Derren Brown Predicts The Correct Lottery Numbers – How To Win The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

The live broadcast of Derren Brown correctly predicting the Lottery numbers.

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thank you on Wednesday on Wednesday I was handsome enough to predict Her Majesty’s lottery live on television I didn’t profit in any way from it as channel 4 didn’t allow me to buy a ticket but it’s been fantastic reading all the conspiracies and speculations around at the moment Lazer’s writing numbers of the balls and moving them somehow and split screens and balls with special LED readouts and impossible sleight of hand but if you missed it here’s what it looked like the BBC broadcast the lottery the lottery draw absolutely live 100% live the second we are doing the same here and when I turn the television on when I’m allowed to I’ll get a nod in a second when I when I can do that you can flick back and forward between the BBC and this one to see that we are absolutely live and in sync with the BBC the most you’ll get is like a tiny whisker of a delay about a second because we’re taking a BBC feed essentially and then passing it through channel 4 to get to you and that takes about a second or so but the BBC are live 100% live the lottery draw is live we are a hundred percent live here I’m being told there’s a little bit of little bit about 30 seconds before we can turn the television on I should say this is the culmination of a year’s obsession over this I’ve had lottery numbers all up over the wall of my house I’m feeling a little bit sick please wish me luck and if it goes wrong then I’m off to five out of the six if it goes wrong or only get a couple or not at all I’m really sorry I’ll apologise about that in advance I’m really sorry but this this hopefully hopefully will work again I’ve done nothing illegal I’ve done nothing illegal is there’s nothing that will affect your chances of doing this and there’ll be a show on Friday at 9 o’clock showing you how I did this as well so you can watch they can find out how I did it and if you like you might want to try the same thing all right we can turn the TV on we can turn the TV on so this will come on in a second you can flick between the BBC and channel 4 if you want this one more than a second to see that this is absolutely live here we go so this is from lottery HQ oh this is so this is still the dream number isn’t it okay so this is this is just oh no this is it this is it this is it we’re now into it from the HQ there is an initial production for the BBC and 20 billion plans for the good cause next is number 35 for this last Wednesday as well maybe third time as a main for the Wednesday before assume you’ll recall it with one of your chosen few 225th modularity here’s the next one and that is number 28 and then forget matter of every pound spent on the national lottery around twenty eight pence goes for the good cause it’s next at number 39 you see hope of us to Saturday nights as well too and Fitz lot of adding to that one and the sixth one that could make you very rich he’s right there number two for number joining this last weekend that little beauty I’m 80th time it’s been a main call the bonus tonight is number 15 so Millionaire’s Row me looks like this Paul it doesn’t matter van up there not involving the vengeful so in order we have her to 11 23 28 35 and 39 those are the lottery numbers for this week 11 23 28 35 and 39 and ladies and gentlemen my prediction for the lottery numbers this week are 211 23 28 35 39 in numerical order those are the numbers that’s a year of my life right there I hope you can see those two 11 23 28 35 and 39 that’s that’s extraordinary well so stud earrings yes can we see those large blue eyes definitely if striking or so and you’ve you’ve definitely even got the mouth and the chins like.


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