How Does Lotto Work in 2018

Our updated how does lotto work guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

The Irish Lotto takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night, costs £2 to bet on, offers excellent odds of winning any prize of just 1 in 29 and boasts minimum jackpots of £1.4m. In addition to this you can take the chance to win two more jackpots by betting on the Plus 1 and Plus 2 games for just 50p more!

Betting with us, you win the amount that you would have won if the official prize fund was shared between you and any official lottery winners.

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The same numbers you selected in the main game will be used for your bet on the Plus 1 and Plus 2 draws. 50 (2 for your main game entry and 50p for Irish Lotto +) you can take the chance to win three jackpots. You can also bet on the Irish Lotto Plus 1 and Plus 2 draws for an additional 50p. If any of these numbers result in winning a prize, then the prize money is paid out to you in accordance to the numbers of shares you bought. These are the numbers that you use to check if you have won anything in the lottery draw. Lottoland is not an official lottery operator and does not buy any lottery tickets on your behalf. If you win any bets, then you get paid directly by Lottoland and not the official lottery operator.

how does lotto work

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4 numbers

1 : 1,147


3 numbers + SuperBall

1 : 567


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how does lotto work guideThere are also up to three bonus games; with two raffle games drawn on Wednesdays and three drawn on Saturdays, for even more ways to of entering the official 6 aus 49 Lotto draw, you place a bet on the outcome of it. They influence both the main game and the three bonus Lottoland we use the same number set and random number generation algorithm used on German Lotto tickets for our digital bets. The game corresponds to all seven digits of your serial number and the numbers must not only match, they also need to be in the same order as the drawn numbers to all seven in the right order to hit the rolling jackpot, which starts at a minimum of 177,777 and, with rollovers, often exceeds one or two million. The estimated returns are based on the results from Wed, 25th Prize Category Winning Odds Estimated Returns 6 numbers + SuperBall 1 : 139,838,160 4,476,565.00 6 numbers 1 : 15,537,573 870,958.40 5 numbers + SuperBall 1 : 524,008 8,326.90 5 numbers 1 : 60,223 2,794.20 4 numbers + SuperBall 1 : 10,324 152.70 4 numbers 1 : 1,147 38.90 3 numbers + SuperBall 1 : 567 16.40 3 numbers 1 : 63 9.40 2 numbers + SuperBall 1 : 76 5.00 Prize Category Estimated Returns All Seven Number Digits 477,777.00 Last 6 Numbers 77,777.00 Last 5 Numbers 7,777.00 Last 4 Numbers 777.00 Last 3 Numbers 77.00 Last 2 Numbers 17.00 Last 1 Number 5.00 Prize Category Estimated Returns Last 6 Numbers 100,000.00 Last 5 Numbers 6,666.00 Last 4 Numbers 666.00 Last 3 Numbers 66.00 Last 2 Numbers 6.00 Last 1 Number 2.50 Prize Category Estimated Returns All Seven Number Digits 7,500 per month Last 6 Numbers 100,000.00 Last 5 Numbers 5,000.00 Last 4 Numbers 500.00 Last 3 Numbers 50.00 Last 2 Numbers 20.00 Last 1 Number 10.00 your account has been verified, simply proceed to your account and withdraw your winnings.

Get supercharged for Michigan Lottery’s.Powerball with jackpots starting at anincredible 40 million dollars!”Hi, I’m your host, Bob Bucksly, and this is my gorgeoushair. Welcome our first contest, Cynthia. let’s play powerball match all six
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how do we play again laterchoose your numbers first you’ll select
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backlag cruising down eases the reserviorlet’s wave power bar well alrighty thenit’s time to choose your number epic3 17 3945 and didn’t stop okay Sivirnow go ahead and pick your red Powerball
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hello guys in this video I will try to explain how does lottery system work now in the United States of America we have as of 2013 we have about 44 states and territories offer government operated lotteries now how this lottery system work now the government in any state operated lotteries these offices they print tickets and they sell them okay now we say they print tickets and then they sell them sell the ticket or sell tickets okay or sell them now they keep the ticket exchange has no value you know when you buy a ticket in order to put your members and something this ticket has no values it’s just a piece of paper okay it’s nothing just piece of paper has no value and they sell it to you okay if you win it we have environment okay let’s say mailings are done just an example okay now who buy the lottery tickets and why no income and working class business it means why the low income and the working class they buy this ticket what about what about the middle class and the rich or the wealthy okay what about them do they buy do they gamble and buy tickets we will see now the middle class they can save money for few years and they can already say start the business ok that’s why most of them they don’t buy these tickets ok they don’t buy because they can save money they can begin begin starting our starting their business and they are making money now for the rich and the health and the wealthy obviously they have money and they invest it or start companies or join or strong auto companies like like venture money ok when they see for example when they see that the company small company is very good and it has a lot of potential a lot of profits because they have money they buy shares from these private companies in order to get big profits ok so these two middle class and rich in the wealthy they most of the time they don’t go to chew gum think because gambling like gambling is based on hope and lack ok and the middle class and the rich and the wealthy they don’t base their life on hope and knack they should see something concrete a company that is making money they buy this company or they start company and they begin making money for sure ok most of the time but they don’t just gamble and give their now let’s let’s go again through low income and working class why these two classes low income and looking class they go and buy these tickets because they think they think it is cheap okay Oh like one or more they can they can if they win they can but they can have millions of dollars this is their dream okay now where the the money goes for the government now for the government for the government this operated let me say operating lotteries what they do they send tickets collect the money yes it’s operated lotteries they have a 4 wheeler to to divide to divide the money some they use like 5050 okay fifty four the operative lotteries and fifty percent of the money collected goes to the winner okay and then from this fifty percent the winner pays bucks on this on his money because it’s like an income okay so where all this money go you understand now that all this money go to the government now it’s like it’s like the government it has to sort or revenue okay you first is tux okay second is lottery okay so the tax that the government has from people and then has not on another kind of tax is from the lottery and you chain me for example there are people who are winning I tell you yes there are people who are winning but how many how many losers okay so if all the people are losers and one percent it’s not one percent because it’s not one out of 100 it could be one out of 1 million or like one out of maybe 1 million okay 1 million chance to win okay so almost all the people they lose their money so I hope you understand how this work how this lottery system work and if you get an idea on what to do in the future thank you very much for watching if you have any questions just ask.

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