Forza Horizon 3 – Ricers Win The Lottery Challenge! (Funny Moments) Video

Winning the Lottery

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the premise boys you guys have just been given a large amount of money that’s practically unlimited okay so aka you’ve won the lottery and you guys happen to become racers so we’re gonna be indeed doing the famous rice’s win the lottery challenge that a bunch of people have suggested in the past in the comments and to become a little trend now and we’re finally doing it today so the money amount is yeah it’s unlimited so just you know we’ve done the ricers challenge now picture it it’s like rich ricers and you know not no offense but you know Japan Dubai some of those places you know not to point fingers but you know they sometimes maybe add on to the trend but so pretty much is at least show up in something expensive and then just rice the crap out of it and like try to be good with your rice don’t just like okay let’s put a would pay job and let’s just make it as ugly as possible no like you got to think creatively you know I’m saying yeah but I’m too good I’m making cars to make a race car oh no such thing that’s a good thing let’s keep it that way it’s a good thing all right I’m gonna go alright so well I’m gonna start with as my pallet is something that’s artistic I think I’m I’m gonna go okay yeah I’m not gonna go straight hyper car though because I think that’s too obvious that’s open to you guys I’m gonna take this on the rich man’s level and Bob I am ooh which one’s more exquisite though well take will go with this one why not why not all right so colors ooh they already give us special colors straight off to begin with which is perfect we’re gonna go to uh not this one this actually works no joke but yeah I’m go with this free card yeah I wanted to do some research before this challenge so I went on Google and searched up rich ricer you know what was one of the first things I showed up as like vehicles that’s been done it made me laugh inside is is Kisise Lamborghini absolutely like one of the first things up Oh My Damn that’s cold okay Tron doesn’t exist on this car it actually looks good all right so for this big boat that we got here in my rich thinking skills since I have a lot of money and whatever I do doesn’t matter I might as well make my vehicle faster and look better by putting on a wing with my ricer type ideals I think that will look good and the splitter actually no it doesn’t need a splitter that just that’s just too much for rims we’re gonna go oh no we can’t go with these we gotta change my car where’s the good ones oh here we go yes these are the type of rims I’m looking for you see how much bling and just look how detailed and fancy ours they’re definitely the right quality for this vehicle that we’re talking about here if you know what I’m saying make things extra thick ooh yeah as my rich ricer thinking skills I think red shines out so I’m gonna put that there I have no idea what those red thingamabob errs do but I’m gonna put them there and they add on to the quality um we’re gonna lower this bad boy because it looks better lowered and no we’re not gonna wait reduce it because why would you want to take out some of the fancy stuff inside the vehicle you know what I’m talking about it’s all about yourself and how it feels and how nice it is it’s not about whether it performs well and install set up no performance upgrades besides my special wing which makes me go quicker look da da da da da and some mother do double G 3 million what the Frick holy councilman we got rich man a man of mine let’s add some fancy vinyls here to add on to the effect make it look a lot more detailed and luxurious this is one of those challenges where the money rims and GTA that would be so perfect race tippmann race and it’s just some and someone like putting like many grains of rice all over the car oh yes that’s a good idea dude I’m so satisfied this doesn’t present you showing off I don’t know what does it’s like I have money it literally needs to say that on the outside cuz that’s literally what it says itself it’s just I have money this is amazing is it just me or does the paint job in the wing make this thing seem way bigger I’m not used to it being this big yes like it oh I like you indeed oh my gosh what about mine yours is very shiny yeah I know it’s bling bling oh my gosh guys this is amazing though the fact that they already had a design for this and then the wing and everything it already has a functional wing in the fact that other people had to add on to it what don’t ok nasty I’m sorry but I don’t even think I can’t even see a rich person even doing that to be honest like that’s just straight ruin what flames ok flames maybe but who in their right mind would even look at those miles on that like I can’t even I feel like that’s almost too unrealistically rice for your wheels yeah it’s like you’d have to be mentally just retarded it’d have to be something there’s some thought alright so now we wait on shoot advice than m1 oh my god that actually ok no I’ll give you that I’ll give you that ok well we have a very elitist squad here ruined vehicles all right so um look you don’t want a very smug and proud crews throughout Surfers Paradise showing off what we’ve made to show off okay and we’re ready to turn dude this thing’s I freaking convertible it’s a freaking boat holy crap now it’s so big that’s what she said but still it’s like alright so let’s go on a nice cruise right lane pigeon yeah okay actually you know what I need to do oh yeah you hear the sound that big monsters v12 everybody looked at me look at me nasties managing a constant burnout that’s that’s how much horsepower that thing has and you crash into a fiesta does exist a nasty the cars on fire I’m just gonna park about the beach and ignore that beach day it’s okay I’ll switch drivers we just buy these things and we don’t even know how they work we’re just like whatever gets the money out you know what I’m saying dude I ghost look how much like the back overhangs without my wheels not even being on the curb like I could run into that thing just by parking normally like holy cow I have a big butt yeah yeah you do yeah Oh Jax pretty thick so pigeon how much money you make on the daily basis man dollar fifty what that pigeons like 95 years old cents you get like like I don’t know like 500 or 70 year there’s no way a dollar fifty a day would not get the money so guy goes are you a hype Beast if those were all individual haha supreme stickers how much more do you think that car would be oh it wouldn’t even be that much the stickers don’t even cost that much it’s like the actual clothes you could get like stickers anywhere I’d imagine yeah you know what I would laugh okay cut the wrong stick you’ve got this sticker that’s a Scholastic Book Fair imagine a car covered in Scholastic Book Fair stickers just noticing this oh my gosh I noticed that like five or ten minutes ago that’s just slow pigeons like oh hey there’s a Gucci look huh you know what we need to do we need to make a rap video and have these in the background yes yes all right let’s go get a spot let’s pull up pull up they put them nasty all right we’re gonna make a song today boys rich man’s rapper’s song okay we just went from becoming Sultan’s showing off to now we’re just rappers we just do whatever we want we’re just like getting all genres of rich racers today okay okay Oh God Oh shall we um this is the spot this is the lit spot oh hey we have spectators already they already know what’s going on is our first concert spot no this isn’t a concert this is a shake pigeon yeah no quiet on the scene all right guys I mean I mean the judge but what kind of forget formation is this all right we gotta have the bigger vehicles in the back okay although I don’t know like yeah I’ll be in the back anyway make sure make sure we get a good view of your ass okay all right you guys ready for this music video it’s get it let’s get past that oh it’s gonna play something ultra dang yeah oh yeah altar gang yeah oh yeah copyrighted for that but uh yeah I was well you can’t remix the already remix you know we can’t just have a chorus yeah you’re a pigeon pigeon yo pass the mic y’all here we go hit it up with bunny is pigeon no everyone’s gonna get a verse okay what guy goes like well I didn’t sign up for this okay again okay all right here we go all these souls underneath the China blow but can’t you see I’m just trying to go where did you even get that from what the heck all right are you ready no all right that’s it two or three two one hit it it’s Sheboygan schemin I’m here yeah I’m signing off I don’t want people are your record producing honestly that took an unexpected fun turn of events Yeah right yeah not people 18 right yes I don’t think any other crew would do the Rice’s won the lottery challenge like that so I hope you guys like and subscribe 10,000 is too low is too low it’s achievable if we get we get 30,000 likes will make a song on every single person no I guess you just say that because you know that your video won’t even hit 30,000 views yep but if it gets 30,000 likes on my video we’ll throw something up but besides that hopefully that won’t happen and this will be Jack ultra motive signing off all right um are you guys ready so is everyone ready by this point okay.


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