’m looking for 12 new members of the millionaire club that I will personally work with in coach and let me tell you something the ones that I have been coaching they already got checks with racks on racks on racks on racks on racks um some of y’all that got rats on rats just put rats in the comments that are in the millionaire Club just put racks in the comments so their folks know that we already think that we already got rats on racks on racks coming in the millionaire Club and then we’re going to teach you how to do it as well so now we have a vehicle in addition to the vehicle you have the opportunity racks look at that come on racks come on Rach singulars all good Valerie I need racks and we’ve been to this women come with the country okay I think I might block you you got one more you got one more chance that this might be a block cuz right now I got report removed put user in timeout or block do you want timeout or do you want block y’all be cracking me up all you do somebody’s wants be cracking me up so I’ll just let you know oh that wheel oh but you don’t know women don’t come with this money what are you saying this is a financial class okay it’s a financial class all right next this financial guy this financial class this whole series look at all our racks this whole series is eight classes tonight is the first class it’s not going to be on Monday every week because I have a speaking engagements next week look at there be racks I have a speaking engagement for the next four weeks in a row on Monday nights I’ll have speaking engagements so our classes will be on Wednesday nights I’m going to put oh thank you so classy thank you so much I’m going to put the link I’m going to put the dates below this video look below this video get the complete schedule of all eight classes next as of July 1st 2017 these classes are going to do the same thing that the Oprah and Deepak meditations do they are going to go into pay per view so and then everyone after that gets to pay nine ninety five per class somewhere around $9. 99 per class to watch it yay I’ll teach you how to make money and I’m showing you how to make money okay no you don’t sell yourself thank you like honeymoon you’re the most powerful women I know I love watching you all thank you so much thank you so much yay money yes so now you get it for free July first after all I’ll give you until June 30th to watch all eight classes and you want to watch all eight classes seven times that’s a special number seven is the number of perfectionist completion as you know the classes are free and open to the public everyone now until June 30th on July 1st when you come here you click on this video you will have the lovely divine opportunity to pay and Valerie love $9. 95 I don’t get the whole 9. 95 I get 2/3 of it you to get 2/3 of it hey bombshell Alchemist are you doing and therefore you will juju or voodoo oh serious question I’ll get a Z no we’re not going to do juju or voodoo tonight but we do have a full moon ritual that will be coming up not next week but the week after that because class falls on the full moon as I was mapping out the class and I thought that you already love a full moon ritual to make you richer yeah yeah yeah yeah you love that mm hm I know my people love that next so you have my little notes here keep going track if you keep on track keep on track okay love love love you coach ah thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you oh I see can you do a live ritual yes it’s gonna be live and it’s gonna be right here on the channel and it is going to be a full moon full moon ritual right here on channel stay tuned that’s not next Wednesday I think it’s the Wednesday after that so look up the date and you’ll see the full moon in the United States because I know we’re global with our love troopers we’re a global yet this will go this is going to be according to the full moon in the United States next let’s go to your okay we did everything now let’s get into our content here’s our content for tonight and I’m going to post this below thank you thank you thank you thank you number 13 is very powerful for many magical people for which is it for many magical people because the number of 30 very very good for me because 13 is a derivative of my number I was born in number four and so 13 is a very good number and four is an excellent money also a number for money because four symbolizes AB stability strong foundation for legs under a table so four is the number of stability and solid foundation let’s move to our content for tonight here’s what you’re going to write down you’re going to get a fresh sheet of paper and I want you to write on your fresh sheet of paper one through five because I’m going to read to you five statements that are going to change your life and this we call the magical money secret the magical money secret you will be astounded at this magical money secret you will love it you it will change your life it changed my life it turned my whole world upside down it caused me to experience let me pause this for a moment I’m looking at the comments on here too and I want to make sure of everything that’s going well it changed my financial life all round now this is where it came from I was broke Bose busted and disgusted believe me had already experienced I Drive a Honda look I used to drive a Lexus of the mg Benz and all in fancy cars I love my Honda and guess what I don’t have no lipstick on my teeth guess what I’m going to write that Honda until I don’t drive no more it’s driving beautifully and I love it and it holds its value and his grab very good for my money and this is a really powerful point cars Warren Buffett asks how they asked him why are you still driving the same old car that you’ve had for a long time and Warren Buffett said I can’t afford to buy a new car and people were looking at him like what you’re a billionaire how can you not afford to buy a new car he said what I did the numbers and if you calculate a car payment even at low interest over five years or if you take the exact amount of money that I would put into investing into a brand new car and the depreciation of a car and