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Winning the Lottery

Why you shouldn’t mess with magic, as well as why you should avoid Harry Potter. The second has to do with the horrible writing, not the occult.

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this video is going to be an exploration of the philosophical and moral implications of magic in fantasy literature of real world occultism of the myth of the genie in the bottle and of real world lotteries I’m sure all of you have heard about the controversies that frequently crop up around works like Harry Potter for instance a lot of people view this as ridiculous they presume they they have a naturalist worldview they presume that magic doesn’t work and they think it’s rather silly that Christians get so bent out of shape about the whole thing except there’s very good theological reasons to worry about this whether or not you believe in the occult as far as Christians are concerned either magic works and it works by circumventing the will of God by outline oneself with demonic forces or it doesn’t work and distracts oneself from their day to day duties and pursuing the will of God by being going out and being a good person and working hard to earn what they want because quite frankly if you’re going to go to all the work of casting a magic ritual to get what you want why don’t you just pray for it this is the point that the Christians get at and you see not all fantasy works are built equally and in fact let me I’m gonna acknowledge the the two writers that really got me thinking about all of this Tom Simon and Stephen Day greatness they have a couple of excellent in depth pieces analyzing what makes a fantasy work valid and healthy like The Chronicles of Narnia or or Tolkien versus something that is very very questionable such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer links to both their works down below and the main points that they drive home is that they they analyze certain hedges certain rules that are built into the fiction itself never explicitly stated that prevent magic from being a valid pursuit of the protagonist character the character that we the reader put ourselves into the rules are as follows number one the pursuit of magic as a safe and lawful occupation is restricted to wholly imaginary realms unconnected with their own world to the existence of magic is an openly known reality of which the inhabitants of those worlds are as aware as we are of rocket science 3 the pursuit of magic is confined to supporting characters not the protagonists with whom the reader is primarily to identify for the author includes cautionary threads in which exposure to magical forces proves to be a corrupting influence on the protagonists 5 magical powers occur naturally only two characters who are not in fact human beings 6 magic is the safe and lawful occupation of characters who embody a certain wizard archetype white haired old men with beards and robes and staffs etc 7 the author gives no narrative space to the process by which magicians acquire their powers although study may be assumed as part of the backstory the wizard appears as a finished product with powers in place and the reader is not encouraged to dwell on the process of acquiring progress in magic so those are the seven points and they certainly do offer an excellent divide between what is generally good literature good moral literature and that which encourages recklessness as such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer where they use Christian items to combat the the demons and that Devils and the vampires and yet never give any questions the natural order of things they never question what does God want us to do with our lives so lesbian relationships casual sex it’s all perfectly acceptable in the Buffy universe they don’t so much deny God as simply ignored the idea that a God might exist however these these points and I think they they’re gonna come back in this when you start asking what sort of person would break these rules what sort of character in a fantasy novel would seek after magic for its own sake you start to see where that goes but my own issue with books such as Harry Potter has never been primarily that the magic is going to encourage people to explore the occult my biggest problem with Harry Potter and with D&D my problems with it are structural both in the sense of logical structure and narrative structure now in Harry Potter the mute the the magic used in that series is very incoherent it doesn’t make any sense as I understand I haven’t read any of the books I’ve only seen the first movie and I wasn’t impressed at one point Harry is given a time Turner because he’s sleeping in two class he’s given a time machine to go back in time because he keeps sleeping in and this isn’t really ever used again most of the magic it’s there for special effects purposes but then it’s forgotten they don’t apply any reason any scientific method to this it’s it’s as if you have to throw out your logical brain before you even come in through the door the thing is if that magic works on Tuesday it ought to be working on Thursday as well if the magic is going to be at all used by protagonists now if you’re going to argue that that the that magic is insanity that magic drives people insane and thus it’s in consistent day to day what it does because these people have lost all reason through their belief in magic and that’s a that’s a good way to go that could be a really interesting story but it doesn’t serve a book where the protagonist is a magician if you’re going to have magic used by good characters they need to be able to consistently use that magic in all situations the second issue I have with magic so often in fantasy literature and perfectly perfectly embodied in in the games like Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft or what have you in that these fantasy forms of magic are ultimately indistinguishable from science the magic is something the magician studies they they just learn to harness the natural forces of the world around them but instead of using math equations they use archaic symbols arcane symbols but the same time you know exactly what the magic does it gives you a plus one to your attack bonus it gives you plus three two armor it causes 3d six of fire damage etc this magic although it has the trappings of what we call magic the the Dungeons & Dragons magician he has the robe and he carries books around and spells and potions it has all of these trappings of magic but it has no spark the magic ironically enough has no magic to it it’s not mysterious it’s utterly predictable and so they call it magic but you might as well have a hacker in a cyberpunk story doing the exact same things so what does real magic look like Anna narrative I would argue that real magic the sort of magic that you read of a fantasy novel to find it’s about personality it’s about imposing will and order upon the universe and thus you see how we start to get back to the reason that occultism is forbidden in the church because in a good fantasy novel it’s generally somebody like Aslan or Gandalf the Grey who has effectively an earthbound angel in that narrative they know what the the purpose of God is they know what the destiny of the world is and they employ their magic for these purposes not for their own self aggrandizement or you get their dark shadow and this is the person that uses magic as a will to power this is the the dark sorcerer this is the necromancer this is the Nietzschean ubermensch who crushes who just tramples on all of those who are beneath him because he has this hidden power and so something like Harry Potter it completely ignores the logical side effects of this magic you know eliezer yudkowsky wrote a whole book about that Harry Potter and the methods of rationality where he just explored how crazy this magic was and how they never did anything logical you know just with all the the fact that they use gold coins in the wizard realm you know you could make so much money back on on the muggle realm why isn’t anybody do that and then you have