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Winning the Lottery

Skype EFT sessions support me Tapping or the emotional technique is a personal development technique approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is like acupuncture but without the needles. In simple terms, acupuncture points are tapped while the mind focuses on change..

hello this is David Sylvian welcome to this brand new EFT Taplin today we’re going to help you get a little bit more lucky with the Euro.Millions now my UK lottery tab has been really successful but I wanted to extend that across most of Europe and everyone who plays the Euro millions now we’re looking at five numbers and two lucky stars now I’ve got my numbers that I play with you might have your numbers that you played with if you do just imagine them now in those boxes while we tap along also you can also play the lucky dip where the little machine chooses the numbers for you it doesn’t matter which version you play but today is to help you practice a little technique every day for the next 30 days just to get rid of any doubts and worries and just to help you attract more luck more worthiness of winning more faith more belief more trust and more confidence so now’s the time to imagine those numbers focus on what you want most which is the win what would you do with the win what would you spend the money on would you give it all the way to charity would you travel the world would you buy everything you’ve ever wanted would you treat all those around you would you trust everyone knowing that you’re so wealthy so think about the win think about the upsides and the downsides and when you think about the downsides of all that money all that responsibility who’s going to look after it who’s going to manage it it throws up limitations reasons not to win and a lot of these unconscious so we’re going to tap today and if any of these reasons come up during the tap just acknowledge them as the thought and let them go and just focus on what I’m saying and allow me to guide you it’s all about the euromillions we need to get rid of all those doubts so we’re going to do a couple of rounds of tapping we’re going to tap a few simple acupuncture points around the the last we focus the mind on only what we want and what we want is that win and what we do now is get rid of any limitations so that win can possibly manifest so all you have to do is follow what I do you can repeat my words after I say them if you choose or you can just sit and listen as long as you can hear my words let in your thoughts so sit back and relax and enjoy a little tapping a few acupuncture points so we can just release and those emotions attached to thoughts and doubts and fears so place our hand in vanity and gently start tapping the back of the hand lightly with the tips of your fingers take a slow deep breath even though I have doubts but it won’t be me to waste someone else use luckier these doubts I release and let go because I deeply and completely trust and accept myself take a deep breath even though I believe I may not deserve will be good enough or worthy of a win I let it go it’s just my own judgment I let it go and I deeply and completely trust and accept myself take a deep breath even though maybe I have an attachment to the outcome to winning I want it too much want it to pay a bill next week I let it go I trust it’s on this way and I let go of all my resistance all my doubts all my worries all my past I’m lucky nurse I fully release and let go as I refocus my mind on what I want most Irwin why not be me could be me why not every week people win why not be one of them it’s a choice so any resistance any doubts and the old beliefs that don’t support me in this moment I release them and let them go because I deeply and completely trust and accept myself take a deep breath tap the star of the eyebrow all the doubts all the worries all the fears all the disappointment and not winning before our releasing let go tap the side the eye all the past disappointments all the past failures all the times I didn’t win somebody else did and they were standing there with the champagne and the cheque and I was like hmm hmm hmm all those past disappointments I release and let go tap under the eye even though I don’t always feel good enough deserving or worthy because I haven’t had to do anything to win all that money and aren’t we supposed to have talents and skills I now accept as a game of chance and we play it’s a game we play game to win it’s not a talent scale or skill scale it’s a game don’t overthink it just to go and we play it and if we win we can get a lot of money so feel good visual as good and as worthy and as deserving as everybody else who’s ever won before you take cheer up and look pull the two tap under the nose take a deep breath even though I made of these I’m not as lucky as others I release that doubt that’s all it’s an old thought I’ve had before not relevant in the now so I let it go captain tick all the doubts everyone else is luckier than me all the past disappointments I release them let go tap the collarbone all the past failures more more more MORE all the past disappointments seeing other people with the check and the champagne good for them I send them all my love and kindness good for them because they just played the game like everyone else tap under the arm take a deep breath all my doubts anybody that they knit me no longer support me now so I release them take a deep breath go back to the start of the I bar and now choose to change my mind to focus it on what I want to believe in the numbers that I’ve chosen or that are chosen for me it’s a game of chance and I’m in it to win tap the side the I I accept responsibility if I win I will be responsible with my win and I will follow my heart and do what feels right with the winnings I’m open ready to receive that which I want most tap under the eye I focus my thoughts on believing it’s possible could be me why not me someone has to win I’m open and I’m ready to receive under the nose I have faith I believe I have as good a chance as anyone else tap the chin I let go of the attachment to the outcome I’d love to win but I let go of the outcome I don’t care when when I do be a nice surprise and each week that passes I look at all the winners and I’ll feel good and I’ll think good for them my term is coming soon it’s on its way but I trust that I believe tap the collarbone take a deep breath I’m open why not me someone has to win I’m going to keep smiling keep believing I’m going to will it to me attract it to me let go of all my resistance if I get out the way don’t add any meaning and the emotion and your doubts and why not me tap under the arm take a deep breath it seems to believe to have the faith now keep thinking about those numbers think about those lucky stars come back practice this tap every day for the next 30 days get into the mindset create a new habit the scientists so it takes about 30 days to create a new habit get in the habit of thinking positively believe in your own mark your own ability to get yourself out of the way emotionally so the things can just happen and when they do you’ll know it’s coming from you take a deep breath tap the top of the head the crown I’m open ready to receive my twin to manifest my fortune and I ask the universe all the energies to bring me the best of all that I can receive right now stop tapping take a deep breath and relax and let go doesn’t take long to focus the mind so focus on those numbers or have no attachment the outcome and that the machine choose a lucky dip or some random numbers for you now come back and practice this tap condition your mindset create a new mental habit over the next 30 days it being positive of believing in your own luck stay true stay strong don’t allow yourself to dare doubt don’t hope for a win immediately the wind will come when you’re ready to receive it so just sit back and relax know that a win of some sort is coming you just don’t know when but that’s life that’s the nice surprise when it turns up so thanks for talking with me today I hope it’s helpful let me know in the comments below all of your little successes even if you only win a few euros just come back and let me know it all builds confidence and it’s good to share the knowledge with everybody else so good luck I’ll be rooting for you twice this week and the following weeks I’ll be tapping along as well whoever wins the euromillions first come back and let me know and I’ll see you soon on another tap Cheers. .

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