How Come You Never Win The Lottery? Because It’s Rigged! Video

Winning the Lottery

20, 2015 ABC News.

welcome back tonight a nationwide investigation involving the lottery the scheme started with one insider convicted of fixing the numbers in Iowa now investigators are looking into whether the scheme extended to dozens of other states tonight the new leads they’re chasing down here’s ABC’s Clayton Sandell it’s the lottery scam prosecutors say took a game of chance and removed the chance if you match all five numbers and the hot ball you win the jackpot Eddie Tipton a former security Director at the multi state lottery Association is accused of hacking computers so they’d pick his winning numbers prosecutors say Tipton been asked people he knew including his brother to help collect jackpots in Colorado Wisconsin and Oklahoma those three together totaled about eight million dollars investigators say they’re now scrutinizing games in as many as 37 states and territories we’re looking into any jackpots that could be associated with Eddie Tipton across the country in September Tipton was convicted of scamming the Iowa Lottery prosecutors say this surveillance video shows him in disguise buying a ticket that one 16 point five million dollars and we the jury find the defendant Edward Tippin guilty of fraud Tipton is appealing that conviction but he still faces trial in Iowa on the multi state allegations his attorney says there has been no evidence mr.Tipton did anything to tamper with any of the computers in the meantime lottery officials are beefing up security each of us have a unique a six digit code to get in inside this room hoping to convince the public that games worth 20 billion dollars in revenue to the states can be trusted if people don’t trust the honesty of the system the participation of the lotteries is going to dwindle and be jeopardized Clayton Sandell ABC News Denver Klain thank you and when we come back. .

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