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Winning the Lottery

I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the “New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

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hi thank you so much for pressing play today I want to share with everybody a story about how I manifested winning the lottery I have the opportunity to be involved in a project which is going to spread my message and hopefully it will inspire you back in 2009 I had a spiritual awakening prior to that I was on a spiritual journey but the actual spiritual awakening happened when I manifested winning the lottery I was going through quite a few challenges in my life so in order for me to find peace and serenity I would take my son and my dog in the force for walks quite often I now call the forest my church because it just the connectedness with nature the feeling that I got from being in in the forest so grounded and clearing that was just really a place of serenity for me not only did I feel much more relaxed but I also felt like my energy was connecting with the universe on a much more grand scale than I had experienced before my story began while I was doing laundry in my living room I had finished folding the laundry and I shut down the TV with both converters I continued to walk up the stairs with my laundry and I realized that there was a sign in the bottom right hand corner of a TV that remained on even though the power was completely shut off so I realized it was lotto 649 777 now to me this was a sheer sign to start playing the lottery I didn’t take it as a coincidence whatsoever so thus I started playing the lottery my first experience was I was playing from a certain store and it just didn’t feel right all the times I was buying the tickets so I just thought you know what I need to change up the area where I’m playing it just felt too busy at that store the next day I pulled up to the gas station in my local town and I was looking up while I was getting gas and I saw a billboard of the Chinese food restaurant phone number and it was five five eight eight that was a random number that was given to me to log in to monthly in order to do what I had to do but again that was a sheer sign to me that this is where I need to start buying the tickets and it was a good change because the people who ran that store were a great family and I shared with them my story and how I was getting signs and how I’m sure I was gonna win the lottery and they were really excited and said Shelley make sure you keep playing here because we think you’re gonna win as well so each time I went into the forest and and played these numbers the feeling just got stronger and stronger I would usually go into the forest with my son and the dog and each time I did I would actually read the numbers aloud from the lottery ticket and envision them going into the universe I would look down at my son some days and say Sam do you think mommy’s not you’d say no mom I don’t and we would just laugh but I would continue to do this and I always had the sheer purpose in winning the lottery in order to give back to educate as many people globally to address the epidemic of childhood obesity diabetes all these diseases that were caused by nutritional deficiencies that was my main passion at the time so whenever I did manifest not only did I say out loud what I wanted to win the lottery but I had a reason of why I want to win and then I would feel as if it was gonna happen until I finally got to the point that it was happening so the one day that it I realized that I was going to win the lottery I called up my sister and I said Sheila today is the day I can just feel it in every cell of my body that I’m gonna win the lottery she was excited for me who knows what she thought but she sounded excited and I was excited for myself I was sheer I can’t explain the energy that I felt that day I was just really if my vibration of energy was really high so I went by continue to do my walk and when I was done I went into the store and saw the the man and gave him my tickets I didn’t say anything to him that I knew I was going to win I just gave him the ticket and he put it through and it came up ding ding ding big winner or big winner so I knew this was going to happen and he said Shelley did you check your numbers compared with the winning numbers and I said no so the 49 million jackpot that day we had the numbers compared he came up to me and he said well your numbers are or here’s the sequence of the winning ticket and then here is the winning number exact sequence except for the last winning number was 48 in years is 47 so needless to say I was very happy and knew this was going to happen and at that point we had to wait for the lotto company to call us so he had to shut the store down and we had to wait for that phone call finally the phone call came in and they said Shelley do you know how much you won and I said no anticipating the number and they told me I had won sixty four hundred dollars so I had to absorb that information I was unsure of how I felt because I knew I was going to win and I the jackpot was 49 million I continued back to absorb and figure out what has transpired into the forest and when I got there I realized that something really magnificent had transpired that day that I had actually manifested winning the lottery I set out to win with the thoughts of winning and then actually feeling like I won and believing that I had won to the point that I had won the lottery so it was an amazing experience not only was it amazing experience for myself but it was amazing for my son as well I taught my son how to manifest his own experiences and desires that he wants in his life last summer he had come to me and said mum I would like a new guitar it was quite an expensive guitar and I was thinking in my head well I’m not buying it this month but instead I told him aloud Sam manifest it for yourself so within he started manifesting everyday and within a week his grandparents had called and said we want to buy you a guitar Sam so within the next week he had his guitar that he had manifested so I was really happy about sharing that with him I also want to share that lucky people aren’t lucky they actually create the opportunities around them and they don’t miss the signs when they do arise and they capture them and make that happen in their life so I’d like to see you guys learn to do that as well and my steps in becoming very aware of a lot of everything around me started with my experiences in the in nature as I call my church and becoming very aware and secondly I became a registered holistic nutritionist and thus my energy had even lifted higher so I’d like to inspire as many people as I can please share with a comment below and spread it to as many people as possible and stay tuned because I have a second video to share with you on how to do this yourself thank you.


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