God Please Let Me Win The Lottery By Marshall Blake Video

Winning the Lottery

God please let me win the lottery comedy by Marshall Blake
I had a really good time telling you this joke I hope you guys enjoy it God bless.

hello there I’m Marshall Blake welcome once again to the machine shed now the whole point of our joke of the day is to bring a smile to your face and hopefully throughout your day you’ll tell this joke till co worker or a family member just a friend and bring a smile to their face spreading a little joy to other people that’s what it’s all about now let’s get on with our joke of the day this one’s about the lottery a very religious man prays to God one day he says God you know how poor I am please let me win the lottery tonight that evening passes and he doesn’t win the lottery a little upset by this the next day he prays lord please let me win the lottery tonight you know I can’t afford the things that I need but if you let me win the lottery night I’ll be able to afford things a need that evening passes who still doesn’t win the lottery just devastated the next day that God hasn’t answered his prayer he cries out to God God I don’t understand this why you went to let won’t let me win the lottery please let me win the lottery tonight I unjust devastated because you haven’t answered my prayer the past two days please let me win the lottery tonight and all at once lightnings and thunder filled the room that he was in and a voice it must have been the almighty said to him you smuck buy a ticket hey I hope you enjoy our jokes of the day and I hope you share them with friends just a side note here you might want to subscribe to our channel harvest season is going to come up pretty quick and I’m not going to be able to share these jokes on facebook and twitter as often as I usually do so you know if you’re in one of the groups that I share these these jokes on you might want to head over to my channel and subscribe so you do not miss the joke the day this time of year I’m just that busy anyway I hope you had a good time with our joke god bless you.


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