then after that if you compare the depreciation with me taking the exact same amount of money and putting it into the stock market and investing it which I’m going to teach you somewhere around class four or five minutes to wilderness talk about stock investing if I put it the exact that same thing in the stock market I would have X number of dollars something like millions of dollars after X number of years and he had the whole thing calculated out on why he could not afford a new car this is a billionaire so be careful with cars because a car is a depreciating asset what does that mean that means as soon as you drive off the lot it loses money instantaneously so before you buy a brand new car make sure that your financial house is really in order really strong and really going well now I was broke busted and disgusted I had experienced foreclosure and bankruptcy and repo and eviction it was rough it was rough I was going through a very rough time in my life and you’ll know I probably know I was married to a man who won seventeen million dollars in the lottery and people always think oh well if I just win the lottery all my prayers would be answered everything would be perfect no I won’t because trust me I met him in 1996 and a night in 2015 was the last check and how do you replace 969 thousand well actually was eight hundred and sixty five thousand dollars a year that’s was seventeen point maybe 1 million annualized over amortized over 20 years that came to eight hundred and sixty five thousand dollars per year every April three hundred thousand dollars went straight to taxes so five hundred and sixty five thousand and then he was a faithful Tyler so he paid 56 thousand a little over fifty something thousand in tithes and he was a big generous giver he gave a lot of way to family and friends now let me ask you a question it eventually with it a inflation adjustment it eventually went up from eight hundred sixty five thousand dollars to nine hundred and nine thousand dollars a year now if you’re making nine hundred and nine thousand dollars a year let’s just imagine close your eyes for a moment in every April you get a check for nine hundred and nine thousand dollars you might think hey life is great life is wonderful but let me ask you a question what happens on year twenty one when you no longer have that check coming to you and you have not yet replaced half a million dollars in income you don’t even know how to go out and create half a million dollars in income you can’t even get a job that will pay you anywhere near half a million dollars an income you don’t have a business so I haven’t started any businesses that will pay you anywhere near half a million dollars in income is that the beat is that the answer no you know why because it does not activate as Daymond John said the power of broke what is the power of broke when a person is broke there’s a special power that you get that is your imagination that kicks into gear and you have to get your imagination on you got to get your swerve on you got to get your flow on people would call it hustle I don’t really believe in hustle because I love things to be effortless on the higher spiritual planes yet Daymond John one of the Sharks from Shark Tank wrote a book and the book is called the power of broke and there is a power being broke because when you’re broken you’re an entrepreneur or trust me I have been there and you becoming out fighting it’s like put your back against the wall and you ain’t got nowhere to go you think I’ve got to do it you know you gotta make some money otherwise something’s going to happen bad yeah that’ll get you activated to make money fast make money fast manifest money fast that’s the faster faster okay so there is a power of being broke so we want you tonight to make the power being broke though you want you to activate the power of being rich how about just be rich how about having plenty more than you need so this is what happened I decided to myself I said Valerie because this whole universe goes according to intention what do you really truly desire to experience with your money now I want you to write down on this piece of paper one through five on a brand new fresh sheet of paper one through five and here I’m going to give you what to write next to number one I want you to write the word attraction attraction right right right Daymond John the shark he said that he hangs around a lot of millionaires and billionaires and guess what he said he said they’re always writing writing writing not taking notes on a tablet there are writing writing writing writing writing with their hand why because there is a direct connect from your subconscious from your hand to your subconscious mind that when you write it you own it you must write it okay right right right uh huh you’re not enjoying right now okay Oh block okay I’m a blah I’m sorry that the the tribe has spoken uh what’s your name eh let me let me block him yes block okay you about to get blocked in okay we will just do that thank you thank you tribe thank you cuz this block it’s so easy with that’s the end of that dad is the end of that okay one pay Spain so glad you here for the first time yeah yeah yeah block him he is a robber okay oh my goodness oh lordy trolls you know how to trolls on the Charles be trying to get with everything hey Charles need lives too right so next to number one on your sheet of five right attraction number two right gifting number three right saving and investments number four right integrity thank you thank you baking number five right abundance now I’m going to do these again number one attraction write it out attraction Charles Charles are you getting blocked two Oh block Charles okay Charles is getting gentle block block yeah baby it’s lovely to be able to block people by first don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you anywho number one attraction here is the statement this is the magical money secret and I’ll tell you how to use it in a moment I’m also going to put a link to it I’m really debating as to whether to put it under the the vid because if I tell you I’m going to put it onto the vid you’re not