Extremely Powerful !!! Win The Lottery Subliminal Affirmations – “Millionaire Mindset” Video

Winning the Lottery

Important Notes: Use Headphones
Extremely Powerful !!! Win The Lottery Again & Again Subliminal Affirmations – “Millionaire Mindset”
I am wining the lottery Now.
I always choose winning numbers.
I can see the winning lottery numbers while i close my eyes.
I deeply believe that I can win the lottery.
My mind is in sync with the force of universal luck.
I am destined to win huge amounts of money.
I am extremely lucky.
I am a natural born lottery winner.
I am visualizing myself winning the lottery.
I naturally attract luck and money.
My mind is totally focused on picking winning lottery numbers.
I am going to win the lottery and live the life of my dreams.
I am beginning to feel deeply that I will win the lottery.
My belief in a lottery win is growing stronger.
I am confident while picking winning numbers.
I use my intuition to choose winning lottery numbers.
I deserve to win millions of dollars.
It is my destiny to win the lottery.
I can choose lottery numbers anytime.
My mind is effortlessly clear and focused.
I have a deep connection to the universal force of luck.
I am the kind of person who is always winning money on the lottery.
I find it easy to visualize myself winning massive amounts of money.
I will take care of my friends and family with my lottery winnings.
I deserve to win the lottery.
I am ready to receive a large amount of money.
I am so grateful for winning the lottery.
I am ready to change my attitude and beliefs about lottery.
It is my destiny to win the lottery.
I am sure that i can win huge ammounts of money.
Lottery is made for me.
I born for winning the lottery.
I can win the lottery again and again.
I believe that I can win the lottery.
I find it easy to win large amounts of money.
I am a lottery winner.

In Austin, it’s 60 degrees with a cha.. . *cough* *cough*Alexa?Amazon’s Alexa lost her voice this morning.

.. Alexa lost her voice? How’s that even possible. We have the replacements ready, just say the word.

And you’re sure this is gonna work?Yeah.Alexa, show me a recipe for a

grilled cheese sandwich. Pathetic! You’re 32 years of age. And you don’t know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich?It’s name is the recipe, you *bleep*! Agh!Alexa, how far is Mars?How far is Mars? Well, how am I supposed to know?I ain’t ever been there.

This guy want to go to Mars.For what?There’s not even oxygen there. Alexa, set the mood. Now setting the mood.

You’re in the bush, and you’re just so dirty.And you’re so sweaty. Because it’s hot in that bush. Alexa, re bush.

Re.. . reboot.

Alexa, play some country music.*Bodak Yellow by Cardi B plays*No, no. Alexa, country music. Ale *Bodak Yellow by Cardi B still plays*Alexa, call Brandon.

I’m afraid Brandon is a little tied up.But do let me know if there’s anything I can help you with. Jessica?Good boy. Thanks guys, but I’ll take it from here.


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