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Everett Thompson – Winston Everett, the creator of the Lotto Crusher System, has developed a cumulative formulation roughly speaking how to boost ones probabilities to win the lottery.

So what is the Lotto Crusher System? It is a simple system created to buildup your lottery proceed winning percentage. The lottery drawing uses well along algorithms for its winning numbers. The Lotto Crusher System was made to calculate these numbers to buildup your unintended of winning.

Its going on for impossible to hit the huge jackpot. The Crusher System helps you win the smaller prizes more often. At the stop of every month your results is a much greater profit for you everett thompson.

everyone this is Mike welcome to this review a lot of cryptosystem hey everyone thanks for checking out my video if you are here you’re trying to learn something about a lot of crusher system my goal is to give you as much information as I possibly can so by the end of this video you can make your own determination about the lot of crusher system a couple things that I will be covering in this video are what is a lot of crushing system how does it work and what results you can expect before I get into that though I want to give you a little history on a lot of custom system for a simple fact that I think is very important of who created it why they created it and just simply how it came about ever Thompson is the creator of lava crusher system he’s a known mathematician he was led to create the system because he noticed that there were several repeat lottery winners across the country people like seven time winner Richard Luxton from Elena Florida enjoy an Ginther who won 5.4 million in the Texas Lottery in 1993 she then went on to hit it big in three different scratch off games to millions in holiday millionaire in 2006 three million in millions and millions in 2008 and ten million extreme payoff in 2010 taking notice of the system Evert Thomson went out and studied 27 different repeat lottery winners and realized that they all used a formula specific to themselves that gave them the results they had achieved he took what he learned and combined it with his mathematical knowledge and began to perfect his own formula after two years and 126 variations he completed the lotto crusher system and added himself into the repeat lottery winners category so let’s get into how the system works the main part of the system is broken down into a few steps first what you need to do is check past history winning lottery numbers and take those numbers and write them down once you have at least seven previous numbers enter them into the lotto crusher system buy your tickets based on the number the formula has given you check your results and repeat the process now let’s get into what kind of results you can expect first of all a system like this is not meant for you to go out play the lottery and but to win millions upon millions of dollars right off the bat it’s just not going to happen it’s not reality what the system is designed to do is to help you win more often at lower amounts so what does that exactly mean basically you go out you buy your lottery ticket you spend five dollars you win 15 you win 20 you win 100 you went to on you and 300 not millions the whole goal of this system is to put you ahead at the end of the month so let’s say that in a month you spent $50 the goal of this system is to make you a winner more often to where you turn that 50 into a $300 profit a $400 profit so you’re not making millions but you’re on the positive end you’re not on the losing end of playing lottery and that’s the entire goal of a system like this so a system like this is not for everybody if you’re somebody that’s coming into the system thinking you’re going to win millions and millions of dollars it’s not going to happen this systems not for you you’re not realistic you use the system to win more often plain and simple you spend $50 at the end of the month you’re ahead $200 that’s the goal of the system now that also doesn’t mean that every month you’re going to be ahead it is very possible at the end of a month you could be behind but the system is designed to balance it out to give you the edge just like playing the casino you can count the cards at blackjack you have an edge over the casino the same thing with a lot of Crusher system it is designed to give you an edge over the lottery whether it be Mega Millions Powerball Texas lottery wherever you may be at this system is designed to help you increase your odds of winning the lottery more often at lesser amount is it possible that you hit the big one yes of course it is obviously there is some sort of connection with the formula this system uses and the repeat winning people use because there are repeat winners out there seven time winners four time winners and we’re not talking winners of hundreds or thousands of dollars we’re talking millions so yes it is possible that this system could give you the edge to win the big one but is it designed for that I personally do not think so would I recommend this product I recommend this product for people that understand what the system is meant to do not for people that simply think oh I need to win because I’m in debt and I need to get out somehow no it is a system that will help you in the long term so if you’re someone that understands let’s say something like blackjack the odds you increase your odds by knowing how to play the cards in a systematic way or how to count cards both things increase your odds of winning against the casino same thing with this system the great thing about the system is that it does have a 60 day money back guarantee so at any point in time in them 60 days if you do not like how the system is working or you think is just not for you you can simply ask for a refund no questions asked and you will receive it another great thing about the system is that it’s not just dedicated to let’s say Mega Millions Powerball you know all those ball drawings you could also have it include a system for the scratch off so there’s a little bit of everything for everybody if you’re not a ball player per se it has something for scratch off players so I hope you enjoyed this review if you believe this systems for you and you want to try it there is a link below go ahead and click it check it out and you do get the system. .

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