going to write it out and then you’re not going to get the full benefit so write it out and I’m going to give it to you and someone put it in the chat someone put number one attraction just like we do a moose every morning on Facebook one attraction I attract over blank daily now when I first started this process I put a thousand dollars a day then when I passed that it was like okay I need to get a new you write number one is attraction thank you I attract over blank daily you could say over a thousand dollars a day that’s what I started with I started with I attract over a thousand dollars a day a thousand dollars a day a thousand dollars a day I attracted a thousand dollars a day a thousand dollars a day a block ok I attracted over a thousand dollars a day a thousand dollars a day that was what I said to myself and let me tell you a story about what happened when I began this magical money secret I was coaching and a client called me up and she said Val it’s so good to talk to you get ahead talk to her quite a long time and she said now I need some coaching I said great let’s do it and she said I don’t know what your coaching fees are now because we haven’t coached a long time however I can I have $1,000 cash that I can give you right now can you make some kind of coaching program for me for this and we did and I did and it was she’s an amazing amazing client loved her so much we got together we met and she put right in my hand a thousand dollars ten one hundred dollar bills and all I could do was chuckle and the reason that I had to chuckle uh remove thank you let’s block block block block and you can you can also ah you can also let me put user a timeout thank you yeah you could also block people so all those deleted and block so I said to her I said I really a you know we want to help you so uh he’s gone he’s God he’s gone you know how that is let me tell you something the more bigger and bigger a bigger numbers you get the more you will have every so often some strange people in here and that’s why we have bad user block user from channel delete goodbye release it and let it go so I met her and when I was there all I could say was o. MG I sat in my car and I looked at that stack of thousand that that thousand a trap that I had in my hand stack of hundred dollar bills and all I could say was Thank You universe because as soon as you ask for something the universe always says yes as soon as you ask for it so ask for what is your daily amount over a thousand dollars a day that’s where I started is it over ten thousand dollars a day is it over five thousand dollars a day that’s the first thing that you’re going to be programming your subconscious mind for attraction attraction attraction attraction attract over a thousand dollars a day I must have said that a million times and next thing you know I started to have more and more thousand dollar day $1000 $1000 day care and I said over a thousand dollars a day over a thousand dollars a day yes Daniel if he had invested he did invest over time he really did invest however even with the investments it was difficult for him to replace that income yes ask it becometh whoa I love that absolutely so I started attracting it I started having over $1000 days so that you don’t get limited to a thousand dollars a day what if it’s ten thousand dollars a day whatever your number is make it believable in your subconscious mind and Bob Procter taught this very important thing Bob Proctor said this pick a number that your subconscious mind actually believes like a thousand dollars let’s say or let’s say five thousand dollars if this is an amount that always comes to you and then he said just shorten the time that he comes to you because five thousand dollars coming to you doesn’t mean we don’t know what it means it’s all relative if you make five thousand dollars hour it’s very different from making five thousand dollars a year and five thousand dollars an hour your life is coming smoking beautiful fabulous five thousand dollars a year you are broke busted and disgusted so it’s not the five thousand it’s not the amount it’s the daily it’s the daily it’s the daily right and I am going to also report him because this one is really it’s the daily right so you want to always be thinking to yourself what is the daily amount that I am attracting to myself the daily amount right good thing that they don’t yet he’s blocked good thing they don’t sell say the comments on vid relax it’s all good they don’t save the comments on vid which is you know now I see what all right so whatever amount daily daily daily daily see the reason you want to do it daily is because monthly is a long time and a lot of people are sent monthly goals you have to haven’t got that goal yet have you and a lot of people say and your goals you haven’t gotten that yet goal yet if you have you I’m going to give you something that’s really going to work you go ticket to daily every day you wake up that morning psycho over $10,000 it’s coming to me today over ten thousand dollars a day over two thousand dollars every day or if it’s over a hundred thousand a day whatever your number is make it believable to your subconscious mind number two gifting here is the statement for your gifting I give 10% joyfully and generously so let’s put it in the chat number two gifting this is a five part five part incredible incredible this is an incredible five part um okay an incredible incredible five part magical money secret so number two is gifting thank you for buddy yeah thank you thank you make it make it thank you alright so what are you doing your gifting 10% plus to any place that feeds your soul that you love that you want to take care of that you love yes yes yes gifting now why did I create this five line magical money secret I created it because I had to ask myself what do I truly desire to experience and do and be with regard to money and this is exactly it number three saving and investments number three saving and investments come on write it out in the chat someone put it in the chat for us saving and investment saving in investments here is number three here’s the statement for number three