Good Winner – $4,000,000 Gold Bullion – $20 Instant Scratchcard Lottery Ticket Video

Winning the Lottery

Scratchcard winner

hello everyone today I’m going to play a ticket that’s been around for a while as the $20 for million dollar Gogoi ticket number 28 it’s the next to the last one on the roll so today we’re looking for numbers 1 3 26 11 1931 or 37 26 is a winning number right off the bat that’s good so it’s 39 one’s a winning number another one so we’ve got four winning numbers so far okay start at the bottom Wow nice thirty ten forty thirty we’re up to seventy and another thirty one hundred dollar winner very nice so those have you been following enough and a couple pretty good pretty bad streaks lately so it’s good to have a nice winning ticket here very good alrighty one thanks for watching hope you’re having good luck as well.


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