D&D where there there is no narrative there is no spark to it and so really it might as well be science since the magic you know whats was the difference between a fighter and a mage you know they both have bonuses in battle depending on how experienced they are it’s a very good game of chess okay like world of warcraft days it’s a very good rural system for planning out strategies but it doesn’t have that that narrative spark that that meaning that intention that will that magic really ought to have and so with this understanding that it needs to one if we’re gonna have magic at all it needs to be coherent and rule bound but the same time based upon imposing your will upon the world and if you’re gonna impose your will is that God’s will is it a righteous will and what’s that question even mean see this this is the part of the video where we’re gonna move on to genies and we all know the myth of the genie up the lamp and you get three wishes so what’s wrong with this well first of all if you found a genie lamp what would you wish for what could you wish for safely that would be good you know we could sit around and talk about this like maybe you would wish that everybody that has cancer on the planet Earth is cured that’s probably a fairly safe and and good wish and theirs might be a few others like that but we we have all heard that we are all familiar with the way that wishes trap you you know you wish for world peace and Hillary Clinton suddenly gets better and takes over the world how great we have world peace under a tyrant the wish tends to backfire so let’s forget about these these global spanning wishes what would people wish for in their own life you might wish for wealth for longevity for love but are these really wise wishes to make let’s take the first one well do you want to be wealthy do you really want to be wealthy because let’s be perfectly frank what’s stopping you right now from becoming wealthy it’s not that hard to make a million dollars it’ll take several years of focus and effort to do it you’ll have to earn it but you can do that you can become wealthy what about longevity once again this is something that’s within your control if you want to be healthy you need to take care of your body you need to be cautious that you don’t injure yourself you need to workout every day you need to discipline yourself but you can have longevity and what about love wishing for love is that how you get love the the hurry that the the Muslims expect to receive in the afterlife after they murder a bunch of innocent people these hurry these soulless sexual slaves is that love because once again if you want a sexual slave there are dozens upon dozens of men and women out there who want to enslave themselves sexually to somebody if you actually want love though that can’t be taken that can’t be forced it can only be given voluntarily and that’s the trap of the genie most of the things that people would wish for most of the these selfish things they could actually go and get these things on their own and then they would actually have earned them they would have a right to them but see wealth wishing for wealth is no different than stealing wishing for longevity well people do this every day instead of taking accountability for themselves instead of monitoring their health and eating well they expect to go to the doctor and get a magic pill that just fixes everything and again love if you want somebody to love you you need to be a person worth loving and the modern form of the genie the real world form of the genie is the lottery the vast majority of people that win the lotto are dead broke after a couple of years and in fact not just dead broke but miserable they didn’t appreciate what they had before they won the lottery and post lottery they’ve lost most of it they no longer have their job they no longer have their family and their friends they no longer had what they used to have because this wealth flooded into their life unearned and something that is unearned can never be truly appreciated and everybody pretends they want to be that that they would be the one person wise enough to handle a lottery but you know a lottery is not an inheritance an inheritance coming from your ancestor your ancestors that comes with applique and duties to maintain it if you inherit a business a business that Jeb generates money for you you understand that you need to take care of it whereas people that get trust funds they tend to self destruct very quickly becoming sjw’s and political activists and trying to destroy the very society that gave them that wealth in the first place and this is no different than the lottery winner and how there’s this lottery this windfall of cash that they did not earn destroys their ability to enjoy life a lottery will give you the exact same ability to find love as a genie you’ll find a slave who is using you for their own purposes and so the lesson to take away from all of this I think it’s threefold and we talk about the magic and fantasy literature real world occultism the imaginary genie and the very real world genie of the state lottery the first is to really appreciate what you have already not just what you have but the opportunities that prevent present themselves to you so many people limit themselves they they say well if only I were born in a different place I could do this if only I were a millionaire I could do that well then why don’t you become a millionaire it’s not that hard I mean you have to really want it okay it’s but it’s a lot easier to become a millionaire than a famous football player but you know anybody if they want it just about anybody can become a college football player if they want it you have to work for it you have to earn it so it’s appreciate what you have already and the opportunities appreciate not as in feel thankful but appreciate as in notice the fact that you have so much opportunity in this life this leads into the second the second point once you appreciate all the opportunities all the different things that you could do all the power and control you truly do have in this world you realize that the only way to have something is to earn it you folks know that I love making automotive rent metaphors take car ownership as an example of this my 1994 sports car I absolutely loved that girl she’s taken me all over the country wherever I needed to be I’ve done some good work with her I’ve taken care of her I’m the one who maintains her I know her inside and out and I absolutely loved that car and then I’ve seen I’ve seen men that owned car dealerships and they’re constantly driving a brand new whatever it’s not quite brand new it might be two years old but they’re driving whatever luxury vehicle they feel like because they have it on their lot yeah or or think of the oil sheiks you know who regularly crashed their Lamborghinis for fun because they have so much money they don’t know what to do with it I get more pleasure out of my car because I’ve earned it than somebody who has not earned their car to truly own something you need to earn it sweat blood and tears and finally the the third point that either magic is a very foolish waste of your time you know even if it works it’s still foolish because you’re trying to cheat you’re going to it even if it works even if you get what you wish for it’ll be ashes in your mouth you’ll take no pleasure from it because you didn’t earn it the only type of magic that would work that would actually give you what you need it not what you think you want but what will actually make you feel fulfilled would be the magic that does not subvert God’s will there’s no easy way to get ahead you can shoot up fast like a weed but you’ll be gone at the end of summer far better to be the slow growing oak which weathers many storms and rises above the canopy thanks for listening folks and you know what maybe some of you will come up with a really good magic system for a novel a fantasy novel and this might just influence you a bit if so that’s an honor take care of yourselves Deus vult Borini out.


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