that’s why I want you to watch this video seven times so you can write it out write it out write it out number three savings investments thank you I save and invest 10% plus wisely profitably and prudently write this out absolutely good stuff good stuff good stuff awesome awesome awesome saving investments I save it invest 10% plus 10% plus wisely prudently and profitably absolutely absolutely okay so when you have your savings and investments all taken care of and you are absolutely putting 10% in it this is what we call your saving as an investment fund are you ready for the name that we’re going to call your vessel say these investments fun let me know ready ready ready let me know ready ready ready for your savings and investment fund guess what we’re calling this fund guess what we’re calling it guess what we’re calling it yeah guess what we’re calling this 10% ready ready ready ready ready we’re calling it yourself respect fund somebody put it in the chat we’re calling it your self respect fund this is your self respect fun this is your fun that after is their self respect fund it’s not just savings account it’s not your investment account it is your self respect fund Oh after you have given your effort your vital life force energy yourself to the world is some kind of service and now the world has blessed you with money my own energy yield my own natural energy yield is what dr.

Reverend dr.yuan levan say of calls it now that you get that money back you mean to tell me you won’t run around and pay Joe and pay Harry and pay Susie and pay it Verizon gas electric telephone rent car no car insurance and don’t have nothing left for you know that ends today today you start your self respect fun and from this day forward put your right hit your yarn your right here your left hand over your heart put your right hand in the end your left hand over your heart and say I do solemnly swear I state your name Valerie now do solemnly swear swear to yourself do solemnly swear to put 10% one more to put 10% or more of everything I receive of everything all the money I receive all the money I receive away in my own self respect fund for savings and investments so help me God because that’s who’s gonna help you because most people can’t do it now here’s where I used to help people when I was a financial planner with American Express as y’all know is with American Express of seven years and I learned a whole lot about money which I’m going to be teaching y’all for free I used to charge clients houses much help up looking for free there’s the play me very well for that and it was wonderful and I loved it and I loved the teaching aspect of it but this is what I love even more what I love even more is understanding the spiritual mental emotional connections that we have to money and understanding the psychosomatic issues of money which we’ll be talking about over the next few weeks so let’s that’s right yourself respect fun doesn’t it feel good that’s my self respect fun I mean come on I gotta respect myself I have to respect myself enough to pay myself and I’m gonna pay myself ten percent plus because I have been paid by the universe and trust me I’m gonna keep it now let me ask you a question what doesn’t it feel good that feels good let me ask you a question what if you had saved 10% of every single dollar you ever made from the time you first got your first dollar from first working for your entire life how rich would you be right now would you be loaded would you be even be sitting on this you would be sitting on this I mean I love you but you wouldn’t be here right because you would have already been wealthy you would have already been rich so if you do really not yet put some respect on yourself love yourself how you’ve all be rich and you’re even loving respect so this is my self respect fun the least I could do is keep 10% for myself the least I can do is put keep 10% for myself that’s the least you can do number four are you all ready for number four say ready ready ready ready let’s see the comments ready ready ready ready ready ready ready as amazing tool ready ready ready ready ready ready number four number four number four ready ready ready ready excellent ready awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome ready ready ready alright number four is integrity writing in the chat integrity integrity yeah eleven another number four is integrity and what is integrity here is a statement that goes with integrity and remember to watch this vid and rewind it so that you can get the statements here’s the statement I honor my financial commitments easily early and enthusiastically I used to have issues would even pay in a light bill I used to have them done service turned off I remember one time I came home from my fifty million jobs and I was like in my 20s I was married to my husband and our little kids were little they were two two and four something like that and I remember coming home with our two and five because they three years apart and my son is gonna be 30 this year I used to always have stuff getting turned off running here two pages this have a late fee this bill over here trying to write a check and hurry up and get the money to the bank what his check bounces aesthetically is madness madness I remember coming home one day and my husband was sitting in the house in the dark with the two kids and I said how come we ain’t got no light he said cuz we didn’t pay the bill I was like what do you mean he said I said were you here the man came while you were here he said yeah the man came to the door wait a minute the BG&E man came to the door why you were here he said yeah I was in witches you tell him he said I told him me to have the money I said why did you tell him that he said because we go I was like that’s not what you’re telling it okay cuz let me tell you something a girlfriend I would have worked it out look PG there man BGE em look our man I got your kids in here I’m Rachel check I’m put a little bit on it down no because I’m gonna run down to the office tomorrow I’m gonna give you 20 on it something that man I would not have been sittin in that house in no dark I was