Elder Financial Abuse Safety Tip #7 – You Will Never Win The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

elder financial exploitation (EFE).

number seven and I’m sorry to really ruin your day but you will never ever ever ever ever win the Canadian lottery no matter how convincing the letter looks no matter how authentic he sounds on the phone it’s a scam okay and even though my father in law who is 86 has heard me say this many times he will still maybe call me and say Paul before you go home can you swing by and take a look at this letter Oh dad just read it no no no no before I shred it can you take a look at it why dad you know what he says just in case ladies and gentlemen there is no just in case okay even if it comes complete with a check shred the check as well because the check is bogus to you will never I will never win a lottery through the mail or the telephone but unfortunately while you may believe me there are many many other people in San Diego County who don’t believe me and they will fall for it every single day and it’s tragic last year I got an email from a retired Catholic priest it’s very unusual for a victim to look me up and actually admit to me that they fell foul of this scam but here was a retired priest who was 83 years of age who fell for the Publishers Clearing House scam and he is in no way impaired he’s a good man he’s been out as you can see it’s a Catholic priest he was an army chaplain he’s done a lot of things he honestly fell for this and in fact although it says a check for forty one thousand he wired the money well because he came to us i went to my office I said you know what can we do something for him and we got an investigator on to it and we were able to through a search warrant find out that our priests had wired the money to a wells fargo account we didn’t know where it was we just had the account number we got Wells Fargo to dig into this and they uncovered a bank surveillance photograph from Greensboro South Carolina greensville or somewhere in South Carolina and this is the crook who had opened the account three days earlier into which the priest wired 41,000 here he is on the day when the transfer went through going into the bank withdraw the forty one thousand dollars but of course three days earlier he’d opened the account do you think he used his real name crooks don’t do that he opened an account in a bogus name with a bogus social security number and a bogus address so that didn’t help us the only thing that helped us in this case as to identify who he was was his neck I know where he can see it he had tattoos on his neck so our investigator blew up this photo and emailed it to every single law enforcement agency within a hundred miles of Greenville South Carolina and said do you recognize this guy with the tattoos and a detective contacted us three weeks later said I recognize this guy his name is old Gordon and he gave us his details and his true name and we were able to get him arrested in June of last year and drag him all the way back to San Diego to face the charge this was another victim she gets a letter from the IRS what she thought it was from the IRS but in fact it says we were able to confirm you were selected as the second place winner in the California state law lottery when was the last time you heard the IRS were involved with doing lottery scams okay and it says congratulations you’ve won nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars oh by the way I have to tell you one thing my mother who was the best English high school teacher ever she always taught me this she said if ever you see a spelling mistake it was probably done by a crook will this proved to you that this is a crook because he works for the lottery claims department see he doesn’t believe in lotteries he only believed in lotteries okay but he works on Pennsylvania Avenue which is where the white house is so I guess he must be legitimate and then same victim got this letter as well and it came from consumer protection agency because you we know it’s from them because they have a badge right so we know it’s true it’s not anything right because the Crocs wouldn’t be allowed to use that would they know of course it was it was a actual fake but again she thought that she’d won and she’s lost a lot of money then I had another victim who got this envelope from pepsi now we all we all know Pepsi’s logo and this is a legitimate address in Chicago but by looking at this envelope you know that this envelope did not get mailed from Chicago how do you know that exactly the foreign language what is it French French it is exactly so where did this come from in North America where would it have come from Quebec you get the gold star okay it came from Montreal because the first language in Montreal is French and that is the home that is the number one home for boiler room scams is Montreal so right there we know this is a fake inside the envelope was a letter from pepsi telling my victim congratulations you have won 1 million dollars and you will be appearing at the ABC network in front of a live studio audience get this for a chance to win 1 billion dollars have you ever heard of a competition where the prize is 1 billion dollars well apparently Pepsi has enough money to throw that out there they tell my victim to contact this representative Tom Ford the crooks always give you a very short English sounding name they never make it a Greek or a Russian name because they want you to remember it so that you can develop this relationship with them he gives you the phone number and inside the letter he puts a check to pay for her taxes now would you even trust a check that came from virtual Las Vegas I don’t think so but my victim and she’s the sweetest lady fell for it hook line and sinker and she rushed off to the bank and she was told by the crook don’t say anything to the bank because they will try to steal some of your million dollars so she paid it in he said withdraw thirty seven hundred dollars in cash because what we need you to do is pay customs in Canada and here’s the account that you put it into so she deposited this check and very surprisingly her bank allowed her to withdraw thirty seven hundred dollars against an unclear to check I don’t know why they did but they did 24 hours later the bank cause up my victim and says this is a bogus check you I was thirty seven hundred dollars and we frozen your account until you pay us back my poor victim who was on the fixed income on social security could not do that so she did a very smart thing because the bank wouldn’t budge you know what she did she went to the news media and she told her story on channel 10 and they interviewed me and I got involved and I said a few things to the bank which I shouldn’t have said but anyway they unfroze her account and they took the hit thankfully then this was absolutely tragic this is a retired businessman in East County who received this check in the mail for 299 thousand dollars he thought it had come from snap on tools he paid it in he wasn’t questioning why they would suddenly out of the blue send him a check from was $300,000 he was just happy and then 24 hours later he got a call from the chief financial officer of snap on tools saying ah terribly sorry sir we’ve miscalculated we sent you too much money can you wire back a hundred and fifty thousand dollars without thinking he went back to his bank and he wired 150 thousand dollars and then found out that this was a bovis check how many grandmas do we have in the room Oh bless your hearts okay so you know how it works don’t you so you get a call from a male voice saying grandma what do you need to do no but what do you need to do blow the whistle or hang up exactly and if he starts telling you that he’s in jail in British Columbia or in Peru or somewhere else don’t believe him okay so I have two messages for you number one your grandson will never ever be in jail or number two if he is in jail let him stay there okay okay because unfortunately too many people are being scammed in San Diego with this scam and before you leave today you’re also going to take this booklet please okay and please we don’t have enough could we get now those who will / 55 or 60 to take it first we call it don’t get hooked on the back he’s not a victim but is the daughter in law of a victim called mary baker who is 86 and who lives in national city and who became a victim in december of last year and she lost sixty four thousand dollars believing that her Coast Guard grandson who is a position in Maine had been locked up in Peru she was absolutely convinced and she purchased green dot prepaid cards and fell for it so the daughter in law has gone and said by the time we found out the truth all her money was gone she says pay attention if your elderly parents routines changes all of a sudden I wish I had and how did her mother in law’s pattern change they told me she never goes out at night never never never but she was going out every night in the first week of december and she was lying to them because they were said why are you out at eight o’clock at night ah christmas is coming so she had them thinks she was doing Christmas shopping whereas she was driving all over the county purchasing green dot prepaid cards for the crooks and these are the things to watch out for anyone ever asks you to purchase or just send the money using green dot prepaid cards that is a huge red flag okay don’t don’t fall for it or moneygram if they tell you the other white walmart to use western union it’s normally a red flag that something’s wrong recently the grandma scam is now using itunes cards would you believe so don’t even fall for that.


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