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Winning the Lottery

Everyone dreams about winning at the lottery! So if you’re not among the lucky ones, just have a look at those happpy fews… Millionaire selection.
California Lottery – USA – 2006.
Dutch State Lottery – The Netherlands – 2004.
Norsk Tipping – Norway – 2005.
New York Lottery – USA – 2004.
Lotto – The Netherlands – 2002.
Washington’s lottery – USA – 2007.
Instant kiwi – New Zealand – 1999.
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it’s on 32 here comes my third number here we go in another month we got three and here it is California your final mega number man that never gets old good white people imagine what a buck could do Super Lotto plus from the California Lottery a prize of a thousand euros goes to ninety five one three three grand prize of all a million euros goes to three five six six one zero no sweetheart move on first on a little e.NOS soon the zulan zulan night nose console and this is the summer of them all day India fascial somewhere she will attend free men we move this to I watch them move for every side is a nice little addition who is the team where you want it to be at this point in the season I think we get near our pitching staff is starting to settle in bats have been hot lately what about against tea or what about him well he’s only bat low 27 for the entire season well I think we got to give him a little time to find the school I mean the kids got a lot of heart let’s play in the field as much better does it matter that he bought the team next question know what you’re getting into lotto the biggest risk of becoming a millionaire hey why aren’t you on a gymnastics team in high school captain of the JV team two years in a row all right I bet you a million bucks you can’t vault that car want a real chance to win big money play scratch though 36 million cash prizes one minute one minute please time thank you did you all please put down your pens and bring your papers to the front thank you well done thank you thank you thank you oh I’m sorry too late gave you plenty fallings about Todd you failed sorry excuse me do you know who I am I have absolutely no idea good you. .

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