mad as all hell I mean I was mad that day I was like you know what that’s why I’m about to divorce you because I can’t do it I can’t even hi you gonna be not working and let’s stop get cut off and you was here and man was talking to you I can’t do it see we’re not living those lives anymore we’re not living lives of no car payment pick car payment late panel and crazy fees we’re not paying an old drum we’re not doing overdrawn bank accounts we got fat bank accounts we got an MBA millionaire bank account up today you know what to talk about oh my goodness just a little hood it it was rough it was rough on a sister and I was trying my best to do my thing right and absolutely we are not living paycheck to paycheck we are not living with no savings at self respect fun we are not doing any of that anymore so we won’t be talking about Bitcoin stops and and how to invest and what accounts to open and all of that okay who’s ready for number five number five is the final one that we’re going to cover tonight and then I’m gonna give you your homework number five ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready who’s ready for number five ready ready ready let me get you ready ready ready whoa ready ready ready yeah awesome awesome awesome all right number five is abundance write it out abundance number five is abundance so abundance is I live lavishly bountifully and abundantly see I wanted to have not just abundance I wanted lavishly abundant life like my donor now yesterday went to the ballet like drivers taking you wherever you need to go like riding first class I’m going out to flying out to Denver Colorado this week and then from Denver Colorado I have a speaking engagement in in Chicago Illinois so I’m gonna be a Denver that I’m gonna be a Chicago and I tell you one thing I was looking at that first class ticket in the first class ticket was very reasonable it wasn’t it’s just such a short flight so I was like I’ll get the first the first class ticket next time when it’s a little longer fly was just such a short flight however we live lavishly see I wanted to have the experience of lavish living beautiful jewelry and beautiful clothing y’all know how I love gold and I we have some gold let me show you some of the gold let’s see it’s in one of these things right here so I’m going to show you gold and our gold and silver investment class that’s coming up cuz y’all got to get the gold I’m going to show you how to get the gold where to buy the gold why you need gold and where to put your gold so we gonna do all that we gonna do all that alright alright let me give you sad to read the Bible thank you so much I do read the Bible thank you go don’t we love go go go go go go we love gold alright let’s go to number five number five was I live lavishly bountifully and abundantly lavish living but the lavish living can only come after the other four so number one is I attract over let’s say ten thousand dollars a day we’ll use that as an experience as an example number two I give over 10 percent joyfully and generously your big giver number three savings investments I put over ten percent plus plus plus plus I put over ten percent in my self respect fun save me saving and investments and I invest this 10 percent wisely profitably and prudently okay yes I’m coming to Chicago this weekend actually Sunday Sunday night I have arrived in Chicago on Sunday April 30th and May 1st have a speaking engagement at the pamper sweet pepper and sweet bye princess Hemphill who is does a lot of events for Les Brown and different celebrities and things like that so she is doing this amazing event and I’m one of the speakers there and I will put a link to that event in the comments so that you can get a ticket for it if you like if you’re living in Chicago and I’ll get to see their Devitt so after you’ve saved it in vessel after you’ve made your money after you gifted gifted I don’t like to say time because tithe pulls up some creepy energy sometimes for some people get they be a big giver after you’ve put savings and investments in your self respect fund after you have honored all your financial commitments easily early and enthusiastically now it’s easy to pay everything that needs to be paid you honor all your financial commitments easily early and enthusiastically let me you a little tiny tidbit here no more bills for the rest of your life no more bills we have energy exchanges no bills I got rid of bills without any bills I have energy exchanges a wonderful energy exchange I receive a beautiful roof over my head I share my energy I receive wonderful electricity as energy I share my energy to receive the energy energy exchange energy exchange your subconscious mind loves having an energy exchange you have an energy exchange we Verizon you have an energy exchange for a t mobile t mobile you have an energy exchange of Comcast you have an energy exchange with your mortgage broker it with the mortgage with the bank’s energy exchange no more bills your bill free bill free okay and number five after you’ve taken care of these other four number five is you live very lavishly my daughter and I went to a wonderful restaurant on Saturday night the restaurant where you actually have to make reservations and where they don’t call you a food by number good lord eat a restaurant where they don’t call your food by number we don’t want numbers on the food we want them to deliver this lavishly delicious delectable food experience to your table it’s not wonderful where you have this very high energy high vibration food that’s even still alive that’s just so delicious and wonderful by this amazing chef so this is the lavish living that I decided to have now why do we have number five there’s something I want to tell you a secret about manifestation and then we’re on to your homework and then we’ll be complete if you do not set an intention for how you were going to be you on the inside and you only say I want to manifest this amount of money a million dollars you’ll manifest a million dollars because your mind is very powerful your mind can do anything but on the inside you might still be stressed you might still have a broke