Gta Minecraft [1] Winning The Lottery? Video

Winning the Lottery


we got this we got this we got this oh good let’s go let’s go hey what’s up guys and girls I’m dr.crock back with another video and today we are gonna be playing GTA MC or GTA 5 in Minecraft if you guys want to come play the IP will be down in the description and I’m considering making a series on the server I think would be a lot of fun to show my progression through getting new weapons getting maybe tanks and stuff like that throughout the server let me know what you guys think down in the comments and while you’re down there be sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already it really means a lot to me and lets me know that you guys like this video and want me to create more content even if you guys don’t like this video maybe you guys can hit the like button and subscribe and show me some support and if you guys show me that support maybe in the future I can make produce that you guys do want to watch throughout this episode I’m gonna be explaining the server and showing what the server is all about anything that I don’t explain in this episode we’ll probably be in later episodes throughout the series so just a little tour of the spawn you have the gun shop right here you can buy and sell armor and buy and sell guns as you can see over here these are the cheat codes and these are all the obtainable weapons found in chests they’re ranked tier 1 through 5 5 being the rarest one being the most common a tier 5 shotgun will probably sell for around a hundred K to another person and also if you have a tier 5 weapon you cannot drop it in the war zone you will be able to keep it after death hopefully by the end of the series we can obtain all the tier 5 weapon so over here at the car dealership you can see that they have tons of vehicles a bike a tank a submarine a car and even helicopters and jets which hopefully we can get soon and then over here we have the bank which you can store stuff in these ender chests or you can just do slash and ender chests and then you can store stuff in here right now I have $7,800 which you can sell here each any other bike is worth a thousand each this regular brick is worth a hundred but if you do have money in your wallet when you die in the war zone you will lose a percentage of that money so it’s best just to store it in your ender chest in the form of bricks and another bag or if you have more money gold breaks an iron ingot also on this server there are gangs if you guys want to team up with your friends you guys can create a gang together and you won’t be able to shoot each other and I think you guys can also create a house together also spawned randomly around the server our chests which you can find ammo guns armor and food you can see there are also houses which if you buy you can store anything in so there’s mansions upper class ghettos and apartment hopefully by the end of the series we’ll be living in a luxury mansion but right now we don’t even have enough money to afford a house so if you guys do slash buy on the server you can see we can spend in real life money to get ingame advantages there’s ranks there’s a username colors attachments and cheat codes I really want to get the lunar staff do lunar staff acts as a jetpack it launches you around the server I see let me know if you guys want me to buy their rank or lunar stuff and if you guys do and this video hits 15 likes I’ll be sure to get a lunar stuff and maybe a rank in the next video oh my god it’s another person hey bud Oh GCS here’s a weapon here’s know what though he’s a freaking mobster what the heck no no no no no no no dad dad dad dad don’t kill me oh I got you I got you okay let’s go no no cops police the police the police let’s go oh my garden no full iron guy guy with fine run no no no please do know you right when I get a kill a freaking mobster comes around the corner in full iron and wrecks me like this we’re grabbing $1,000 and I’m gonna come over here to the casino I’m gonna risk it all wish me luck come on come on come on come on fuck okay the business man I’m covering another thousand I have a gambling problem okay we got this we got this please please please game don’t don’t take my money we got this we got this we got this oh good let’s go let’s go 5k money let’s go dude I quadrupled my money let’s go I spent 2,000 I got 5,000 that’s how you make money on GTA MC all right thank you guys for watching I’m sorry it wasn’t too exciting I know we didn’t do a lot of warzone time but in the next episode I will be going into the war zone and my goal is to get 10 kills in a video but this episode was just really me explaining the server so in later episodes we don’t have to stop and we have to explain something but anyways I’ll see you guys in the next episode beast. .

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