Found Winning Lotto Tickets In Stolen Truck!! ($10,000) Video

Winning the Lottery

GET YOUR KEYCHAINS HERE up ladyboysss today was a pretty rough day i defienitly didn’t plan on crashing that bad and coming across a stolen truck but we did announce the winner of the keychain and next video I’m gonna do another giveaway so i hope your ready!!.

hey it’s a pretty nice truck too I’m filing a body or something here hey what emergency when your brain a motorcycle Ranger blooded star studded your mom fucker knock off the end with the cutting this is bitch I’m a tough act to follow so my stick and here’s a nutsack you swallow wanna get personal poses intimate with me Kinema whole difference to me you ready boy go to sketchy she’s beep awesome day out I wasn’t going to ride today and I got to go out and freaking to go shred so we’re doing a quick Trailblazer video nothing too crazy I am riding around with the winner of the keychain his name is VR six one nine so that’s the name of this channel so go ahead in a Fenian method you won the keychain I’m not going to say what his idea is but I’m just going to come out with this probably right next week I’ll come out the video so it should be pretty funny he came up with a pretty good idea it’ll be cool you get to see that and then I also made an email for the will the fan really Wednesday so that is we call Joey Max and Mail no 420 in it going to Joey max Dan mail at and so go ahead and send me your videos your best wheelie videos to that email you can send me fails too if you want maybe I’ll make a little fail video we could do like fail Friday or something like that BAM pill Friday that might be funny so go ahead and get your injuries in for a wheelie one and the fail one and I’ll put some cool together for you guys and I’ll put that out our next Wednesday thought that would be fun you guys could talk to me on there too sending messages or whatever you want so this is separate email oh shit this is a sick little turn tracker here I mean that the long time ago no super sandy I mean what exchange a nose fucking drain to grip your phone yo shit and AI yo fast drink do is kill the crown olive oil oh alright guys we just ate shit pretty bad came around that corner and I didn’t even know coming over that hill I had a front flat thing is completely flat and I went to do like a little scrub I yeah it’s right over that hill nothing’s crazy and the front tire the wood out gave out on me and I freakin wanted really bad down that hill is weird I broke the Go. Pro mount like quite a few of them on my Go. Pro had to go find my Go. Pros down there in the dirt my bike all tweaked up I got stickers on my back our pretty shitty right there so we’re going to cruise back right now our guy might break it elbow hurt so I don’t ride by yourself kids leave keep a phone on yeah I got a phone call a lot of stuff so my god oh is that look bring another soul vehicle here we could turn this video around for you guys however for me to ET shit to grind homes it Oh God my ass hurts so bad oh shit the thing is gone oh yeah it’s a pretty nice truck Oh finally a body or something here we got here huh a lot a lot of scratchers here definitely have a gambling addiction and I’m looking rocks the guy definitely didn’t just park his truck here f250 super duty lariat to Vitesse not a diesel still oh man all right let’s call this thing in is a nice truck the bullsh I hate these minecraft my phone I don’t know if you call nine on one for a stolen vehicle I get yelled back because it’s not really an emergency oh yeah I’m bleeding not bad the dirt rub little dirt in there should be good all right let’s give this a try I guess you call 911 to not answer me sure taking a long time now what emergency what are you reporting I’m reporting a stolen vehicle I found up in the hills okay where do you find it what’s the location the location is in the nuevo Hills let me try to find the cross street okay it’s a tree yeah I got the plate right here’s a pretty nice truck it’s not stripped yet so the plate number is five T for Tom eight to nine zero one and then try to find on Map.

Quest I have the VIN number here also for I found the paperwork yeah I got the plate what’s up in the VIN is one F for Fred key for Tom that’s four six zero nine eight no no there’s six seven one four okay so what’s that VIN one more time go ahead and use like someone’s name okay so the whole thing is one five six seven one four okay they really put a clear plate yeah yeah that’s connect stolen the points are clear so they swap the breakdown okay yeah I’m um the best way to describe it because I’m on a dirt bike right now up in the hill all right well we got that thing all turned in hopefully that guy could get his truck back before it’s completely stripped because that’s definitely fresh I just got here yesterday and it was wasn’t there so I’m sure they’ll be back to strip it hopefully they come back right as the cops get there to happy real nice I’d want to get that video how crazy would it be the one is the guy’s truck you got stolen was watching this video happy for you say anyway we’re just trying to make it back home right now a flat tire the nice flat front hater I don’t progress please when we get to the street we get it wheel it all you definitely don’t need a pret tired make sure you guys all wiped off might not look like if I’m right on the edge of just oh actually kind of fun they’re trying to get home a little bit right there not now we’re on the street we’ll go worry about proper attire something weird after I grabbed what it is I asked you or I like a little bit after that bill too bad hi boys birthday hope you guys liked the video..

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