mind you might still have a oh that’s how I was I was living in the lap of luxury I’m telling you seventeen million dollars I I would be thank you yes Jesus is Lord and Savior all right god rising from the dead glory to God hallelujah hallelujah Saints I’m a minister so thank you for blessing us with that so I was living in the lap of luxury but guess what inside I still have broke mentality playing quick question it took me a year and two months it’s been $36,000 that a good thing or a bad thing that’s a good question it’s all relative because I know some people I go through 36 just like but they got millions and then you know some people that um they don’t make 36 thousand a whole year so it all depends us everything is relative it’s according to your experience so I was sitting in the lap of luxury and even in the lap of luxury I was still having an inner experience of turmoil and inner experience of no peace and inner experience of wondering how you know everything was going to come together I was still wearing on the inside so you must don’t just say I want this amount of money I want there’s absolutely Daniel I want this kind of house what do you desire to experience on the inside is it peace is it bliss is it happiness is it joy is that brown boy from for my lunch tree last night hey brown boy you doing love how you doing are you loving remember you must have a two fold vision not just a vision of how you see your life on the outside you must also have a good ground boy you must also have an inner vision of what you desire to experience on the inside we call it beautiful States or blissful States see I desire to be in a state of bliss I heard a beautiful word today yes outside and inside right outside and inside because you don’t want to be sitting here trust me I know a lot of people that they got oh they got rights on racks on racks and they still worried they’re still upset they’re still stressed they’re still anxious you don’t want to be a stressed anxious multi millionaire I’m not raising up Oh stressed angry worried multimillionaires no no no the millionaires that I am training and the millionaires that are in the millionaire club who are millionaires in the making we love love love effortlessness don’t we millionaire club talk to a millionaire club we love effortlessness thank you thank you thank you love my energy thank you so much we love effortlessness we love luxury we love having fun and laughing to be a jockey and we love getting the job done and we love it to be effortless so I am NOT teaching you how to hustle That’s Gary Vaynerchuk I’m not teaching you how to do 50 million things a day that’s Grant Cardone no this is what I teach I teach bliss how about being blissfully rich bliss see we want you to have an inner state of bliss as you experience all this wonderful money magnetization on the outside now I want to tell you something until next week be expecting money to come to you be expecting money to come to you be expecting money to come to you because it will many many many times I have taught a class and the second I start teaching the class money starts coming manifest in every money manifestation class I have ever taught as soon as I started teaching a money manifestation class money just started coming do you see these hands these hands are blessed for money coming these hands are blessed for money coming I can teach you how to manifest some stuff but I don’t want to just teach you I got a check today and came one r here you all talked about I got all kinds of manifestation videos on here I could manifest anything I could teach you how to manifest anything else are manifest 50,000 dollars overnight manifest 3000 manifest 5000 manifests I manifest 17 million because you know how manifesting seventeen million okay I’m gonna be truthful and honest with y’all is it okay if I’d be real Trufant honest with you and then I’m gonna give you your homework I promise no we’re gonna be gone say yes truthful and honest yes yes truthful and honest yes can I be real I mean real truthful announced yes yes yes I said here’s how I here’s how I manifested the man okay wonderful wonderful it’s okay I’m gonna go there I’m gonna go there family because I love you all night rush all y’all part of the global love tribe and we going we gonna do this truthful and honest do you know what my affirmation was after I broke up with my first husband I broke up with my first husband even so broke I couldn’t take it we have filed bankruptcy Brian Brown boys said this was my affirmation no broke niggas ever that was my information it’s very politically incorrect no broke niggas ever it was math cuz I had a broken bigger for a husband please don’t quote me on that cuz I’m a minister don’t yourself I’m letting you know the state of my consciousness and what it was back then I don’t have that consciousness anymore that was 20 some odd years ago but that’s when I said to myself very truly when I walked out of that relationship I said no broke niggas ever I told my girlfriend that never I never gonna be with no broke nigga and if I fell if we went in the club oh man I was so wild a wretched I’m telling pray for me y’all thank God God got me and said you a minister girly girl come on over here I gotta show you a little something cuz I was broke busted and discuss now man bankrupt upset well let me tell you something after I said that affirmation wasn’t probably about a month later here come the man and this is what my girlfriend said to me we met in the club right I had on my high heeled boots my seen my lows short miniskirt on going up in the club um over there at Columbia in Maryland y’all know if y’all live in Columbia you’ll know where this is so me and my girlfriends we go up in the club right we roll it up in a club he said we looking like Destiny’s Child I was like it was in the 90s right if I had all my he said when we walked in the club the music stopped like it’s like anyway but that was just his perception because I had on his miniskirt and all that so anyway my girlfriend said let’s go to Denny’s and eat after the club so we go up to Denny’s and we have some breakfast with these two gentlemen