Gta 5 Lottery Dlc Update Wish & Millions To Win! (Gta 5 Gameplay) Video

Winning the Lottery

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hi everyone this is dumbs live in today’s food is gonna be a live commentary once again are you guys doing today I’m doing great be sure to let me know in the comment section below and oh my god I just destroyed that man lady or whatever that was and they got totally destroyed uh huh let’s go inside of the 24/7 super work and I’ve been thinking to myself I’ve seen a few videos like people talking about lottery and this and that and I have a few ideas that I want to share with you guys and I want to share a few things with you guys today in this video as you guys can see at the world lotto is posted everywhere in this convenience store you guys can even see lottery tickets scratch offs right here we got the Vinewood and we got some other mumbo jumbo like it’s here because the reading is too small but like like there’s a bunch of stuff right here that we’re able to purchase but we can’t purchase this and as you guys know in the game files the word lotto and a bunch of other things with lottery and gambling in the casino that was also found in the game files and I have a concept in my head I’ve been having this in my head for a very long time and I want to share this with you guys and I want to ask you guys in the comment section what do you think about it and if you guys have anything better be sure to let me know in the comment section below now one of the things that I have been talking about but first let me rob this store now we’re not gonna take a selfie we’re gonna freakin rather sell but first I got to get out of passive mode and using a lobbies I have to go up past most sometimes especially when I’m recording because people see me oh my god is tamas life let me kill him because I love him like some people some reason people love to kill me because they love me I’ll never understand that I’ll never understand why you want to kill someone you love but hey that’s what happens on gta5 and that’s what happens with us rs now back to the lottery ticket talk I’ve been thinking I’ve been thinking I told a few of my friends about this and what I think Rockstar should definitely do is this there should be some kind of drawing right there should be a drawing every week now when Rockstar does this drawing let’s just say it should be done throughout the whole week unless you say on Thursday or maybe he doesn’t have to be that long it doesn’t have to be every Thursday it could be like every three days or so or something like that right everyone or everyone wants to participate how about the roll off on a bike right now everyone that wants to participate can put in I guess $1 to purchase a ticket right now think about what the first act and it’s got RAM now think about all the money that Rockstar can make from the lottery if let’s just say a hundred thousand people puts in a dollar or more than $1 a piece on lottery tickets not only would that give money to Rockstar but that would also create something fun for us to be able to do imagine the amount of people who will probably purchase shark cards just to be able to do this kind of stuff I mean I think that’ll be a great idea for GTA 5 and hopefully Rockstar does implement a lottery system just like that how we’re able to purchase lottery tickets and at the end a week we’re able to claim our price if we do win or even watch the show on television imagine tuning in on a Thursday or something like that right and at a certain time the television show comes on and it does the actual ball drawing of who wins and that will be sick the person would have to go down to the convenience store and collect our money I think that will be pretty cool not only that imagine purchasing some scratch off tickets right and you sit there and you scratch off these tickets you know on your screen the first person I think that will be a great addition as well and just little things like that will just be awesome and spice the game up and I wish that Rockstar would definitely give us that like come on Rockstar give it to us we freaking needed but something like this could happen since it has been in the game files for a very long time it could definitely happen I’m still keeping my finger crossed on this I mean we’re going on two years of GTA 5 in no lottery no casino yet but Rockstar I’m still holding in now please give it to us we freaking needed no more regular DLCs which is giving us five cards enough of that garbage give us something that is going to change the game anyway you guys let me know saying whether it’s in the comment section below and I got something special very special for you guys that it’s gonna be released very soon trust me guys this is gonna be awesome I will be showcasing my acting skills and some hikes videos that’s all I’m gonna say makes you guys be able to look out for that and I think you’re definitely going to enjoy it this is dollars life I’m out you guys have a great day.


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