Helping Man Magically Win The Lottery: Street Magic | David Blaine Video

Winning the Lottery

David asks a man if he has any wishes, to which the man replies “I want to win the lottery”. David gives the man money to buy three tickets. The man wins dollars from one lottery card.

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me ask you a question do you have any wishes I like luck here’s money buy any three instant tickets right now any three instant tickets and bring them out I want you to do as I want you to pick any one of those tickets that you like just choose one yeah and get rid of the other to be like that one yeah good what is that high stakes this is a lucky gold bar now we’re gonna see if you’re gonna win right now scratch it sure scratch it on the surface we like amount you win wait look at this says get this symbol and win all 10 prizes automatically you got that symbol I’m sent me to this one two hundred and fifty five hundred six hundred seven 850 950 1050 eleven fifty twelve to thirteen fifty fourteen to sixteen hundred dollars you just want to sort six you just won $1600 yeah show us what you got yeah just let not don’t worry that’s all you you it’s yours put it away I just lift a man I was sitting there doing my thing thank you very much bless star with some new luck I hope hopefully take care of it take care of it.


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