and so one of my girlfriend’s is from New York City just like I am and we don’t believe nothing nobody say ever because everybody from New York is just skeptical we don’t believe nobody right so you understand where I’m coming from you can feel be right my other girlfriend was from South Carolina so we had the three of us three girls we came together and we already vowed we go home together ain’t nobody how to you the truth I’m telling you all the truth I bare my soul we say nobody going home with these Negroes because we don’t know them we just met them and I was mother duck and I was usually always the designated driver because I don’t I don’t drink so anyway we go in the bathroom cuz we got to have a conversation you know the ladies have to go in the bathroom that’s our conference room guys were you out with the ladies and one stands up in it all of them stand up and say oh we go into the ladies room they bout to talk about you and if you ever if you ever order a double date and one lady gets up and the other lady looks at her saying you got to laser oh we go into the ladies room and then they walk off with them cute little purses to put me right back they bout getting a bath and be like girl do you see him what is with them shoes oh we have if the walls could talk in the ladies walls could talk that’s all conference room so the three of us go into the conference room right here comes my girlfriend the one who’s from South Carolina she tells me Dan Murray what the one you win he’s rich I said what do you call rich cuz I’m like you know I don’t know that’s relative I wasn’t believe in it so she said he’s rich he went a hundred and seventy million in the lottery and me and my other girlfriend Cynthia looked at each other and then we look back at her and we wave we saw glasses it was so funny we won laughs we were cracking up we were how later you know why we were laughing so much we were laughing so much because we said shall you believe anything these dudes tell you they want to get in our you know what so are they want the cookies they want to tell you anything man 170 million dollars in a lot of right yeah right she said no Valerie what you did he’s French did you see the car he was driving well he did have a brand go y’all know my crazy stories Ravenel is crazy my life is crazy it’s just my crazy life what is anybody else he’s got this one anyway here we are in the Denny’s bathroom and we have in this conversation cracking up Colin laughing it’s my girlfriend because she just got totally taken by these dudes and these dudes ain’t got no 170 million she was like but did you see his cars brand new I was like yet but it’s a Volvo is not no 170 million dollar car this is you know any working man can get this they probably working dudes and she was like no having told you that one you win this rich well she was off by a0 which is a big deal as it wasn’t a hundred seventy million but it was seventeen billion I’ll take 17 million no problem so yeah he had 117 million dollars in lottery here wanted like April and we met him like June of the same here so that no more broke niggas ever oh it paid off but then here’s to my point of why you must set an inner intention and inner vision and an outer vision because I still have the same inner experiences with the second husband that I did with the first husband but we just had money now we had limos and AMC bit a Benz AMG hundred fifty thousand dollar car was driving my lovely Lexus we was living in this huge mansion two acres and all of this it was beautiful lovely you guess what you still have issues you will still have issues and people don’t believe me they want to win lottery they’re like well now I believe you but still give me the lottery money anyway like okay baby go ahead get your lottery money but you’re still gonna have to figure it out you’re still going to have to work through your issues and you’re still going to have to come to a place of self respect that you save and invest for yourself from a place of love and self worth deep within yourself I love you here’s your homework I’m gonna put a link to the homework assignment under this vid it is called this is the name of it dad to claim your good 21 day process prayers statements for unexpected prosperity I’m gonna help you manifest over these next 21 days I’m gonna help you manifest some extra money here are the statements right here and you know what I’m going to do I’m going to link to the statements because I did this exact 21 day process and let me tell you something money is popping popping popping popping popping popping popping uh I’d rather chronic oh that’s right rocky said I’d rather crying a mansion in a car but you absolutely right about that because like Tony Robbins said you still have to show up to your issues it’s just that when you have money you show up to your issues in a limo but you still have to heal your issues right so you’re absolutely right Rodney is much lovelier to be in a hoopty there is much lovelier to being an AMG Mercedes Benz then a hook T I mean and a Mercedes Benz AMG is just better it’s $150,000 driving machine it’s just better than a hoopty right a mansion is just better than a roach and rat infested in mice infested apartment like the one I grew up in in New York City a mansion is just better than some things you just can’t even compare right the key is that as you are in your mansion we want you we desire to experience bliss as you were in your lovely vehicles have an air state that is peace and joy and beauty we call them the beautiful states here are here’s your dare to claim your good statements is 15 statements on Amory to you real quick before we end up the class and then I’m going to put a link below it so that you can have your homework what do you do with this yeah we’re gonna talk investments in the classes coming up what do you do with this every day you write out the statements write these statements every day for 21 days I did it here’s right here my financial journal you can see when I went through this process every single day for 21 days straight I wrote these statements and it’s manifested money it manifested money you ready