How I Finally Figure Out To Win The Lottery Multiple Times! Video

Winning the Lottery


nice and back how is everyone I’m a bit late for my updates this is regarding on my new strategy that will result on a multiple meanings yes guys that’s right what if you can win multiple times but of course there are strategy and techniques behind this winnings by the way guys there are some viewers and some subscriber asking what number they should use and generate where to get it guys I am preparing for you that’s a new project this is to help everyone analyze what number you should use or better in your local lottery but I will make new channel regarding to this for this kind of videos because this will be based on country to country and worldwide but I am very glad to help you and everyone to give you daily or weekly tips in in your desired country since I can accommodate all Batson I will announce don’t forget to subscribe but anyway guys let’s proceed to the main technique that result in multiple winnings don’t forget to Like share subscribe guys ok these are my actual results you can see the exact day okay now escape wagging and beating this is my new basis of beating now I also use this on my previous video and I have tried it it really works guys look at this my example skips now before we tackle this my technique I will automatically win if there are no 7:02 okay guys I will win whatever number just without 7:02 and my combination is as follows you can see all of my combination this is 35 combination without seven zero and do now as you can see here the actual result on June 14 2017 is zero eight six as you can see there are zero there is zero so I lost on that day but I of course escaped lagering on that day but what is the basis of your skips I mean when your combination can just escape nine eight or seven as you play and monitor you can now calculate how many skips you can do and all your combination now will come out and win okay on June 14 2007 teams there is zero since the actual result is zero eight six nurse there is the presence of zero on June 15 there is the presence of zero again zero toto on June 16 seven seven and doable seven doable look we will count how many skips did I make one two three four five six seven eight nine nine skips seven to nine skips is the perfect skip you can do before another pattern from your winning combination come out look at the date an eight by six it by six as you can see there are no 7:02 now let’s find out on our combination if there are eight five six okay okay here you go eight six PI this is on betting box bet or Rumble bet okay eight six five so we had we win on this day day 10 and that day is June 23 2007 now bet again this effect is the multiple winning that we want to achieve 8 9 4 okay now 9 8 4 another winning on a successive on the following day I mean another winning now the multiple winnings are cured okay guys the important thing is to keep buggering now after two innings or three skip dewatering again just retain the exact combination you can use this combination and you can use this may skips you can Baptist this in your own country local lottery and worldwide just back this this and see it to yourself because I’ve been using this for a long time now but this strategy will resolve the both are multiple meanings guys don’t forget to subscribe like and share you.


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