for the statements write these statements every day for 21 days speak them aloud three times a day for 21 days keep a record of your divisor prices tides offerings and gifts pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention this is what you’re going to write in your in your wealth journal you’re going to write these statements cuz you’re going to do 21 days straight start tonight before you go to bed write out these statements I’m gonna give you these 15 statements right now there are lovely there are so delicious I’m telling you I used this 21 day process and you could use it over and over and over again any time you want to it was created by Edwin Gaines absolutely loved Edwin Gaines this woman is rich at spiritual scene I like people that are rich and spiritual I don’t want people that are rich and they just discussed it angry mean man got bad energy we don’t need that we don’t need more rich mean people in the world we want people like you to be rich light workers and lovers and truth seekers and transformation agents and healers and yay magical beings beloved light we want you all to be rich because we know that you’re going to do some amazing things with money right here are the statements number one the first statement is the entire universe loves me serves me nurtured me and wants me to win that statement number one oh you got to see this in the link because I am gonna link this up for you that statement number one you write it out every day you speak it three times a day the entire universe loves me serves me nurtured me and what’s me to win baby that’s not feel good number two there’s enough for everyone there is enough for everyone that’s number two number three I choose in this moment to release all sense of burden struggle and fear I choose it I choose it I choose it so you can choose and then you can choose again you can choose again you can choose again choose just say I choose in this moment to release all since a burden struggle and fear number four I choose to live and Trust yeah Cheryl please with me oh yeah thank you smash that share button baby smash the like button comment and absolutely subscribe and then ring the bell so when we go live you get the notification number five I have wonderful gifts to get and I choose to give generously that’s that’s why I’m here tonight I’m giving you my gifts cuz guess what the gifts are returned to me woo hmm give you gifts and it gives a return to you number six oh I really do number six I have wonderful gifts to get and I choose to give generously number six I have wonderful gifts to receive and I received joyously see most people are poor receivers the stuff is hitting them and this is bouncing right off haha we can’t get no money in and stay in shock Daymond John said the other a that money is hard enough to make but it’s 10 times harder to keep and I’m gonna teach you how to make it and keep it number 8 money is energy and is here to serve me money is energy and is here to serve me Oh number 3 is calling calling to you yay number 9 I can be trusted to handle money spiritually I can be trusted to handle money spiritually number 10 I tied where I’m spiritually fed ooh that feels good that feels good number 11 money comes easily and effortlessly to me for my personal use I’m a good receiver again money comes easily and effortlessly to me for my personal use I’m a good receiver see you better receive money Oprah says something powerful that you can’t get what you want what you want must be delivered to you what is number 7 number 7 money comes to me from all directions and I am rich oh thank you reading cover number 7 Thank You number 7 money comes to me from all directions and I am rich I love babies I’m telling you number two let’s go to effect so we did one through 10 now let’s go to number 11 Oh money comes easily and effortlessly to me for my personal use I’m a good receiver that’s number 11 number 12 there is no Rita me I love to share there is no greeting me I love to share because greed is a clamping down energy because you’re afraid that you might Alyssa free or fear of loss I love to share number 13 there is no fear in me God provides lavishly for me and all humanity there is no fear in me God provides lavishly for me and all humanity number 14 you will love this large rich Oh opulent lavish financial surprises now come to me and I am grateful come on come on family let’s do this one together large just say with me large feel it feel it in your bones rich hmm opulent ooh lavish financial surprises whoo now come to me and I am grateful yes yes yes yes yes okay lavish opulence you know how we do everything on this channel we do it abundantly we do it abundantly elegantly excellently and opulent ly in opulent abundance elegance excellent opulent number fifty let’s come on and yeah the financial surprises now come to me rich large lavish opulent financial surprises financial surprises now come to me you want your journal cuz you’re going to write it out if you find a dollar on the street right now if you find a quarter write it off you get a check in the mail for ten dollars write it down if you get a check in the mail for ten thousand dollars right now forget it chuckling over ten million dollars write it down and if you give a check for ten million dollars I’m Senate Senate ten percent time to remember Valerie love I give my address not perfect hey Challenger polio couple number 15 I have wonderful projects for good in the world all the money I desire shows up to support my work that is the truth I have wonderful projects for good in the world and all the money I desired shows up to support my work yeah baby whoo that’s your assignment for next week start your 21 day process to night watch out get your financial journals we will be together again next Wednesday evening at 8:00 p. m. remember one way I’ll be in Colorado and in Chicago and then I’ll be returning home next week Tuesday so next week Wednesday evening and 8:00 p. m. is our next class I’ll have the dates at Valerie love calm I love you god bless you you’re awesome you’re amazing please MA yay.


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